Police Blotter 01-09-2014

Monday, December 30

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her boyfriend won’t let her into the house. Units report getting her in and all is quiet for now.

Party on Governors Drive requesting an ambulance for her 23-year-old daughter. WFD notified.

Caller reports that yesterday at approximately 1:30 p.m., her pocketbook and contents were stolen while she was inside the Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. She did ask the staff but nobody turned in the pocketbook. She has cancelled her bank and credit cards. She did have approximately $80-$100 in cash in her wallet. Det. Callinan will follow up on the case this afternoon. Note: Handbag has been located. Cancel larceny report.

Party reports that his front passenger side tire of his truck was stabbed by a screwdriver type tool while parked in the back lot on Revere Street overnight. He does have the property owner’s permission to park there.

Caller on River Road reports one of her agents was speaking with subject on River Road who mentioned twice that he should take his life due to his money problems. Officers responded and report male party was expecting us to come by so he left on foot. According to male who lives at the address, his roommate is fine and he allowed officer to walk through the apartment to look for him. Party was spoken to on the phone and he reported that he is fine and was just upset over money that was deducted from his account.

Caller reports being “thrown around” by her boyfriend. Units report it was a verbal argument.

Lifeline activation for an 85-year-old female at Fort Heath Apartments. Unknown problem. WFD notified and will respond.

Party on Revere Street reports that she was advised by her landlord to report her neighbor, who is moving out and leaving a large amount of debris and rubbish on the sidewalk. Message left for Code Enforcement. Officer had the female remove the items from the public way and she will dispose of them through private means.

Male on Main Street came to the police station to file a hit and report by request of his insurance company. He stated that back on Dec. 17th, between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next morning, his car was hit. He stated that his vehicle sustained damage to the driver’s side headlight and bumper. He reported that he took the vehicle to the auto body the next day and immediately notified his insurance agency. He was provided with paper accident report forms to complete.

Party reports that her daughter needs to be evaluated as she is supposed to be going for evaluation and refused. WFD and EMS will respond and assist. The juvenile was transported to the MGH via ambulance along with the mother.

Tuesday, December 31

Call to RFD to verify Level 3 sex offender’s address. Party, subject of medical aid on Christmas night in Winthrop, gave conflicting address. Revere lieutenant that handles their sex offenders reports the person in question lives in Revere and registers every year.

Caller from Fort Heath Apartments reports a female resident has fallen and requests and ambulance.

Party on Enfield Road requesting ambulance for her mother-in-law.

Det. Callinan and Off. Ferullo are going on an interview on Shore Drive and they report subject they were to interview was not at home. Subject came home and will come to the station for an interview.

Female came to the station with a copy of a recently modified 209A order against her estranged husband. She is concerned because he has made statement indicating that he will be picking up the children from daycare today, in violation of said order. Husband lives in Malden. Malden PD contacted and indicated an attempt at serving modified order unsuccessful earlier in the day. Off. Feeley contacted Lynn District Court and they stated he has been served and has his copy. When speaking with estranged husband and informing him of the new modifications, which give full custody, and marked of no contact with the children, he understood and will go to the Court on Thursday. Copy of the 209A in our file.

Call from Shirley Street regarding a female banging loudly on the front door. Units report no one in the area and caller would not answer our call back to her for more information.

Caller on Locust Street has noise complaint about neighbor. On-going issue. W91 will check the area. Officer spoke to all parties.

Call for drunk juvenile passed out in front of Cumberland Farms. W93 and EMS dispatched.

E911 dropped call on Nevada Street. Upon callback, female party answered and yelling could be heard, then the line was disconnected again. Units were dispatched. Upon second callback, female answered and reports a child was playing with the phone. Units report verbal domestic. Boyfriend left prior to their arrival.

Caller reports he is on the West Coast and is concerned about his mother-in-law driving under the influence tonight. He provided inaccurate plate number and when asked, he would not identify the person in question or their location in fear of being identified as the calling party. Units told to BOLO.

Wednesday, January 1

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports loud party. W92 and W94 dispatched. Units report peace restored.

Party on Locust Street reports neighbor from earlier call is now making noise and jumping on floors to disturb them. Units will check the area.

Caller reports group causing disturbance on Cottage Park Road, possibly a fight. Units report celebrants sent on their way.

Alarm activation at CPYC. W92 reports cleaning crew on scene without pass code. Custodian notified and reset the alarm.

Officers checked out two individuals on Sewall Avenue

Report of hypodermic needles in the private parking lot of the CVS.

Caller reports a male appears to be sleeping in the cemetery. W93 requests medical evaluation. One male to Whidden.

Cook at D’Parma’s called to say that someone was having a seizure. Fire notified.

Caller came to the station to report he lost his black I-phone last night in the Mobil Mart parking lot. When he called the phone today, someone answered it and hung up before he could speak to them.

Wife on Washington Avenue reports her husband is overdue at work. 92 Ramadini reports the husband just called and lost his cell phone. All okay.

Thursday, January 2

Caller sent sleeping male out of building hallway on Harvard Street. Male left his backpack. Caller advised to secure the door and leave the belongings out front of house. W93 saw area clear of belongings and male subject.

Lifeline activation for patient who is having difficulty breathing on Walden Street.

Caller on Bayview Avenue requests an ambulance, as she is not feeling well.

Units report very slippery roads around town. DPW notified.

Male called to report a sewer cover was taken off by one of the DPW plows at Crystal Cove Marina. DPW notified to replace it.

Caller on Shirley Street requests a well-being check on her mother as the phone has been off the hook and she has been unable to contact her for hours.

Call from Boston EMS. They report a 94-year-old female fell and needs an ambulance on Johnson Avenue. Fire notified.

Caller on River Road requests an ambulance for a possible broken foot.

Report from Read Street that someone is plowing snow onto other people’s property. Officer reports he had the male stop and explained to him, next time a $300 fine. He understood.

Male on Upland Road called to report he is having trouble breathing. Fire will handle.

Caller on Fremont Street reports a large tree limb hanging on the power lines over her driveway. DPW will c heck it out and they report branch is close to the power line. National Grid was called and they will respond.

Male came to the station freezing. Fire will check him out. One male to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller on Read Street reports vandalism to her front door.

Male on Putnam Street called to report that the wife of an ex-roommate keeps calling him and asking for belongings. He states he does not have any. He told her that if she thinks he has some stuff, then she should go to the Court and to stop calling.

Request for tow on Nevada Street. G&J notified. W93, while waiting for tow, had to leave to assist DPW with a resident on Tewksbury Street. Officer responded and party there was blowing snow on the DPW motor vehicle. He apologized to the DPW and police. Officers returned to Nevada Street for the tow and reports that the passenger side window was broken prior to the tow.

Woman on Terrace Avenue reports that the street is a solid sheet of ice and needs sanding. DPW notified.

Woman on Overlook Drive called to report she is off with a 13-year-old child who fell and is bleeding. Transferred to EMS. W91 responded and reports child is off to the Whidden with his grandmother and brother with hi. Child fell in the playground area.

Resident on Harvard Street called to report a male party there who may be intoxicated banging on his door. Units respond and request medical.

Officer off with the Paul Revere bus at the Mobil Mart for a passenger giving some difficulty to the operator. Party checked out and given a courtesy lift to the Heights.

DCR called via the 2-way indicating they had shut down t he parkway at Short Beach.

Friday, January 3

Male on Sturgis Street reports low hanging wires. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Caller on Irwin Street reports a private plow company pushing snow into their driveway. Speaking to staff at the nursing home, they report no issues.

DPW called, people on Lowell Road blowing snow on to the street.

Request for an ambulance for a woman having trouble breathing on Overlook Drive. Transferred to EMS.

Call from the Housing Company for an address on Shirley Street to ask if we could check on male who lives in the rear. Office reports he is on the floor. Fire will handle.

Woman on James Avenue reports that the street has not been plowed at all. She is a hospice worker and she has to get out in a bit. DPW notified.

Reports that Shirley Street is completely flooded. Fire reports the area flooded as well. DPW contacted for barriers. W96 stationed at Veterans and Shirley to block traffic. W94 responded with DPW to assist with barriers. Fire requests a front-end loader to clear snow to allow the water to flow into the golf course. Water is low enough for vehicles to pass. W91 blocking Veterans Road to Washington Avenue. Water has started to recede in the areas. Barriers will be left in place for a while.

Reports of the Paul Revere bus stuck in front of Executive Apartments. Units in the area notified. W97 trying to get a motor vehicle in service. Paul Revere Bus Co. was contacted and they informed us that the bus is not stuck, just rerouted, and temporary blocked. Bus is okay and will move when water goes down.

Wide spread flooding around town. Morton Street, Washington Avenue, via Elks, Shirley Street, Veterans Road, Hawthorn Avenue, Bay View Avenue.

Female caller reports that Morton Street, near the marsh, is flooding. Officer will try to raise people with the PA and siren so they can move their vehicles. Water is not that high, so it should be no problem.

Male on Pico Avenue reports that the area and his property are flooding. Fire notified. W97 will respond in the bus. Fire will handle as the water is receding. Water leveled off and became slush. DPW was notified to plow or haul off the slush. They called back and stated that their machinery could not handle the job.

Salem Court called to state that they were faxing an ERO to be served on Washington Avenue. The 209A was served in hand.

Woman reports icy conditions on Pebble Avenue. DPW notified.

Male on Buckthorn Terrace called stating that his 94-year-old mother needs an ambulance. Fire will respond.

Male on Pauline Street reports a disturbance above him on the top floor. Officers report a civil matter regarding a sublet from Craig’s list.

Report of a wire down at East Boston Neighborhood Health. Second call received of the same report. Fire notified.

Woman on Sunset Road called to report that Sunset Road was not being plowed correctly and that it was not being done because the residents there are low income. Caller was informed that she could call and make a complaint to the director on Monday or speak with the Housing Board regarding her concerns and she said she would call the media and hung up. She later called back to apologize.

Female on Washington Avenue reports her alarms are sounding as water is rushing into the basement.

Saturday, January 4

Female reports that her boyfriend is out on bail for an armed robbery and he just took her money and left. 91 DeFreitas and 94 Ramadini report they stopped subject on Walden Street and he claims he only has $150 and that it is his money, not hers. Victim claims he is lying. DeFreitas will set up a hearing on the larceny of funds.

Female on Brewster Avenue complains of street being not plowed. DPW called and will look into it.

Reports of a domestic and male came out and asked female to call the police. Officers report son there whom there is a no trespass for. Officer will seek a complaint.

Male came into the station to report losing a set of keys for his house and car. They are on a ring with a Shaw’s and CVS card. Please call him if someone brings them in.

Sunday, January 5

Caller reports being hit on the head with a candle by his girlfriend. 91 requests EMS for an evaluation. Caller does not want to press charges, but would like it noted. Girlfriend left house for the night. He has court date on Monday. Caller going to Whidden for stitches. He will come to the station for ERO when released. He came to apply for a TRO. Judge in Middlesex Juvenile Court issued same. Units will escort subject home and arrest girlfriend for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, if she is there. Apartment clear. Girlfriend called regarding a phone message left for her by the prior shift. She was advised there was an abuse prevention order in effect until 1/6/14 and that she is not to contact through any means or through a third party member. She will pick up the order or have her father pick it up.

Female on Ingleside Avenue called to report having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Grovers Avenue would like to see an officer regarding her neighbors dumping snow onto her shoveled sidewalk. Officer reports speaking with both parties whom both denied putting it there. It may have been from a plow truck going by the area. They were advised it would have to be cleared by someone there.

Caller on Main Street repots water coming up through the water box in front of his home. DPW notified and will have someone check on it ASAP.

WFD requests an officer respond for an assist with a water break at Fort Heath Apartments. Assistance was given and the alarms were reset.

Party located a backpack with some fireworks and tools in it at the Cummings School.

Report of a sudden death at Seal Harbor. Officer responded with medical. Party was worked on by EMS and transported to MGH.

Call via the State Police stating a party on Main Street was irate and has an unwanted guest. He did not want Winthrop Police to respond but wants the State from Logan to respond, as he states the Winthrop Police are “all corrupt and sell drugs from their police cars.” Officers respond and report the party initially refused to open door, but then did. Officers spoke with male and two friends who stated everything was fine and refused any assistance.

Monday, January 6

Caller reports that someone is running a bobcat at Dalrymple School. 91 reports subcontractor trying to finish plowing. He was told to knock it off until tomorrow.

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