Remembering Jim Gobiel

We join the community in expressing our condolences to our high school athletic director Peter Gobiel and his entire family on the loss of William “Jim” Gobiel, who passed away August 28 at the age of 87.

Peter perfectly captured his father’s fun-loving personality in his eulogy at the funeral Mass Saturday at St. John the Evangelist Church. The incredible story of his father startling former six-feet, seven-inch Boston Celtics great and aspiring artist Tom Heinsohn as he was painting a scene along the Winthrop shoreline was priceless. Mr. Gobiel was clearly a man with a terrific sense of humor who had the gift of making others in his presence smile and enjoy life to the fullest each day.

Jim shared 62 years of marriage with his wife, Norma, who made Winthrop their home and their town more than six decades ago and became contributing members to our community in many aspects. They raised five children, all of whom are a credit to this great family, and they were grandparents to nine, each of whom will carry great memories of their grandfather with them in for the rest of their lives.

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