Police Blotter 12-19-2013

Monday, December 9

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that his girlfriend is going crazy and smashed his television. Units report the girlfriend fled, but lives on the same street. Units requests EMS and fire notified. One to Whidden via Action.

Condo manager at Atlantis Marina Condos called to report they are finding needles in several common areas of the condo complex. She stated that the concierge has a few and could we pick them up. Officer reports placing them in his units Sharps container.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports that her husband is on the floor and “out of it.”

Party on Woodside Avenue reports encountering an unknown male in rain gear with an umbrella near her driveway. When she approached, the individual left down Woodside toward Pleasant. Units report area is clear.

Female called to complain that she couldn’t go down to the school and pick up her child on Revere Street and Kennedy Road. She was told she can’t go down the wrong way to get there and there may be more cars than other days due to the weather. She called back with the same story. Off. Ramidani states that not too many cars are coming out at this time. Off. Curran was sent down and he stated the same thing, far more vehicles than other days and cars are backed up from both ways.

DPW Director called to report they told a worker to go home as he is under the influence. The type of vehicle was given out to the officers.

Female on Overlook Drive called to report that her boyfriend is going crazy. She reports that he has hit her several times on her body. She reports that he is now trying to drive away in a Ford ranger. She came to the station and completed a victim report. She was advised of her rights and requested an ERO. After speaking with on-call judge, she was issued an ERO and boyfriend was served by Off. Ferullo. He was also arrested for assault and battery.

Tuesday, December 10

Wife on Ingleside Avenue called to report that her husband needs an ambulance. Fire notified.

Officer will try to serve subject at Atlantis Marina Condos a summons issued by the Cambridge Court. He reports speaking with the subject over the phone and he was told of the summons. It was agreed to leave it with his staff, as he will not be around until Monday.

Party on Read Street receiving calls from a business stating that they are following up on a job application she never filled out. She believes it may be a fraud and wants it noted. She will follow up with her telephone carrier for harassing calls.

Quick Foodmart reports a female there causing a disturbance. W91 and W92 responded and request EMS. Unable to obtain information on the female. She went to MGH voluntarily.

Male on Linden Street requests an officer stand by for child exchange. 92 Bonavita took care of it. All went fine.

Mother on Hermon Street reports that her daughter has a bad bloody nose.

911 transfer from state on Sunnyside Avenue. Lots of screaming. A child was crying. A woman said her husband and his sister assaulted her. One female transported to the station to seek an ERO along with her 3 year old child. Judge was contacted for two TRO’s, husband and sister-in-law. Judge ruled that there is not enough to issue order. Female is making calls for another location for tonight. She will try again in the morning at EBDC.

Wednesday, December 11

OnStar contacted us on the 2-way line requesting we speak to a woman on Pleasant Street regarding her motor vehicle being stolen. Party informed us that her vehicle was stolen from East Boston. She was advised that she would have to report it to Boston Police.

Party on Beach Road reports that his wife is passed out in the bathroom. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Paramedics pronounced party at the scene. ME office was contacted.

Caller at Atlantis Marina reports finding a syringe inside the elevator. Officer reports picking up the item and placing it in a Sharps container.

Party again at Atlantis Marina reports that he has located several additional syringes on the property and wanted it placed on record. He stated they are working on their last phase of their video camera surveillance system. He will dispose of them appropriately.

Male on Woodside Avenue came in to report an attempt was made to access his bank account(s) via the Internet. He does not believe any funds were withdrawn. He will follow up with his bank.

Party on Revere Street came in to report that her neighbor was released from the hospital yesterday and continues to harass her. Yesterday she is continuing a pattern of harassment as she was yelling and swearing at her from the sidewalk as she was looking out the window.

Caller on Almont Street reports discovering someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle parked in the driveway and took approximately $200 in cash. She reports no damage to the vehicle.

Party on Douglas Street came in to report that she would like a male at her daughter’s residence removed. Active WMS. Subject placed in custody for warrant out of Boston.

Woman on Irwin Street called to report that someone smashed the front of her car. 91 reports note left on the car. Caller will contact her insurance company and the note leaver.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue came in to report that her husband and sister-in-law assaulted her last night. Judge refused to issue TRO. She went to court and they sent her back for the report. 92 took her to the house to get some clothes for her and her son. She will contact clerk for the report tomorrow and go back to court.

Caller reports that a green Jeep, being driven by a woman with a young child inside just struck his parked motor vehicle near the Winthrop Yacht Club. She then fled down Shirley Street towards Deer Island.

Officers report a female caller on Beacon Street refused to open the door. After speaking with her on the phone she then opened the door. She stated verbal argument only, and was extremely uncooperative with responding officers. All parties were advised of their rights.

Thursday, December 12

Party reports a vehicle backed into the rear of her vehicle while parked in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Revere Street. She reports trunk and rear bumper damage. She was advised to exchange paperwork and file a crash form and to also notify her insurance carrier.

Party reports a minor motor vehicle crash on Revere Street at Kennedy Road. She was advised that as long as it is minor damage, nobody is injured and they can safely pull off the road, they should exchange information and file reports.

CVS reports he has a juvenile shoplifting in the store.

Party on Bartlett Road reports she noticed some one has dropped some building materials into her trash barrels that are out curbside. She was advised to call back if it is not picked up.

Area wide BOLO for an attempted armed robbery of a Sovereign Bank in Wakefield Square. Suspect passed a note indicating he had a firearm and demanded money. No money was turned over and the suspect fled the area.

Party came in to file a stolen motor vehicle report.  Vehicle is suspected in earlier attempted bank robbery in Wakefield.

Units will attempt to serve the two named defendants for 209 on Sunnyside Avenue. They were served the party vacated home. Officer will do a follow upon a reported domestic.

Home lock out on Summit Avenue. WFD and officer assisted.

RPD request we check on a female party’s well being. Officers spoke with her boyfriend on Upland Road who stated she wasn’t there, but possibly in Revere. RPD notified and they previous checked out the address and she was not there. Message was left on her phone to call us, and officers on scene left a message with boyfriend.

Mother on Mermaid Avenue reports that her son is drunk. Officers report the son left prior to their arrival. No abuse, area search negative.

Friday, December 13

Call from Governors Drive to report that she could hear a female calling for help outside and wanting to get in. W91 and W93 responded and checked the area as well as speaking with the caller. No one in the area.

Party on Revere Street request we check her apartment, as she believes she left the kettle on and she is unable to wake other family members to secure it. Officer reports speaking with the roommates who report it is not on, but they will let her know.

Alarm activation at the CPYC. Officer reports cleaning person set off the alarm in error.

Det. Callinan responded to do a follow up investigation on River Road.

We received two calls regarding the barge doing work around the Atlantis Marina Condos. It appears they are trying to sink a vessel there and condo owners are concerned about this illegal action. Officer reports the barge company and the owner are reporting they are removing a derelict vessel that sunk there a few months ago. They claim they have permission from the USCG, Winthrop Harbormaster notified and will respond. The vessel was cleared to be removed by the barge service.

Alarm Company reporting motion activation in the weight room at the CPYC. Officer reports building appears secure, but he will stand by until member arrives to check it out. Officer reports the party is unable to show up and several more calls for the alarm sounding. Building is secure and officer cleared that location.

Male on Sunnyside Avenue called requesting information on a 209A against him. Subject was orally served the 209A by phone. Party reports that he is not at home and will come to the station to obtain a hard copy of the order for his records.

99 off with the State Police serving an arrest warrant on Court Road.

Two reports of a motor vehicle crash on Bartlett Road at Pleasant Street. Officers report checking for a crash to no avail. Officers cleared from the area.

Officer stood by while party picked up a few personal belongings on Sunnyside Avenue. She reports that things are missing from her room.

Saturday, December 14

Caller on Nevada Street reports he is on his way home from Peabody and he believes that his wife has slit her wrists. Units, fire, Action report barricaded doors, front and back. Entry gained through front. One to MGH for attempted suicide.

Female called to report receiving phone calls and texts from a female regarding that female’s boyfriend. Off. Racow called the other female party who denied making any calls. This is an ongoing situation and not the first time. Original caller was advised.

Medical aid call from daughter that her mother fell at Seal Harbor.

Caller on Pleasant Street called to report that he has no water. DPW notified.

Party reports that he and his wife were pretty much accosted by female on Washington Avenue. This happened as they were entering the building with their groceries. Female threw away a container he was carrying and slammed the door shut on them. He would like it placed on file only at this time. He was advised to call should any further incidents take place.

Caller on River Road reports sewage backing up into her yard and house. DPW notified.

Party on Kennedy road stated that her mother fainted. Transferred to medical.

Call of a reported hit and run near the Cumberland Farms. Officer responded and obtained information from the victim and will attempt to make contact with the registered owner of the hit and run motor vehicle.

Officer is standing by with an elderly motorist who ran out of gas on Shirley Street.

Party on Summit Avenue reports she is having pain and needs to go to the hospital. WFD notified and will respond with EMS. She claims the 911 line did not ring when she called on her cell phone. Our lines are functioning properly, possibly a State E911 issue.

Caller on Atlantic Street reports motor vehicle in the driveway has the alarm going off and not resetting. Officer spoke with the homeowner who claims he does not know who owns it. The owner showed up and took care of the issue.

Party on Governors Drive reports loud music and voices coming from an apartment somewhere above her. Officers located the party and spoke with the people w ho will keep the noise down.

Sunday, December 15

Caller on Coral Avenue reports that her friend is having a psychotic episode. Numerous other calls fro the same address reporting someone calling for help. W92 and W94 along with Fire/EMS dispatched.

Party on E911 reports seeing someone on beach below the wall on Shore Drive. W91 and W94 dispatched. Caller will meet officers to direct them. Area search negative.

Female caller on Highland Avenue reports a lady is screaming from a top floor. Officers Carter and Ramidani report the lady was having a panic attack. She took her medication and should be okay.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports her house may be flooding as the basement looks like a pool. Officer reports Fire Department will ask the DPW to shut off the water into the house.

Caller on Locust Street reports he is having chest pains.

Party on Court Road reports the cap to utility pole was removed by the plow. DPW notified.

Caller reports people sledding and making unreasonable noise behind the Viking Gardens rest home. W92 reports speaking to a small group of two sledders and having them leave the area.

Report of a burglar alarm at So Good Yogurt at Michael’s Mall. Alarm company called back to cancel, owner on the scene with proper code.

Officer reports being flagged won by a resident at Grovers Avenue and Shore Drive. Dispute between an older female and a younger male.

Male caller on Shore Drive reports two people in the water and a third one is walking out with a wet suit on. Most likely surfers. Fire will check them out. They are surfers, all clear.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports the smell of a possible fire in his bedroom. W91 responded along with WFD.

Party on Willow Avenue reports she is having severe stomach pain and needs to go to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller from the Elks reports a male in a long beige coat is walking down Washington Avenue on the yellow line in the middle of the street. W93 responded immediately and no one is around or in the area.

Male on Triton Avenue called to report that people are arguing and swearing in front of his house. W91 and W93 responded and report the area is clear.

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