Stacy DiChiara Named Town Hr Director

Stacy DiChiara was introduced at the Town Council meeting Tuesday as the new human resources director for the Town of Winthrop.

DiChiara was selected from a field of more than 40 candidates for the position. She will have an office at Town Hall and begin in her job October 21.

“The selection committee consisting of town and school officials narrowed the candidates to eight finalists and she came out on top as the preferred recommendation to move forward,” said Town Manager James McKenna said.

DiChiara has worked at Tenebraex Corporation for ten years, eight in the capacity as human resources manager. She will be Winthrop’s first human resources director and thus will be instrumental in building the operations of the new department.

“We feel she’s very competent and capable of helping us to build from the ground up a new human resources office for the town and the schools.”

McKenna said the reason he wanted to create a human resources position because Winthrop is the town’s largest employer, issuing more than 500 W-2 forms a year.

“We’re a mid-size corporation and human resources is an important aspect of town operations in terms of understanding personnel issues, town benefits, union contracts, and procedural issues,” said McKenna. “Stacy’s role will be to make sure that all of the town departments follow process and procedure accurately.”

DiChiara will oversee a consolidated human resources department for the town and the School Department.

A resident of East Boston who is on the verge of receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from UMass/Boston, DiChiara said she’s excited to be a part of Winthrop town government.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said DiChiara. “I’m going to help build the human resources department and make sure the policies and procedures are more consistent across the board. Hopefully I’m going to to be the face for a lot of employees who may have questions about a lot of different things and take a lot off the town manager and school superintendent’s plate and bring everything in to one department and make things a little bit easier.”

DiChiara said she did not know that there was such a substantial number of candidates for the new position.

“It’s absolutely incredible, like the town manager said, that I made it out on top and it’s a huge honor,” she said.

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