A Winthrop Welcome for Principal Belastock

Many Winthrop High students will meet their new principal, Eileen Belastock, for the first time when they enter the high school for their first day of classes Friday.  Ms. Belastock has some very big shoes to fill, taking over the helm at Winthrop High from Gail Conlon, who decided to retire from her position after an outstanding tenure.

Ms. Belastock will be looking to carry on the tremendous strides that have been made at Winthrop High and no doubt stamp her own style of leadership at the high school. When we talked to Ms. Belastock this week, she seemed very excited about her new position and was looking forward to the school year getting underway.

A high school principal has so much to do each day and we know that her vast array of experience in education and business have set a great foundation for her position at the high school.

We feel that new assistant principal Matt Crombie, a Winthrop High graduate who is succeeding Robin Kostegan in the position, will be an outstanding asset to Ms. Belastock’s leadership team at the high school.

We wish Ms. Belastock all the best and welcome her to our community.

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