Mael and the New School Project: Councillor Gives His Reasons for Supporting the New Middle/high School

Councillor Craig Mael said he had three things to say during the public speaking portion at the end of Tuesday’s meeting and he likely chose, based on the upcoming Nov. 5 election, to save his most important point for last, which was his endorsement of the new middle/high school project.

“I am voting for the school project, not because I want to spend money, but because I don’t want to spend additional money,” Mael told his colleagues on the Council and the audience watching the meeting live on WCAT.

Mael said the School Building Assistance Committee (SBSC) put in a lot of time and effort and came up with what they thought was the best  concept for the town. “I know in my heart, by voting for this — having gone to their meetings and trusting the managerial decisions that the committee made and the people they hired to make — I am personally going to vote for the school and I hope that people who trust my judgment will follow me along and also consider voting for the school.”

We always enjoy Craig’s “take” on important issues before the Council, and though he sometimes might take a circuitous route to get to his most defining point, he also has shown the mettle to say what he believes in and the people in his precinct can be very proud of their councilor. Mael has been a breath of fresh air on the Council — and we know his illustrious mother, Rona, must be watching the meeting proudly at home and thinking, “That’s my son.”

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