Police Blotter 11-21-2013

Monday, November 11

Two calls of a major motor vehicle crash on Pleasant Street and Washington Avenue. Units, fire, Action request G&J. One to MGH. Citation for driving under the influence.

Custodian at Metcalf Square reports a man sleeping in the breezeway. 92 Ferullo and 93 Armistead report one to Whidden.

Party came in to report a male sitting on the bench outside the station displaying a knife and poking his fingers with it. Officer spoke with the subject known to them and had him leave the area.

Caller on Ingleside Avenue reports her husband is in need of assistance with a catheter blockage. Transferred to EMS/Fire.

Caller on Center Street reports two motor vehicles parked on the street with radio playing. Unit dispatched and reports the area is clear.

Caller on Plummer Avenue requests we check on her father, as she hasn’t spoken to him in a few days. 92, neighbor requests fire, Action. 90-year-old male to Whidden. Daughter notified.


Tuesday, November 12

Report of a water leak on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Party reports a taupe colored Ford is heading up Winthrop Street toward the church and the operator, who appears older, is drifting back and forth. The owner is listed out of Somerset Avenue. Officer will attempt to locate the male subject.

Party on Kennedy road reporting a disturbance. Units requesting EMS for an evaluation. WFD and Action notified.

13-year-old male on Woodside Avenue came in to report that his blue and silver Mongoose bicycle is missing from his front porch area. The bike had black front pegs and silver rear pegs.

Party came in to file a report of ongoing domestic issues with her husband. Victim/Witness form provided. 93 transported her to the EB District court to apply for a 209A. Vacate Order was issued. Armistead and Silva will attempt to serve the defendant. He was served in hand and vacated the premises and was advised.

Party came in to report an ongoing pattern of harassment by her ex-boyfriend. She was advised of her rights and will pursue a 209A tomorrow at the Court. 91 will go by and attempt to advise the other party on Cross Street. Both parties advised.

Units will attempt to serve a defendant on Kennedy road a harassment prevention order. 91 report no response. Defendant was transported for an evaluation earlier today and appears to not have returned yet.

Party on Trident Avenue called requesting assistance for a drug investigation that they are conducting. Units report unable to locate any suspects.

Caller on Revere Street reports her neighbor is harassing her and there is an existing Harassment Prevention Order against her.

Party requesting assistance at Citgo on Shirley Street, as he is unable to deactivate his car alarm. Shamrock Towing will go by to assist him.

Caller on Bates Avenue reports that her father’s girlfriend outside her grandmother’s house is in a motor vehicle beeping and creating a disturbance. 92 spoke to the subject and had her leave the area.

Party reports a taxi sitting in a driveway on Overlook Drive and has been there about an hour and she is concerned. 92 reports operator utilizing the free WiFi in the area. He was advised to leave the area.

Two calls of a disturbance on Winthrop Street. Fire, Action, units report one to the MGH. 93 coming in with one. Matron called to duty. One under arrest for disorderly conduct.


Wednesday, November 13

Party reports her car was entered through an unlocked rear door. $20 and an Ipod were stolen. She will lock the doors in the future.

Caller reports he was in a motor vehicle accident on Veterans Road. Fire/EMS notified. W92 dispatched. Officer requests two tows. G&J notified. One party transported to MGH.

W93 attempted to serve a harassment prevention order to subject on Kennedy Road.

Off. Feeley to serve a 209A restraining order to subject on Cross Street. W93 report nobody home at this time.

Request for a well-being check on Park Avenue. Party located. All set.

Visiting Nurse called and is reporting that a patient called from Governors Drive reporting they had fallen. Transferred to Fire/EMS. They are responding.

91 Curran reports a cabin cruiser in possible distress at a mooring on Bayview Avenue. WFD and USCG called. They checked it out. Solar lights and State Police boat boarded and report no one on board. Will contact the owner.

Several calls of a motor vehicle accident on Pauline Street. Caller reports the car went into a yard. Fire and units notified. Officers report it is a one-car accident car that went into a house. Damage to two houses on Pauline Street.

Male came in to the station to report the unauthorized use of several of his credit cards. He reports that between late September and October, his American Express, Cosco card was used by someone in the amount of $1299.39. Additionally he reports that during the same period of time, his Ameriprise Visa, and MC were also used in the approximate amount of $3500. He has reported this unauthorized use to the credit card companies as well.


Thursday, November 14

Female on Wave Way Avenue came in to report the theft of the front plate of the pupil vehicle she is driving. Plate will be sent out as stolen.

Call of a fight on Shirley Street at Payson Street. Officers report disturbance involving some 5 people. Main people are only two. All sent out of the area.

Officer will try to serve subject on Beal Street a 209A issued by the EB Court. He reports people at the house said he does not live there.

Officer will try to serve subject on Cross Street a 209A issued by the EB District Court. He reports it was served in hand.

Female on Lincoln Street called to report there is noise from a work crew next door and she wanted to know if they can make noise and how long can they work. She was told they could work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and make only noise that the job entails. Officer reports he spoke to the caller and will inform the work crew to make sure they are done by 7 p.m.

W91 and W92 responded to serve a 209 to subject on Beal Street. Officers were told party was not there. Defendant on the order called identifying himself as the defendant on the order. He was served the order over the telephone. The pertinent parts of the order were read to him and he said he understood. He also said that he would not be coming to the station to pick up his copy. He was also advised of the hearing date.

91 Curran reports a three-car accident on Washington Avenue. 92 Ramadini sent to assist.

Male at Lucky Garden Restaurant reports subject left the restaurant without paying and fled towards Governor’s Park. 91 Oyola, 92 Ramadini and 93 S. Hickey report male matching the description found on Overlook Drive. One in custody for several charges.

Woman on reports that there is a female in front of address on Main Street with a bloody face. W99 responded along with Fire. Unit checked the area with fire and also with the residents at that address. No sign of the female.


Friday, November 15

Party came into the station to report that two individuals who are drunk roaming around Main and Hermon Street. They are shouting at passing motor vehicles. Officer located the pair who stated they were crossing the street and were nearly struck by a passing vehicle and shouted at the driver. Both parties continued to walk home to Trident Avenue.

Caller reports an injured skunk on Veterans Road in the area of Almont Street.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that her neighbor is blowing leaves into the middle of the street and they are piling up causing a safety hazard. W93 reports speaking with the homeowner who will refrain from such actions in the future.

Reports of finding a hypodermic needle in Michael’s Mall. W91 reports disposing of item.

Request for an ambulance for a customer who had injured their foot at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street.

Neighbor on Nevada Street reports a possible domestic on the third floor apartment. Units report verbal argument. All parties advised of their 209A rights.

Caller called to report a male in the cemetery all day. W91 and W92 responded and request medical. Male party transported to MGH.

Subject came to the station with copy of his served RO. Wanted to go to the address on the order to pick up some property. He was advised to go to the court on Monday to see if the order could be amended to include picking up his personal items.


Saturday, November 16

Caller on Ingleside Avenue called to report that his son is down in the bathroom and is stuck between the fixtures. He can’t get him out. Fire notified and transferred to Medical. W91 and W92 responded to assist.

Female on Douglas Street reports that her ex was there banging on her door. Prior to that he was calling her. Caller stated that there is no order in affect. W93 located that party on Main Street and spoke to him. He reports that there was a misunderstanding.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her son is having difficulty breathing. Fire/EMS notified.

Concierge Bernie at Seal Harbor requested assistance with escorting a trapped skunk from between the two lobby doors. Off. Curran obliged.

Party came to the station to return an item (top of a lock box) he found on Pico Beach. He believes the item may be tied into a break from a boat in the area.

Off. Feely checked a male party in front of the Police Station. WMS check shows two warrants. Party placed into custody for possession of a Class A, Class drug and warrant from Salem.

DCF halfway house in Boston reported a juvenile there went home for a weekend pass and left overnight from his Winthrop home. The mother called last night and said it was all a mistake. DCF house called mother today and told her to bring him back there. She refused and told the son and there was an argument with mother. House worker did not call about this domestic at that time and then called us to tell us about it and wanted to report a missing teen because after the dispute, he left the mom’s house. Party was advised to have mother call us to report the child missing. 92 Ramadini sent to the home for a well-being check. Ramadini spoke with the mother and all will be worked out.

Call from State Police in Medford to make contact with a female on Siren Street for a road rage incident. W91 reports no motor vehicle in the driveway. Message left to contact the trooper in Medford.


Sunday, November 17

Party called to report that his 16-year-old friend has had too much to drink tonight and isn’t feeling to good.

Request for an ambulance for a party feeling lightheaded and experiencing chest pain on Edgehill Road. Call transferred to EMD for service.


Monday, November 18

911 hang-up. Lots of static on the line. Message on call back then static on line. 99 Oyola reports all-secure. Another call back, more static. Trouble with line. Second message left, check with neighbor on Pleasant Street. Reported the 71-year-old male has not been feeling well lately. 98 Jaworski sent to assist for entry. Made contact and all is okay.

Woman on Coral Avenue needs an ambulance for her 87-year-old mom. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

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