WHS Cheerleaders in Dana-farber Fundraising Drive

Cheerleaders from Winthrop are participating in the Cheer for Dana-Farber fundraiser. As a part of this new fundraising initiative, the Winthrop High School cheerleaders and the Winthrop Youth Football Sixth Grade cheerleaders are raising critical funds to support adult and pediatric cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The fundraiser will conclude on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28. The concept of this new fundraiser was submitted by cheerleading coaches Maureen Sullivan (Nashua, N.H.) and Tamara Hayes (Shirley, Mass.). To participate in Cheer for Dana-Farber, cheerleading teams can fundraise in their local communities through initiatives such as car washes, bake sales, and canister collections. There is no minimum fundraising requirement.

“As a cheerleading coach and being involved in high school athletics, I am honored that Cheer for Dana-Farber has become a reality,” Sullivan said. “So many of us have been touched by cancer in some way, and we wanted a way to help support patient care and research at Dana-Farber. This fundraiser will teach young adults about giving back through their passion for cheerleading.”

All teams that raise $1,000 or more will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize— a chance to perform a pre-game cheerleading routine at Gillette Stadium on Dec. 29, 2013 when the New England Patriots host the Buffalo Bills. Each additional $1,000 raised earns teams an additional ticket entered into the drawing. The top five fundraising teams will be invited to a master cheer class run by the New England Patriots cheerleaders at the Dana-Farber field house in Foxboro, Mass.

To learn more about Cheer for Dana-Farber or to support the Winthrop High School cheerleaders or the Winthrop Youth Football Sixth Grade cheerleaders, please visit: www.cheerfordanafarber.org.

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