Police Blotter 10-24-2013

Monday, October 14

Female on Putnam Street reports that there are kids on the roof of Tutti Fruitie. Officer spoke to the kids and sent them out of the area.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports a dead skunk and dead squirrel in the area. ACO notified and will check on issue.

Male called to report being on the line with Expedia and the call taker screamed and he could hear an alarm going off and the line was open still, but the call taker did not come back on the line. Caller was told that we have no way of knowing where the call taker was. We tried to call Expedia, but can’t get through, as we had no account or numbers from an invoice.

Marblehead PD called to report that we have a wallet that was turned in belonging to a Winthrop resident. No information in our checks. Telephone numbers was located, but voice mail was full. Officer went to the address on Ingleside Avenue but no answer, although the lights were on. Officer left a note in the mailbox and advised the landlord of the reason for his visit regarding found wallet.  Marblehead PD was advised.


Tuesday, October 15

Woman on Kennedy Road feels dehydrated and needs help. WFD notified and will handle.

Officer will try to serve a temporary paper warrant out of Chelsea Court to juvenile on Lincoln Street. Subject and his mother are on the way. Probation thanked us for our service.

Officers Feeley and Carter followed up on an assault at Energy To Go.

Female caller on Putnam Place reports there is a break in a box that contains electric wires. Fire notified and will respond.

Poll Detail Officer Lt. Perrin reports someone reports a female yelling for medical help. Fire and Lieutenant report all is okay.

Syringe found by the fence at First Church United. Officer secured it.

Female at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reported a drunk or “high” individual approached her window asking her for a ride to Wood Island. Officer and Chief checked the area to no avail.

Lifeline called and stated a party on Enfield Road is not hurt, but needs assistance getting up from falling. Transferred to WFD.

Officers to try to serve a 209A issued by the East Boston Court to individual on Locust Street. They report no one home. Plaintiff called back and said her husband is home. Officers went back and served him in hand. He left the house. Officers caught up with him took his key away.

Male reports that he has been parking in front of Atty. Marino’s office and overnight someone stuffed a couple of female wigs up his exhaust pipe. It is unknown who would do something like this.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports a male walking around with surgical mask and gloves and looks like he needs help. 93 Racow searched the area extensively and could not locate the man.

Female on Wave Way Avenue came to the station regarding some property of hers that was on her porch that is now missing. She believes that the landlord may have removed her property. The landlord was called and he stated he was under an order from the Board of Health to clear off the “stuff” from the porch. He stated that it was just debris and mixed in with animal droppings, etc. that had been left there for years. He stated that he did not touch any property in the basement and it is a common area where many people have access.

Son called to report that his father on Walden Street fell and should be checked out. Transferred to EMS and WFD.


Wednesday, October 16

Party on Walden Street requesting medical for his girlfriend who fell. Transferred to Action EMD.

Sgt. Crisafi requested a notification be made for female on Winthrop Street. She is needed at court. No answer at door, and message note left for her to contact the Court.

Party at Ft. Heath Apartments requesting EMS for a resident. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Summit Avenue reports her father fell and is experiencing dizziness. WFD notified.

Call from State Police stating a 6 year old called them to report that her parents were fighting. She stated her address at Governors Drive. Officers report an elderly couple at that address, no children, and no argument. Officers tried another unit, report one male home, stated his wife and child left and that there was no problem.

Call of a disturbance on Pauline Street. Officer reports subject’s dog ate his girlfriend’s underwear and they were trying to retrieve it.

Party on Winthrop Street came to the station to report being scammed by her neighbor, by check, for approximately $4,250. Officer will seek complaints.


Thursday, October 17

Mass State Police called to report that they received a report that a person may have been struck by a motor vehicle on Winthrop Parkway at Crescent Avenue in Revere. Officers will check the Crest Avenue and Revere Street north toward Revere Winthrop Parkway. Officer reports nothing showing along the route.

Party reports a white female yelling and cursing at the children entering and exiting the Winthrop Gymnastics Academy.

Caller on Locust Street reports that her husband broke down the bathroom door and choked her. Units report coming in with one for attempted murder by virtue of strangulation.

Harbormaster reports a driver who appears to be drunk at the Landing. Units request EMS for an evaluation. One transported to Whidden.

Party on Summit Avenue reports an Application for Involuntary Hospitalization was issued today for her boyfriend who she hasn’t seen since 4 p.m. She believes he is operating her vehicle and is unsure of his whereabouts. Units advised to BOLO. Copy of Section slip received at the station. Unable to send AM as OpenFox is unavailable.

Party on Kennedy Road reports a group making noise loitering in the area. 92 moved a small group.

Granddaughter requests we check on her grandmother on Golden Drive. Fire report entrance gained and no one home. Granddaughter was notified.

Caller on Floyd Street reports suspicious subjects. Units report sending two out of the area.


Friday, October 18

Domestic violence advocates came to the station to obtain reports for follow-up on domestic assault reported yesterday on Locust Street. Team went to residence to assist the victim.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports a man passed out in her front hallway. Units requests fire, Action for evaluation. Male transported to Whidden.

Officer will be doing a follow-up investigation on incident on Locust Street.

Party on Almont Street reports a man down outside with a head injury. WFD notified. Male transported to the MGH.

Per request of Sgt. Crisafi, that we check on whereabouts of minor witness and mother on Winthrop Street.

Party on Summit Avenue (See above) reports that her boyfriend has been located and is under the care of the VA. Her motor vehicle has also been returned. She states that she is grateful for our efforts to locate him and requires no further services from our agency at this time.

92 will try to attempt a summons to subject on Washington Avenue. Second attempt to serve was unsuccessful.

Male cell phone caller reports an elderly female fell on Putnam Street and needs medical treatment in the area of Michael’s Mall. Officer reports locating them across the street near the municipal parking lot. WFD and EMS responded. Female patient declined further medical treatment after initial evaluation by EMS. No signs of defects on the sidewalk where she fell.

Officer is checking on a report of a stalking type situation from a female on Shirley Street. Officer located her and spoke to her. She had a conversation with a male party who was involved. No crimes were committed. Just a misunderstanding by passerbys.

Party on Shirley Street reports he observed an older male fall and may possibly need assistance. Last observed going into the Quick Stop Market. 91 spoke with the employees and were not able to locate him.

Male came in to have an officer accompany him to pick up some clothing on Locust Street pursuant to an active 209A. Plaintiff was contacted and has no issue with it. 93 will stand by as party retrieves his clothing and left the area without incident.

Female on Bates Avenue came into the station to report that she is currently having trouble with her ex-boyfriend. She wanted this documented at this time and was advised of her rights under 209A.


Saturday, October 19

Female party on Bayou Street reports her boyfriend is acting up and giving them a hard time. Officers spoke with all subjects and report placing the male subject into custody for domestic assault and battery.

Caller reports a motor vehicle crashed into Kathy’s Place. Fire and ambulance notified. Female party transported to MGH. Action EMS notified to board building. Manager was called and message left on answering machine. Action on the scene.

Retired officer found a current bankcard on the ground near Cumberland Farms. Officer will attempt to contact the owner. They went by the address and returned it to the owner.

Male on Irwin Street reports he is being harassed by a Hispanic woman in the area. Officer contacted the family of the person responsible for the threats. They will have her cease her behavior.

Officer responded to take a report of a past stolen motor vehicle recovery from the area of the Alcohol and Drug Fee Lodging Home. Officer reports speaking with the parties. It was a civil matter at this point between the car rental company and a male at the Home.

Party on Moore Street reports that her son’s new orange and black Mongoose, boys bike was stolen from the back yard overnight. Approximate value of the bike is $95.

Party from Governors Drive came in with her husband to report that her landlord informed them that they need to vacate the apartment. She reported that they have been placed there through the Department of Housing and Community Development and have been working to find another apartment with their caseworker, as their voucher will be ending. Parties advised that they are not required to vacate and that the landlord will have to proceed with the eviction process. They will consult with their caseworker and her agency for assistance.

Party at Café Delite reports four young men going around the Center in Halloween garb acting up and being intimidating toward others in the area. Officer reports locating the subjects who decided to leave the area.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that her downstairs neighbor is yelling for help.

Party on Highland Avenue would like to see an officer regarding a text he received.

Male called to report he is being harassed by female he has a restraining order against. He resides in Attleboro but she is calling from a residence in Winthrop. He was advised to notify Attleboro Police of the violation. He further stated there was a warrant on her already. WMS check revealed no active warrants.

Female party reports she was just assaulted by a white male while on Shore Drive, Cutler Street area. Subject was last seen in the area of Cutler Street. Female party got into her car and is standing by at the fire station. Officer believes it may have been a road rage type of incident involving an older pick-up truck with debris and wood on it. Officer spoke to a resident on Shore Drive who told them another pick-up truck was in the area cleaning up some debris at his residence. Parties have since left. Officers located a truck fitting the description on Shore Drive and spoke to male, who stated there were some workers that just left but could not provide any names.

Party reports somewhere along Central Street there is loud music playing disturbing the neighborhood. Officer reports the music is coming from the back of the Senior Center located on Harvard Street. Officer reports speaking with a staff member who will secure the rear doors and turn down the music.

Caller on Highland Avenue reports that her 11-year-old daughter is having a seizure.

Party on Beal Street reports a lot of yelling and strange men in the back of the house and driveway lot. Men were in the backyard and stated a “skunk” came through causing them to yell. Officers had them remain inside for the night.


Sunday, October 20

Caller from Pearl Avenue is complaining about loud noise, voices, cheering from nearby residence. W91, W92 spoke with residents. It was a Halloween/Red Sox party. They were very cooperative and agreed to keep the windows closed, and voices down.

Party on Winthrop Street states she is being followed by a car that has already rammed her. Caller pulled over at WPD. Off. Ferrullo, W91 spoke with all parties. Neither wished to pursue the matter any further.

Caller on Loring Road reports that her vehicle front passenger window has been smashed.

Elderly woman is concerned about several people and cars moving about in the parking lot with flashlights at St. John’s Church parking lot. W92 reports speaking with people involved in filming with permission. Woman so notified.

Party at Yirrell Beach reports a large group of kids making noise on the beach. Units said group of 10 adults from Fall River, staying at Extended Stay. Leaving beach for the night.

Desk clerk at Extended Stay reports a group of 15 youths acting rowdy in the hotel. W91, W100 reports group was leaving upon their arrival. They stood by to keep the peace.

Party leaving hotel from above incident reports a computer missing from a room.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the Natick Court to subject on Washington Avenue. He reports no answer at the door.

Party on Buckthorn Terrace came in to request a 209A. We spoke to judge from Worcester and he issued a harassment order. Officer Curran spoke to the victim and will make out an incident report.

Female caller on Franklin Street reports that there are kids under the rear porch smoking marijuana. Officer reports when he arrived there were six youths standing in front of the house just talking. They were advised to leave the area. (One of them lived at the address). Nothing illegal going on when officer arrived.

Contact was made with the defendant on Washington Avenue for summons from Natick Court. It was served over the telephone. Defendant was provided with a copy of the order by Officer Curran at her residence.

Female on Coral Avenue called to report that someone has her cat and will not give it back. A call to another female and she will give the cat back. ACO will respond to pick up the cat and return it to the owner.

E911 caller from Irwin Street reports receiving a threatening call. W92 spoke to caller.

Caller on Court Road reports that someone stole his sea kayak, yellow. Valued at $500. It was taken from a mooring behind his house.

Male came in to report being threatened verbally by a female driver at Honey Dew Donuts.

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