Police Blotter 10-03-2013

Monday, September 23

Caller from Governors Drive of two cars of youths fighting. Officers report no sign of anything.

Party on Shirley Street requesting EMS for her husband. WFD notified.

Report of water coming from Sea View Avenue and causing street flooding. DPW notified.

Female from Kennedy Drive came to the station to report that over the weekend, youths were loitering on the benches near her apartment again. She stated she called the police to report it and when the police responded, they were already gone. She wanted to further report that a man yelled at another man “Man she told me to rape her!” he said it twice and she was sure he said it. She wanted it on record and stated that she did not see the person who said it.

Officer reports she will be off at the EB Newton School for a follow-up investigation.

Visiting Nurse at Bowdoin Street requesting EMS for a resident. WFD notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports that she just observed a neighbor she knows display a handgun to a party installing a fence in the immediate area. Units located the involved party and advised.

Police received a call from the Federal Protective Service regarding a threat that was made at the Federal Social Security Office by a local resident. LTC was immediately suspended and the party reported to the firearms officer that he does not know where the LTC is and reported he does not own any firearms despite state records.

Party from Demetri Liquors reports receiving a couple of phone calls from a male with an “Indian” accent claiming to be an employee of Microsoft that he believes may be a scam. He was advised not to divulge any personal or pertinent identifying information should it continue and advised the matter will be placed on record.

Follow-up investigation with Homeland Security on Revere Street.


Tuesday, September 24

Reports that the party on the first floor on Washington Avenue is yelling at boyfriend. 92 Feeley/Connolly report male assaulted female. One in custody for domestic assault and battery.

Party came in to report what may have been a road rage incident this past Monday that began on Route 145 in Revere and ended up in Governors Park complex. He described the other involved party as a Hispanic male in his late thirties operating a black sports car. He was unable to provide a number plate or make and model of the vehicle. He stated that no threats were made but he was in fear and requested the matter be placed on record. He was advised to dial 911 or drive to the nearest PD should it occur in the future.

Officer reports approximately 15 anti-bullying protestors are doing an informational picketing near the school on Pauline Street. They were advised to go across the street from the school in order to keep the area quiet for the students who are in school. All quiet and peaceful at present time. The chief and the superintendent of schools are on the scene.

Male on Shirley Street called to report he received several phone calls yesterday from Dorchester Medical Center regarding a dental appointment. He did not have any appointments scheduled and neither do his exchange students. They could not provide any further information and he feels he was being harassed and wanted it on the record.

Party on Highland Avenue reports that he applied for a cash loan online and paid a $200 “activation fee” through GreenDot. He was then informed he would be required to pay another $400 before the money could be deposited into his account. He requested a refund of his initial payment and was unsuccessful. He believes he may have been scammed. He was advised to place fraud alert with the three Credit Reporting Bureaus and report it to the FTC.

Female came in to report that her child’s father did not pick up the child today at the Cummings School per a court order from the Middlesex Probate & Family Court department. She states he was supposed to pick up the 8-year-old child at 2:30 from the school and he never showed up.

Mother on Grovers Avenue reports that she is being threatened by her son who resides in Revere. She did not want an officer coming by the address at this time, but she was advised to call if there is any further threats or if the party comes by her address. She will obtain a restraining order tomorrow at East Boston District court.

Motor vehicle was stopped for violations on Veterans Road. Subject placed under arrest for three outstanding warrants as well as unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.


Wednesday, September 25

Female reports a hose flooding park area on Walden Street. 91 Freeman/Dutra report shut off. DPW requested to secure hose so it does not happen again.

Male on Summit Avenue reports a dispute with some local youths and they smashed his side view mirror. 91 Freeman/Dutra reports they will file a complete report. Upon further investigation, two juveniles placed in custody for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Female on Kennedy road reports she was just told by a housing employee that she is getting arrested for child abuse. She wanted it logged for now.

Party reports a woman fell in the area of Dr. Garibaldi on Chamberlaid Avenue. WFD notified. 77-year-old female transported to the Whidden. No noticeable defects in the area.

Cardiology Associates of Greater Boston on Crest Avenue requesting an ambulance for a patient in the office. WFD notified.

Male on Quincy Avenue came in to report that when he received his tax return refund check for tax year 2012 on September 24th, there were two payees listed. He reports his SSN has been comprised and has notified the appropriate agencies and will follow up with the IRS.

Party is working on Prospect Avenue and received a call from his friend’s number. Threats were made on the other end to do harm to his friend if monies were not paid to them.


Thursday, September 26

Caller at Kasbah Restaurant states two suspicious white males wearing dark sweatshirts looking into vehicles. Units report area search negative but abandoned bike recovered on Buchanan Street and was brought to the station.

Caller/passerby reports a man who looks like he doesn’t belong inside doctor’s office building across from Café Delite. W91, W93 report area is clear and spoke with taxi dispatcher inside former foot doctor’s office.

Officer Feeley spoke to female on Hermon Street about postings on Whispering Winthrop involving her and she believes they were written by someone she has a 209A on.

Female came to the station to report that there are protestors near the Bank of Boston and they have signs with the President’s picture on them and it has marker to make his face look like Hitler. Officer reports there were only two people. They are blocking nothing and no one. They were advised that they need a Permit from the Town and they understood.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the East Boston Court to Cottage Park Road. He reports nobody home at this time.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Middlesex Superior Court to Putnam Street. He reports no one home.

Male on Coral Avenue came in to report that he lost his blue wallet. Inside the wallet was his Mass driver’s license, MBTA ID, several different credit cards. He will report this to the MBTA, go to the Registry and cancel his credit cards.

A wallet was found on Shirley Street. W92 responded and took control of the wallet. The finder informed the officer that he tried to locate the owner to no avail. Lt. Scarpa notified the owner of his found wallet and owner responded to the station and was given his property by Off. Bonavita.

Party on Revere Street called to report receiving two “bad” checks. W93 responded and took a report and will follow up.

Reports of boys near the fence on Kennedy Road with sticks and a girl causing a problem. W92 responded and reports a group with a teacher. All okay.

Female on Almont Street reports that three male teens came up on her porch and took her pumpkin. When she took chase, the pumpkin was dropped and it cracked. One teen is described as having poor complexion (acne). W92 and W94 checked the area of Almont, Cross and by the high school.

Owner of the Hong Kong Dragon reports that he received a phone call from someone pretending to be from National Grid telling him he owned $1,500 in electrical bills. His power would be shut off at 6 p.m. if he did not wire the money from CVS. He does not owe any money to National Grid and hung up on the caller. This is a SCAM trying to convince business owners or property owners to transfer funds. SCAM ALERT!

Female reports construction style noise from rear alley behind Michael’s Mall. 92 Ramadini reports area is clear and quiet. Back gates open. All stores checked and are secure.

Male called to report a group smoking weed in the rear of Governors Park. W93 and W91 responded and report several motor vehicles pulling out upon their arrival. Group advised to stay out of the area and to leave.


Friday, October 27

W93 received stolen motor vehicle hit on Read Street via LPR. Vehicle was showing STVP and RMS, however both plates attached. Everett Police contacted, confirmed vehicle was stolen. G&J notified to recover vehicle. No apparent damage visible.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Middlesex Superior Court on Putnam Street again. He reports roommate called her and she will come to pick it up.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the East Boston Court to Cottage Park Road. He reports the house looks abandoned. Mail everywhere, no one living in the house.

Resident on Overlook Drive reports that her daughter may be overdosing. W93 reports.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Woburn Court to Golden Drive. He reports the name on the summons is not on the building. A check with the Housing Office and they have no record of her.

Caller on Hermon Street reports that a woman appears to be under the influence or having a problem as she has walked into a pole. W92 and W94 responded and located party by Belcher. Fire notified.

Female reports a group of kids might be throwing nails in the street near middle stop signs on River Road. 91 Freeman/Connolly report a group of four sent home.

Female reports kids smashing things and might be drinking on Shore Drive. State Police notified and will handle.

Male reports a kid is passed out on Beach Road. 91 Freeman and 93 Bonavita located a male and requested EMS and WFD. He was taken to MGH.


Saturday, September 28

Report of a transformer on Argyle Street was smoking and sizzling. Fire notified.

Female caller on Pleasant Street reports a Yard Sale next door and cars are parked all over the lace blocking driveways. Officer reports there are no illegally parked cars at this time. He spoke to the person running the yard sale and they have a permit from Town Hall. She will tell her customers to not park in other people’s driveways.

Employee at Winthrop Market Place reports finding an abandoned bike in back of the market. W93 reports securing the bike and bringing to the station for safekeeping.

Call for a report of two suspicious males parked in a motor vehicle in front of a house on Pleasant Street. Units report area search negative at this time.

911 call from female stating some type of domestic disturbance ongoing on Shore Drive. Units report verbal argument. Male party left prior to arrival. Caller advised of her 209A rights.

Four people, ages 11 and 12 came in to report one of them is being bullied over and over. Today he was just bullied, but assaulted.

Party reports that an older male was assaulted and tossed into the water near Rice’s Wharf at Crystal Cove Marina. Party was pulled out of the water and needs to speak with an officer. WFD and EMS were dispatched to the scene to check for any medical conditions or injuries. Officer reports that some faulty electrical boxes electrocuted the party. Victim will be transported to MGH for further treatment.

Male from Governors Park came to the station to report that his former tenant allowed a subtenant into their property and now the new tenant won’t leave and is not paying. They have no information on this party. They were advised of the proper way to handle this through the eviction process.


Sunday, September 29

Multiple calls of motor vehicle accident at Grovers Avenue. First caller reports a pole was struck and parties took off. Fire notified. Later caller reports a head-on on Crest Avenue.

Female on Shore Drive reports that her husband is drunk and trying to take their child out of the house. Units report recent divorce. Father was concerned for his daughter’s asthma. He was told to leave and check at another more reasonable time. Mother was advised of her ERO rights. Father left, all clear.

Party on Court road reports that his girlfriend is on drugs and needs help.

Male called to report that his girlfriend just spotted the suspect involved in the incident with him last night at Millie’s Sub Shop. He was informed that we already had all the subject’s information and we will be following up in court tomorrow. Caller was advised that if the party approaches him he should call us.

Party came to the station to report receiving messages and calls from a female repeatedly. W93 Offs. Feeley/Tranflaglia will investigate.

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