Winthrop Digs Out: DPW Did a Great Job in Snowstorms

Kudos to Department of Public Works Director Steve Calla and his department for getting the town back on its collective feet after Tuesday’s snowstorm.

Let’s hope that Mother Nature doesn’t give us too harsh a winter and that mild conditions prevail in the months ahead.

1 comment for “Winthrop Digs Out: DPW Did a Great Job in Snowstorms

  1. Rob Savino
    January 4, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    No they did not.
    The town of Winthrop Massachusetts snow removal managers are getting very disrespectful to the citizens of Winthrop. I had everything cleaned up after the snow. The plows overnight pushback the street snow banks into the side walks that were clean. I had to shovel everything again. It wasn’t just a little bit of snow. The plows filled in the entire sidewalk and driveway. I ask the managers of the snow removal in the town of Winthrop Massachusetts to rethink the process. I plow my self so I know what you were doing and you knew the impact of your decision to push back the snow banks. In short it’s just disrespecting the work that every person in Winthrop did to clean up their sidewalks. You have to finish pushing back the banks before the citizens clean. This is an epic fail for such a simple storm!

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