Suspect Sought for Car Break-ins

Police Chief Terence Delehanty is cautioning motor vehicle owners to keep their vehicles locked after a rash of car breaks in the town early Tuesday morning.

Delehanty said an individual or individuals broke into 12 different vehicles and took items such as gift cards, debit cards, scratch tickets, and change. The break-ins occurred in the area of Ingleside Park on Fairview, Beal, and Lincoln Streets, and Edgehill Road.

Delehanty and Detective Robert Jaworski are working on the case.

“We have a lead on a suspect who used a credit card that was stolen from one of the cars,” said DeLehanty. “Detective Jaworski is following up on that development with Chelsea detectives.”

Delehanty said the suspect simply pulls on a door of the car to see if it is locked.

“That’s how they gain access to the vehicle,” he said.

Delehanty said that residents “have to remain diligent in locking their properties, whether it’s there cars or homes. Remove the valuables from the cars. Remove the GPS devices. Even though the GPSs weren’t taken in this string, those are normal target to take out of the vehicles.”

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