Police Blotter 11-14-2013

Monday, November 4

Party on Floyd Street requesting EMS for her adult daughter who is experiencing stomach pains. WFD notified.

Caller reports that on November 1, her motor vehicle was parked in the Crest Avenue parking lot while she dropped off her son to work. Apparently a large white truck struck the right front fender area of her vehicle. She did hear a loud sound but did not realize her vehicle had been struck. She was not able to get a number plate or name on the side of the truck. She will contact her insurance agent regarding this matter.

Party came in to report a stolen boat on July 26. It was entered into the OpenFox with insufficient information and was purged today. Boat was re-entered today with pertinent information.

Resident came in to report receiving a phone solicitation from a male party claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse. Party advised it is a scam and not to forward any money.

93 will serve a notice to Maryland Avenue for a hearing scheduled on behalf of their minor children.

A female operating a white SUV, who stated a suspicious male subject just placed four different suspicious bags into the trash receptacle, approached detail officer at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Officers checked them out and nothing suspicious found. At least one was empty. MA license found in the barrel. Chelsea PD will go by the party’s address and leave a message.

Party on Shirley Street reports her mother is not answering the phone and she is concerned about her. Officer reports the mother’s motor vehicle is not at the home and there is no answer at the door.

Party came in to report that she is the plaintiff of an active 209 and the defendant has made attempts to contact her through her minor daughter on Facebook over the last couple of days. This is in violation. She wanted to place the matter on record and was advised of her rights.

EBDC clerk requests we send an officer to a Locust Street address to attempt to ascertain the male party’s information. Officer reports the male party refused to give any information to her. Information was obtained by other means.

Party on River Road came in and was served an extension of a 209 by Off. M. Delehanty. Party wanted to pick up some clothing. Defendant contacted via phone and stated she was not at the apartment and had no objections as long as an officer accompanied him. 93 will stand by. Officer took custody of his key to the apartment per the plaintiff’s request.

Report of smell of natural gas from tenant in apartment on Bellevue Avenue. WFD notified.


Tuesday, November 5

Caller complaining about loud party at neighbor’s house on Beal Street. Car left while she was on the phone. Party over. Caller upset about constant traffic at that address. W91, W93 notified to monitor.

Same caller from previous call. Party is back on. W91, and W93 report the house is quiet. Motor vehicle pulled away as units approached. Units will monitor area.

Party on Washington Avenue came to the station stating that she’s been having (non-violent) issues with her husband whom she has a restraining order against. Section 3 of the RO has been vacated and he is allowed to reside with her. She was advised to go to the court and have Section 3 of RO modified.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments reports that someone is trying to pry open his front door. Units respond and report no signs of forced entry and area search is negative.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Cambridge Court to subject on Pleasant Street. He reports address does not exist.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Cambridge Court to subject on Grovers Avenue. It was served in hand.

Female caller states that two loose dogs walking in and out of traffic on Main Street. ACO notified and is enroute.

Caller reports possible telephone scam by “Windows Microsoft Center” asking for personal information, which she refused to provide. Caller just wanted this on record.

Male on Sea Foam Avenue came to the station with a friend to report that his truck as stolen. He has no license to operate a vehicle. He said he parked it on Veterans Road last night at 11 p.m. and when he went out at 8 a.m. it was gone. The owner is at work and cannot fill out the Stolen Form. When he was told he could fill out the forms with the help of his friend, when he realized the Warning on the form, he then refused to fill it out. He then stated all he wanted to do is make a Police Report so I don’t lose $14,000 like he did when his car was stolen in Florida. He wants to call us every day until it is found. He was told that when it is recovered, we would call the owner. His friend will help the owner fill out the Stolen Form and bring it back. He became very upset when asked could the owner come in and fill out the form. The whole story seems very strange the more you talk to the above. Vehicle was put over the air for all units so we can try to get to the bottom of this and find it. At 3:20 p.m., the owner came in and reported the vehicle stolen.

Caller on Bartlett Road reports a juvenile male ran to her door step stating an elderly female in a black sedan with a gray stripe asked him to get in her vehicle. Unable to obtain a better description. All units searched the area for the vehicle to no avail.

Male reports pollsters with signs are stepping into the streets at the Memorial Gym on Pauline Street. W91 responded and reports speaking with people there and instructing them to stay on the sidewalk.


Wednesday, November 6

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments states that he hears a cane banging in the hallway outside his apartment front door. Units respond and report that he is looking for his girlfriend. She was located in the area walking back from the convenience store. She informed the officers that he has mental health issues.

Female on Summit Avenue came to the station to report that her ex-boyfriend has her plates that are cancelled. Off. Feeley went to the address and spoke to male and he is not driving the car and will return the plates. Female was notified.

Male on Pleasant Street came in to report two threatening letters have been placed on his windshield in the past week. The threats are over parking. Can an officer check the parking in the Palmyra Street/Pleasant Street area at night??

Male from Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging came in to request we obtain his and his girlfriend’s belongings from manager. Officer reports he spoke to manager and he stated that female’s belongings are under the control of Probation Officer and she stated “No One Is To Have Female’s Belongings.” Male keeps calling manager. Probation Officer was requested to call manager and keep a record of the harassing calls. Manager will be in later to file charges of harassment as he has a record of the calls.

Male called to report that while his sailboat was moored at the Cottage Park Yacht Club, someone broke in and smashed the hatch and stole all the electric equipment. He is out of town at this time and wanted this on record.

Female on Revere Street came in to report that someone is using her social security number. After checking, it was discovered the person with her number was given one just one number off. This was a mistake as far as we can see.

Female on Washington Avenue came to the station and spoke to Det. Callinan about two of her motor vehicles being stolen back in September. She was advised to obtain more information from the registry, so both vehicles can be placed in the computer as stolen.

Caller on Locust Street reports road rage at her home. MCI sent to the area. He spoke to the caller and got plate information. Incorrect match comes back and cancelled plate returned. He will check area. Party advised to call back if any future issues.

Wife reports husband is fighting with someone on the ground on Main Street. W91 reports that husband found a male in their car and is now chasing him up the street. Officers located a male fitting the description of suspect by Lincoln and Pleasant Street. One male under arrest for carrying a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering a vehicle in the nighttime and assault and battery.

A call from Golden Drive that male is annoying building. 91 Freeman, 93 A. Hickey and 94 Curran report the entire place searched and he is not around.


Thursday, November 7

Female on Revere Street came in to report that her neighbor was banging on the floor and making threats. This is an ongoing problem. She stated that her neighbor makes believe she is sleeping or gives a story that it was not she. When officer responds, please be aware of this ongoing problem.

Report of a harassment problem at the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home.

EBDC forwarded a copy of a warrant of apprehension for subject on Shore Drive. Officers report they have her under arrest and W93 will transport her to the courthouse.

Caller at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports a woman had her foot run over by a motor vehicle.

Manager of the Pillar House Apartments called to report that a NH plate is a handicapped plate and the person using the car is not handicapped. Also, the vehicle has been here over a month. 30 days from today, if the plate is still New Hampshire, we will issue a citation.

Female on Pleasant Street called to report that someone put a TV on the sidewalk in front of her house with a note on it, “Free TV, Take It.” DPW was contacted to remove it.

Off. Ramadani will try to serve a summons issued out of Cambridge Court to subject on Pleasant Street. He reports there is no such number and no one ever heard of this person. After checking the address should have been a higher number. He reports speaking with someone who stated that subject is on vacation for the next ten days. We can try again after that.

Female on Summit Avenue called regarding a problem with her boyfriend and possible larceny. Officer reports she was advised of her rights and may seek a 209A.

Caller reports a male and female riding around in a “beat up” old pickup and appear to be going door to door and looking in windows of residences. Last seen heading down Bowdoin toward River Road. All units BOLO’d.

Female caller on Golden Drive reports that unwanted male is in the building. He was told to leave. His mother is not concerned. There was smoke in the building and the Fire Department was called. It was the apartment in question. Subject and his mother were cooking something. All clear.

Subject on Revere Street was served a harassment order in hand.

Cabbie on Dolphin Avenue reports a guy can’t pay. 92 Ramadini reports fare cannot get in the house. Finally, the landlord came home and let him in and the fare was paid.

Many 911 calls and walk-ins to report a woman hit by a car. 93 Bonavita, 98 Jaworski and 93 Ramadini report a 60 year old taken to the hospital.


Friday, November 8

Caller saw white pickup enter the Elks parking lot and rummage through two trash bags and leave. No plate obtained.

Party on Plummer Avenue reports that she observed her neighbor operating at a high rate of speed in a red vehicle. All units BOLO.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports having some type of issue with the boyfriend. Officers report verbal only. Female was advised of her right to a 209A.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports an individual left a weapon at his office.

Report of an unknown male sleeping in the “trash room” on Golden Drive. W92 requests EMS for evaluation.

Several 911 calls regarding a motor vehicle crash into a telephone pole. W92, W93, W94 Off. Perrin and an FBI agent are assisting with traffic due to down pole. WFD contacted Verizon and National Grid.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a female is causing a disturbance on property. W99 will investigate. Female located and will be cited by Lt. Perrin. She was send out of the area.

Male brought a pink Samsung phone to the station that he found near the beach on Shore Drive. After leaving the phone with us it began to ring. It was the owner trying to locate the phone. A short time later, the owner came to the station and was given her telephone. She was grateful.

Father came to the station to report that his 13-year-old daughter has not come home yet. She told him at 4:40 p.m. that she was going to the football game with her friend. Father reports that the daughter was to call frequently and now her phone is just going to voice mail. Father already went to the game and had the daughter paged, but she did not appear. He has no names or information as to the daughter’s friends and/or their addresses. He brought a picture to the station. All units BOLO’d. The child was located and father picked her up in the beach area after receiving a call. Daughter came to the station to retrieve her picture and she was spoken to. All okay. Child is actually 12 years old.

W91 reports moving a group form the Ft. Banks area.

Reports of a group on Pleasant Street were throwing glass bottles are cars. Caller believes that the group went into a house there. Officers report that they are not getting any answer at the door but can hear people talking and see silhouettes. Officer will notify housing.

Male at Cumberland Farms report that he was being chased by a muscle bound male with a knife, who is wearing a T-shirt. Caller reports he arrived by bus to a house and is now being chased. One under arrest for assault and battery, assault and outstanding warrant.

Above caller called back to ay that those kids are out again and walking on Main Street. No one to send now. Caller called back again reporting one of the males involved with the bottles is now at the Mobil and it looks like he is waiting to get picked up. W93 responded and the party had already been picked up according to the caller.


Saturday, November 9

Abandoned 911 wire line call from Winthrop Street. When we called back, female hysterically crying. Units dispatched. Male subject placed in custody for assault and battery.

Party called to report that she was in Winthrop a little while ago and her boyfriend assaulted her at a friend’s house. She was advised to come to the station to complete report/investigation report. She was also advised of her rights to obtain a 209A in East Boston and to contact 911 should he arrive at her residence. Female also reports the subject has warrants. Query on the subject revealed three active warrants. Will attempt to locate subject on the warrants. BPD notified to BOLO subject. They are sending car to victim’s address for a well-being check. W92, W93 and Off. McCarthy to Beal Street in an attempt to locate the subject. Cooperative resident on Beal Street reports subject is not there. Mother informed us that alleged victim believes subject is cheating on her with daughter and this is a result of jealousy/revenge.

Female came in to report she lost her black glittery wallet with pink Batman symbol. The wallet contained her MA. ID card, EBT card, SS card and approximately $50 in cash.

Woman on Washington Avenue reports a motor vehicle in the lot and an occupant was stumbling getting into the vehicle. W91 and W93 responded and observed vehicle with five occupants. All okay.

Caller on Governors Drive reports a loud party on porch in the 800 block. Caller is from another building and says they are all on the porch and loud. Officer reports party was located and about 50 people on the porch. Spoke to renter and he will end the party for the night.

Party on Cross Street states that the upstairs neighbor will not stop banging on the ceiling. He states that they do this all night and wants an officer to hear it. Officer requests medical for the upstairs neighbor and report one to Whidden for evaluation. Patient believes he is being followed and people are trying to kill him. He presents as very paranoid and delusional.

Caller on Franklin Street reports kids drinking and being loud. Advised officer will be sent when free. Officers report three moved. No drinking.


Sunday, November 10

Caller reports a male was “legless” leaving the Elks and got into a motor vehicle. He tried to stop him but he drove away. Officers on the lookout. Drove to Shore Drive. Officers on the lookout. No vehicle description given.

Party on Revere Street reports having issues with neighbor. No there is a strange odor in the house. W91 and W93 report speaking to the caller.

Another call about above incident. Neighbor started again. Units spoke to both residents. Peace restored.

First floor resident on Revere Street came into the station to report that she is going to NY for the night and is afraid her upstairs neighbor may break into the apartment. She is requesting we check on the area throughout the day.

Caller on Amelia Avenue report a male party, no shirt, no shoes, covered in mud appears disoriented and walking in the area of Morton Street. W91, W93, and W94 located the party. EMS requested. Party was restrained and transported to Whidden via Action EMS. W93 will follow due to aggressive nature of patient. Units will check residence for other issues. Officer spoke with the wife and she informed us he was driving a vehicle. All okay at the house. Vehicle found by W94 in the mud at the bottom of Pleasant Street. GJ notified and towed.

Caller on Cross Street reports the upstairs neighbor is causing a disturbance. Upon arrival of the officers, the caller reported the tenant is not home but they would like to throw his stuff out of the apartment that he rents. Officer advised the elderly landlord of their rights in housing court.

Party requesting ambulance for elderly grandmother who fell and struck her head on Bowdoin Street. Fire/EMS notified.

Female caller on Circuit Road reports a large rowdy group of kids walking in the area creating a disturbance. W92 Off. Brown responded and reports speaking with an adult on the scene and sending a group out of the area. All is clear.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports that her boyfriend took off with her pocketbook. She would like him to return it. All units notified to be on the lookout and have him go back to Everett.


Monday, November 11

Electronic monitor reports an active warrant on a male in Quincy. Victim in case is female on Hermon Street. Probation will monitor him as he is still in Quincy. They contacted female in Winthrop.

Two calls of major motor vehicle crash on Washington Avenue. Fire, Action requests G/J. One to MGH. Citation for driving under the influence.

Party came in to report a male sitting on the bench outside the station displaying a knife poking his fingers with it. Officer spoke to subject who is known to him. He had him leave the area.

Caller on Ingleside Avenue reports her husband is in need of assistance with a catheter blockage. Transferred to EMS/Fire.

Female requests we check on her father on Plummer Avenue. She hasn’t spoken to him in a few days. 92 and a neighbor requests fire, Action. 90-year-old male to Whidden. Daughter was notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that he just got home and it appears someone tried to jimmy the front door lock. No entry gained. He would like it noted. So done.

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