Beach Project Moving Forward: Hard to Believe, but It’s Really Happening

Joe Orfant, the director of the DCR’s Bureau of Planning and Resource Protection, updated the Town Council on the long-awaited $17 million Winthrop Beach Renourishment Project — and it’s full steam ahead for this project that will transform our beach into something grand and beautiful. Orfant certainly demonstrated knowledge of all aspects of this project and he has long had a productive association with the town — Town Councillor Nicholas DelVento recalled meeting Orfant about 17 years ago. Soon trucks will be coming into Winthrop with sand to be spread over the beach to protect Winthrop’s seawall and the property beyond the seawall from future storms.

Further down the road, there will be street reconstruction at the beach that will result in a Winthrop Beach being made available for full recreational use and enjoyment by our residents.

Town Manager James McKenna already has the Town Council thinking about the favorable economic impact that a beautiful and rejuvenated Winthrop Beach will have on the town. McKenna raised that point at the Sept. 3 Council meeting and it’s exciting to think about the possibilities of what this project will look like when it’s completed by the end of 2014.

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