Police Blotter 09-19-2013

Monday, September 9

Ofc. Feeley called off on foot chase after stopping individual. Subject took off running from Court to Loring, behind a house, possibly over fences. Revere PD called for assistance. They sent two officers. Transit PD called for canine unit, none available. SP sending canine unit from Revere. Motor vehicle located on Emerson with interior light on, door ajar. Units searching yards on Loring with canine unit. Two more motor vehicles located in area with interior lights on, doors open.

Caller at Mobile Car Wash on Main Street reports that two trucks are pumping water at carwash for last hour. W93 spoke with workers who apologized and said they were misinformed; thought work hours started at 4:30. Will cease until 7 a.m.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that a vacant house next door may have been broken into Unit reports front door open. Property management company contacted and will secure the air conditioner.

Elderly female on Overlook Drive called stating a doctor requested her to go to the hospital.

Motor vehicle on Shore Drive was displaying out of state number plates that have expired. Vehicle towed from public way and registered owner will be cited.

Chelsea PD called to report that a motor vehicle has been recovered in that city with a damaged windshield. Two arrests were made. Vehicle owner notified by telephone with message left for him and the vehicle was towed to Todesco Towing in East Boston. The record was cancelled on the motor vehicle.

93 will attempt to serve a delinquency summons to individual on Myrtle Avenue. Attempted to serve three times. All lights on in home, TV is on, but no one would answer the door.

Party on Veterans Road came to the station to report an unknown person put a note under her door which read “2 can play the same game.” She wanted this logged in case of future problems. 

Tuesday, September 10 

Neighbor on Walden Street complaining about four skate boarders at ramp at Ingleside Park. W93 moved them along.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that her neighbor is playing his music loud and they have a hearing at EBDC in the morning.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports a missing dog. A white and grey Shih Tzu.

Son on Sheryl Lane reports that he needs an ambulance transport for his father.

Caller on Hermon Street reports he observed what appeared to be a kicked in door. Roommates confirmed, door damage as old.

Female party on Lowell Road reports water leak. Units report it’s the rain.

Patron at Michael’s Mall requesting an ambulance for medical condition.

Visiting Nurse at Short Street requires medical assist for a patient fall. Male transported to Melrose Wakefield.

Party came to the station to report that he was assaulted at Kasbah Restaurant.

Father on Prospect Avenue came to the station with a probate order signed by judge from Suffolk Probate ordering the custody of a minor child to the father. W93 and W92 responded along with the father and child was given to the father without incident.

Female on Pauline Street called to report that she is missing her work ledger containing all her client/employee and financial work records. The red and gold book was noticed to be missing on September 2. Caller reports that the landlord to the property, along with other tenants has access through her unit in order to get to the common storage units. Caller has spoken to the landlord who in turn reports that he spoke to other tenants who deny knowledge of the ledger’s whereabouts.

Female on River road reports that swans are in the street. ACO reports swans have reported back to the water.

Woman at Governors Drive reports that her 9 year old is acting up. 91 DeCarlo and 93 Ramadini settled the matter for the time being. Mother advised of her options.

Female on Sea Foam Avenue reports that her husband is on the scene. 91 DeCarlo, 93 Ramadini settled matter and had husband leave for the night.

Reports of yelling couple on Irwin Street. 92 Bonavita reports he located participants and it is a verbal.

Female on Mermaid Avenue reports she has an unwanted guest. 91 DeCarlo, 93 Ramadini received conflicting reports. Female tenant does not want man ejected. Officers advised him to behave or be our guest. He changed his mind and requested a taxi. 

Wednesday, September 11 

W93 off with motor vehicle and the passenger is in custody. Citation issued to driver. Passenger charged with possession of Class B drug and resisting arrest.

Party came to the station to report that a six-gallon gas tank was stolen off a small boat at Belle Isle Boat Yard. The value of the tank is about $60.

Male on Harbor View Avenue called requesting to go the hospital. EMS and WFD notified. W91 responded to insure that the request was medical as the caller hung up.

Citizen called to report a party on Shirley Street in the area of the market and ice cream shop who may be under the weather. Units responded back to the area and report the party is fine and are waiting for a female to come to get his car since he doesn’t have a valid license.

Woman on Shore Drive called to report that another woman who parks daily on Shore Drive puts out cones when she leaves to hold her parking space. Caller was referred to the MSP.

Caller reports fishermen on the bridge with their cars parked there. W91 responded and reports the area is clear now.

Lt. Scarpa reports being stopped by a motorcyclist reporting that he almost crashed as a result of the depression due to work that has been done in the area of Shore Drive and Crest Avenue. Lt. Scarpa reports notifying the DPW and they would address it ASAP tomorrow.

Thursday, September 12

Caller on Faun Bar reports a female passed out on the ground there. Fire notified and W93 responded.

Male party who drove through Governors Park rear gate verbally assaulted Resident on Banks Street. When she told him that the gate should not be open for driving, he exited his vehicle to yell at her. She wanted this logged only.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reports that her 78-year-old mother fell during the night and may have injured her shoulder. She is requesting an ambulance. WFD/Action notified.

CAN called requesting help getting patient into bed on Highland Avenue. WFD notified.

Party reports that he is on the breakers and the tide has started to come in. Fire department notified. Harbormaster has been notified. Unit reports harbormaster picked two females up and they are all clear.

Caller from Seal Harbor called to report he has been receiving prank phone calls from someone who claims his name is Paul Jackson. He claims he has won $2 million dollars and a new vehicle. Caller has been advised not to give out any personal information and inform the front desk at Seal Harbor not to allow anyone in the building.

Daughter reports that her father is ill and elderly and that an ongoing disturbance is coming from the area of Crest Avenue behind her parent’s home. She stated that the noise has stopped now and will call back if it continues.

Party called to report that the ex-boyfriend and father of her unborn child of her daughter who lives out of town just came by her home and yelled out of the car “whore” and also gave her the finger. The caller thinks there may be a new 209 issued regarding this person. Mother doesn’t know the male’s exact name. All units BOLOed to check the area and keep an eye out for a metallic colored vehicle.

Above party called back to inform us that her daughter who lives in Waltham has a TRO on male subject. His sister was driving her car, which is a Chrysler.

Woman on Kennedy Road reports that a girl with a baby is yelling at male. 92 Ramadini, 91 DeFrieitas reports female is upset with car issues. No one else was around.

A micro window company called and tried a computer scam on female on Beal Street. Female from Essex County Jail reports that a male subject is getting bailed. He is the defendant in an active restraining order. The plaintiff is female on Shirley Street. Male subject gave his address as Marblehead.  

Friday, September 13 

Female on Winthrop Street called to report that two men are in the dumpster where the pipe project is. She reports that they came in a maroon colored van/truck. She also reported that they were there earlier yesterday morning at 8 a.m. and stayed to approximately 8:30. She also said that she tried to call the station but could not get through on the 1212.

WFD reports they are conducting a fire drill and report several motor vehicles parked in the fire lane on Kennedy Road, which is in violation of the posted signs.

Doctor Shah’s office called requesting EMS for a patient having difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD.

Caller reports that an unwanted male will not leave the Cove Convenience on Shirley Street. Call was then disconnected. Party called back and stated that the person left. He was advised to call back if the party returned.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that a white male driving a red van came to her door and rang the bell. He then looked in the back yard. She did not answer the door and doesn’t know who he was. Area search negative.

Caller on Walden Street reports a youth standing in the street pulling up his shirt and making fist pumps at cars.

Father came to the station with his 13-year-old son that was just assaulted at Ingleside Park by a classmate that has been bullying him since the first grade.

Reports of a female collapsed at Magee’s Corner. She refused medical.

Party reports she left her pocketbook on hood of car on Edgehill Road and now cannot locate it. It is a wristlet blue and white stripe pocketbook. She had miscellaneous credit cards and approximately $25 in cash.

Caller on Shirley Street reports neighbor banging on doors and walls.

Party on Main Street reports finding an injured squirrel. Unable to get ACO at this time.

Female on Washington Avenue called to report that she is having a problem with her landlord’s daughter. She states that the daughter is the property manager and is acting strange. She states she did not see her but believes she was at her bedroom window and thinks she stole her mail. She stated she already contacted the post office regarding the mail. She was advised to contact us if anything further happens and this would be logged.

Female at Bay Cove Human Services on Winthrop Street reports coming out of work and discovering that her motor vehicle had been struck causing damage to the driver’s side. Female caller reports she struck the car and will exchange information with the reporting party. They are co-workers.

Caller from Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home on Shore Drive reports that he wants his girlfriend removed as she is starting a fight with him every time he wants to sleep. Units request an ambulance to the scene.

Party from Point Shirley reports motorcycles coming into the Point at different times and are very noisy. Caller reports that the five loud ones came through the Point area the other day. She reports she heard another one a bit ago. Officers were notified to check the Point for loud motorcycles in the area.

Saturday, September 14 

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports that a group of kids got out of a car drinking wine and smoking marijuana. They were causing a disturbance out in the street. Units spoke to the caller on arrival and were told they walked into a home up the street. Home is quiet and appears no light on in the building. Area is completely quiet.

Officer is off with six individuals at Ingleside Park. W91 will assist.

93 off with an injured pigeon on Shore Drive. She was able to move him onto the beach with the assistance of a resident. ACO called shortly thereafter and will go by and see if he can assist the injured bird.

Party on Birch Road reports someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle and stole several items.

Officer will be making a follow up investigation on Cliff Avenue.

Party on Pleasant Street reports a work crew in the area pouring cement and a civilian directing traffic around the equipment. Sub-contractor out of New Hampshire pouring cement for the DPW. Foreman advised not to have anyone direct traffic and has requested a safety officer, as they will be at several locations town wide.

Caller reports that he observed a jogger on the sidewalk who was running and went right into the fresh cement (above paragraph). It appeared to him there was nothing obstructing or indicating the safety hazard ahead. (No traffic cones or safety tape). Officers will locate the sub-contractor supervisor and inform him of the damage.

Owner at the Winthrop Arms requests an officer respond to have a female who has checked out leave the premises. Party called back and reports that the party has left.

Juvenile male came in to report a party known to him at the McKenna Courts assaulted him. WFD notified.

Party on Washington Avenue came in to report that her husband is in the hospital and his motor vehicle is missing. She believes it was stolen sometime in August. Entered into OpenFox.

Caller reports a 15-year-old male may have broken his ankle at the Skate Park. He was transported to BMC Hospital for further evaluation. His parents were notified and will respond to the hospital.

Party on Pauline Street reports that a large group of youths wearing Halloween masks running in and out of stores. Last seen running up Pauline Street past the police station. W91 Racow reports locating five youths who were playing around with Halloween masks. They were given a stern warning and sent out of the area. 

Sunday, September 15 

Party on Shirley Street reports that her husband is acting up and she wants him out. Officers spoke with both subjects and they agreed to stay away from each other.

Caller on Sewall Avenue requests WFD to assist with a guest that fell from their wheelchair. WFD and EMS will respond.

Party at Little League Field on Cross Street reports that groups of annoying men are playing inside the field. She asked if they were authorized to be there and they began hitting the softballs toward her home. Officers report that according to the men they are authorized, permitted, and are playing the game to raise money for disabled and homeless veterans. They explained that the ball went into her yard and she got upset with them. The authorized game was allowed to continue.

Above party reports that her home was damaged by a softball that struck it and her nephew has now gone over to discuss matters with the players. Officers report the game is over and peace has been restored. There was a small scratch mark made on the side of the home but not sure what caused it.

Party on Pleasant Street requests EMS for her mother how is suffering from dizziness. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.
Caller at Suburban Extended Stay reports a man sleeping in a car in lot since earlier this afternoon. Party checks out OK and returning back to the hotel indoors.

Party on Terrace Avenue states that his neighbor reported hearing someone coming out of the bushes this morning. He also stated that he heard some noises coming from the area as well and was not concerned until speaking with his neighbor, who stated that she observed a male wearing a surgical glove get into a red pickup truck. According to the caller and neighbor, nothing appears to be damaged or missing from cars or property at this time. BOLO.

Caller at Deer Island reports a dog is in a motor vehicle with the windows rolled up for a while now. The owner is not around and the dog seems to be panting. ACO was notified and will respond and speak with the owner if the car is still there.

Unit 91 reports he is off with four males on Halford Beach. Citation issued for one-way violation.

Woman on Read Street reports kids in the yard and made a breaking noise. 91 Freeman and Tranfaglia and 93 Brown report vandalism to property. No one around.

Calling party on Upland Road reports very loud music and voices in the area. Officer reports area all quiet at this time.

Party on Jefferson Street reports motor vehicle appears to have rolled down the hill and crashed into his parked vehicle. Officer reports minimal damage done. Parties will exchange information and file a crash report relative to the vehicle being left without applying the parking break properly.

Caller on Edgehill Road reports that a man is walking around the front of her house who may be intoxicated. Units responded and searched the area and surrounding homes. All clear at this time.

Party on Perkins Street reports that her motor vehicle was entered through the unlocked car doors and took her son’s backpack that was apparently dumped outside. Officer reports there may have been an old wallet taken but there was nothing of value taken. Officer checked the area to no avail.

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