Police Blotter 11-07-2013

Monday, October 28

Caller on Kennedy Road states that her son’s father is attempting to take their child to his home in Revere against her wishes. Male party picked up by his father who will keep an eye on his son.

Party on Shore Drive states that there are about a month’s worth of newspapers at the front door of the property. 91 attempts to get a response at the residence and does. Owner states he’s okay, just hasn’t bothered to read the paper lately.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a male sleeping on her front lawn. W92 reports party known to us, and sent on his way. He was advised not to return.

Cell phone caller from Winthrop High School reports a student having a possible seizure. W92 reports student transferred to Children’s Hospital via Action. Parents notified.

Party reports a motorcycle is driving erratically every day leaving the town between 8 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. The operator commits lane violations and drives unsafely. This morning after passing a number of cars, he harassed the car behind him by slowing down and then they got in an argument. This incident happened in East Boston. She was advised that the day shift would be notified and also the Dunkin Donuts detail officers for future violations.

Lt. Perrin and Off. Feeley report going off with motor vehicle on Undine Avenue with male operator.

A motor vehicle was parked in handicapped parking spot without a placard displayed at Winthrop Marketplace. Operator was advised that a parking ticket would be issued and she then said “are you **** serious”. As ticket was being issued, operator yelled out two more times “are you **** serious”. The operator was advised that if she continued with her yelling and swearing in public, further action would be taken. A parking ticket was issued.

Male on Circuit Road called to report someone pretended to be from the Microsoft Satellite help desk and called looking for personal information. The callback number came back as not in service. No further information available. No other calls from Winthrop residents.

Father on Main Street called to report that his 17 year old daughter was walking home from the high school from cheering practice and she was approached by a silver motor vehicle operated by a Hispanic male with some type of accent.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports someone is bleeding and on oxygen. Fire and ambulance notified. Units reports male party to BMC.


Tuesday, October 29

W93 off on bridge with two motor vehicles. One arrest for speeding, giving false name and address and operation of vehicle with suspended license.

Caller on Shirley Street requests a well-being check on her friend who she has not heard from recently. She is concerned because this person has made threats of suicide before. W93 reports no response, but open door. After a brief search, W93 reports finding unresponsive female. Requests detective and CPAC/ME notification.

Det. Perrin and W92 reports going off on a continuing investigation at Winthrop High School.

Report of high school age kids hanging out there all day on Bayou Street. Officers have their names and will submit an F.I.O.

Several calls for a male operator passed out in a white van on Revere Street at Hot Diggity.

Daughter called to report that her elderly mother keeps getting notices and literature from a real estate person that states that he is from Winthrop and lives at Seal Harbor. Caller was advised to call her local department for information and then seek a possible harassment order.

Male called to report that he is in front of the Holy Rosary rectory and a strange male is there yelling and screaming. He is described as in his sixties. W91 and W92 responded and checked the area. They finally located the male who stated that he lived in a group home in Revere. W91 transported the male out of town towards his home to give him an assist.

Male came to the station looking for information regarding a computer repair person who lives in Winthrop. All he had was a phone number for this person. The reporter was trying to locate this repair person because he gave him his desktop computer over a month ago and he won’t answer his calls. He was contacted by us on the number that the customer had. A minute late, the repair person called the party while he was still at the station and all is well.

Caller from Winthrop Market Place reports a male party is eating products and refusing to pay. Units report removing subject from the store.

Father called to report that he has his four-year-old son with him for visitation. He stated that his mother usually does the exchange return of the child to his mother, as there is an R/O in effect. Dad reports that the child is sick but he can’t contact the mother or bring the child home due to the order. Dad arrived at the station with his son. A notification was made to the mother at her address. Dad left and the mother came immediately to the station to pick up the child.


Wednesday, October 30

Male called to report that he was told not to come home by his live-in girlfriend because he bought Red Sox tickets for himself and his buddy. Caller states that she was upset, even though he is taking her to see the Bruins next week. Caller was advised that no one has called for an ERO and he could go home.

Caller states that a bus hit a telephone pole on Pleasant Street. 93 reports Paul Revere bus with no passengers onboard struck a Verizon pole. No injuries. Fire notified along with Verizon/National Grid. G&J notified.

A male party on Upland Road reports that his girlfriend will not let him in their residence. 91 and 908 report owner of residence gained access for the resident. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller states three suspicious subjects at the rear of the CVS. 91 requests a cab for two females going to Revere Street.

Officers are off at the accident scene on Pleasant Street (see above), which is blocking traffic. They are awaiting arrival of Verizon. We received numerous calls regarding the electricity being out due to this accident. National Grid had to shut down electricity in the area. Paul Revere Transportation is on the scene cleaning the accident scene of debris and vehicle fluids. Verizon is on the scene to remove and replace the telephone pole. Paul Revere has put out a red Jeep with Paul Revere markings on it that will pick up persons at the bus stops affected by the Pleasant Street road closure.

Alarm activation at Bank of America due to power outage. Alarm Company was advised of the motor vehicle crash in the area.

W93 reports going off on a continuing investigation on Main Street.

Male from Grovers Avenue came in with his wife to report the theft of one of their debit cards. The card was used several times, many times in Winthrop.

Female on Shirley Street called to report she thinks she is on Revere Street and at a gas station and was just in an accident. Lieutenant and officer report checking every gas station and every old area that had a gas station and nothing or anyone could be found.

Male came to the station to report he was strong-armed by three or four males at Bank of America ATM.

Party on Grovers Avenue called to report a scam using the name Publishers Clearing House saying that “Hi, this is Deborah Holland and you won $7,000 a month.” “Just call 1-876-476-6716 to pay the taxes.” If you call this number, it’s an answering machine.

Female on Locust Street was called to set up a time for male to come by for some belongings. A time was set up.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street for crosswalk violation. Officers report the vehicle took off as he had the license in hand. One in custody for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and accessory after the fact. Another male in custody for crosswalk violation, failing to stop for police officer, two outstanding warrants and resisting arrest.

We received a call and a fax for a probation warrant on Sunnyside Avenue. Units responded to subject’s address on the warrant and placed him in custody.

Father on Revere Street called requesting medical for his four year old daughter who is having a problem with the croup cough. Transferred to fire.


Thursday, October 31

First floor resident on Revere Street feels as if someone is outside her home. She is worried about impending court date with upstairs neighbor. W92, W93 report area clear and quiet.

Caller on Cottage Avenue reports that her father may be having a heart attack.

Male came in to the station to report that he lost his wallet somewhere between the Orient Heights Station and his home on Belcher Street the other day. He reports the wallet contained medical cards, green card, ID and credit cards. Advised to cancel all bank/credit cards immediately. He will be contacted if the wallet is turned into the station.

Call of an assault at Winthrop High School. Officer will submit a report.

Caller at Ace Woodside Hardware reports individual is changing a tire and he may be under the weather. W93 and Lt. Perrin will investigate. Party discovered with no license, just working on his friend’s car. All units clear.

Chief requests units to canvas the town and advise businesses to be vigilant with regards to selling eggs and shaving cream to youths to prevent vandalism on Halloween night.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports that his bicycle was stolen around 1 p.m. It is described as a slate grey/black adult Raleigh mountain bike. It has a headlight and red light attached. A partially removed sticker is on the frame. Units will search the area.

Court called requesting service of Section 35 order to Chester Avenue. Party located and will be transported to EBDC via W93.

Numerous calls for disturbance at Viking Gardens. Resident was under the weather and was sent into his home.

Male brought a new IPhone 5 to the station that he found on Atlantic Street. Item will be secured.

W96 Off. Curran reports removing shaving cream from a group on Court Road and sending them on their way.

Call from Girdlestone Road to report that a male wearing a striped stocking cap and dark clothing was going down the street trying all the car doors to see if they were open. She yelled to him and he starting walking towards Marshall Street. W99, W92, and W93 responded and searched the area.

Woman on Waldemar Avenue reports a group just caused vandalism there and she said a few youths still were still there. W93 and W96 responded and report there were a few pumpkins smashed. Officers checked the area to no avail.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports she was told by a neighbor that somebody appeared to be looking in her windows earlier in the evening. She requests an officer to check the property to make sure it is secure.

Party on Temple Avenue reports a domestic across the street. W93 requests EMS for an evaluation. One juvenile transported to Whidden for evaluation. Parents are present. It was verbal argument only between mother and daughter.

Male on Franklin Street called to report about 20 youths being very noisy out in front. W96 and W92 responded and report sending the group out of the area.

Caller on Winthrop Street called to report that three individuals are on his property. One female and two males. W92 and W93 responded.


Friday, November 1

Motorist stopped for violations on Washington Avenue. Operator is unlicensed. He was cited and GJ Towing towed vehicle.

Party reports some wires came down on Cross Street near the High School. WFD notified and will respond. Officer reports it appears to have been arcing up on the wires. National Grid was notified and will respond.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reports her motor vehicle was entered last night, but nothing was stolen that she was aware of.

Report of floats breaking loose from in back of Atlantis Marina Condos. WFD and Harbormaster on scene. They will contact Massport and USCG to assist with the piers.

Officer reports a limb down on a motor vehicle on Nahant Avenue. It appears a wire is entwined in the branches. WFD and DPW notified.

Party on Thornton Park reports that a falling tree limb from her neighbor’s property damaged her porch.

Caller reported a sailboat and section of the pier has broken loose at Winthrop Yacht Club. Referred to WFD and Harbormaster.

Lt. Lessard reports a sailboat has broken loose and is blowing across the bay towards Washington Avenue area. WFD and Harbormaster notified. They are in the area checking on another boat that broke loose as well. The Harbormaster, detail officer and M. Joyce construction workers secured the vessel.

Overhead traffic lights appear to be breaking loose in the wind on Pleasant Street. DPW notified and will respond.

Party reports town stairs on Quincy Avenue are obstructed by a branch that fell. DPW notified and will handle the situation.

Caller on Perkins Street reports that her 2-1/2 year old child was bitten by a dog while trick or treating last night. ACO notified and will follow up.

Several calls of a woman on Winthrop Street yelling and screaming about her child missing. Units located the woman who reported that her 9-year-old daughter left school and she is looking for her. Units report that it appears to be a miscommunication as the child exited from a different door and was on the school grounds at all times. Mother and child were reunited.

Party on Locust Street came to the station with an amendment to an abuse prevention order allowing him to pick up items at his home with a police officer present.

Female on Woodside Avenue came into the station to report that her porch was egged last evening, Halloween night. She wants this on record, as there is an ongoing situation with other tenants.

Male on Walden Street called to report that a suspicious person was talking to two young girls.


Saturday, November 2

911 call from a taxi driver on Crest Avenue who said a passenger won’t pay. We could hear the passenger in the background yelling about being arrested. Officers report the person paid and left before they arrived.

A motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street resulted in an arrest for suspended license operation, OUI, and possession of brass knuckles. G&J notified.

Female caller on Perkins Street reports a male, possibly in his 50’s, was just coming out of her neighbor’s property and looks suspicious. Officer reports the area is clear. It appears to be a deliveryman. No sign of the subject.

Party on Shirley Street reports three dogs all dragging leashes nearly attacked her. The dogs have since run off. Message left for ACO.

Caller found a U.S. passport in the area of Donovan’s Beach. No phone number listed with the subject through directory listing. Placed under the counter.

Party reports a manhole cover was wide open on the fence line between Hannaford Park and Seal Harbor property. DPW was notified and will handle the situation.

Caller reports that middle school-aged children dressed in camo type gear carrying weapons are playing on public property on Sunnyside Avenue. Officer reports five 11-year-old boys are playing in the area.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports someone is blowing a lot of leaves into the street. Officer reports the leaves are everywhere, but the person using the leaf blower must have left the area.

Chelsea PD reports a vehicle struck a telephone pole in their city. The vehicle is registered to a Winthrop address. Officer reports the vehicle was unoccupied upon their arrival. Vehicle not reported stolen at this time and was towed by Todisco Towing to their lot.

Party on Lowell Road came in to report he was threatened while dropping off his ex-wife’s boyfriend. He also came in to report an incident that occurred on the Scarpa Bridge today with the same individual and was referred to the Boston Police.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that a strange man chased her son and his two friends home. Officer reports unknown drunk or “high” subject chased them when he asked them for a lighter but they did not have one.

Caller reports loud obnoxious people and music on Nevada Street. Officer spoke to the partygoers who were outside having cigars. They will keep the noise down and go back inside the home.


Sunday, November 3

Caller on Crest Avenue reports vehicle crashed into his motor vehicle while parked. W91 and W92 dispatched along with Fire/EMS. G&J requested for two tows. Passenger transported to MGH. Driver in custody for OUI and marked lanes violation.

Party on Summit Avenue reports an apparent domestic disturbance. W91 and W92 dispatched and request EMS. Fire, EMS dispatched. Patient refused transport. One party in custody for disorderly conduct.

Unknown party reports finding a purse on the sidewalk on Palmyra Street. Off. Curran will return the purse.

Officers request medical for assault on River Road. Party reports one female in custody and charged with assault and battery .

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