Pico Park Looks Fantastic: Facility a Tribute to Hard Work of Parks Comm.

If you haven’t seen the newly renovated Pico Park, it’s certainly worth a trip to see the total transformation of this playground into a beautiful facility. The park’s renovation was the result of an effort by the newly formed Winthrop Parks Committee, headed by Dawn Sullivan. The idea for a Winthrop Parks Committee was originated by Council President Peter Gill and not even he perhaps could have envisioned how magnificent the first product of the Parks Committee would turn out.

The park’s picturesque location and stunning view from it — the parks sits virtually right next to the water — only adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the facility. On the day of the park’s opening ceremony last Thursday, there were youths playing basketball, street hockey, and frisbee and using the new playground equipment. We know the Chamber of Commerce gives out awards at its annual gala and it’s safe to say that Dawn Sullivan and her committee will be one of the nominees for townwide recognition.

Of course, our town officials can also join Dawn Sullivan in taking a bow for their outstanding leadership in this endeavor. President Gill formed this committee and his proposal received the backing of the Town Council. Town Manager James McKenna has made the improvement of Winthrop parks and the beautifying of our streets a priority throughout his tenure in Winthrop, working closely with DPW Director Steve Calla who, with the employees of the DPW,  has the town looking the best it’s ever looked. Calla’s coordinative efforts with the Parks Committee sends the right signal that the DPW is ready to work with residents to help our parks be all they can be for our children.

So we say, “Nice work,” to Dawn Sullivan and the Parks Committee, and may the children and families in the Pico Park neighborhood have many years of enjoyment at the park in the future.

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