Lock Your Cars: Don’t Make It Easy for Petty Thieves

It wasn’t pleasant to read in this week’s Sun-Transcript that there were a dozen motor vehicle breaks this past week with various items stolen from the cars and trucks of our hard-working residents (which the miscreants responsible for these deeds obviously are not). Chief Terence Delehanty said the thieves (or, as our late, long-time publisher Andrew P. Quigley might refer to such individuals, “these snakes-in-the-grass”)  were able to get into the vehicles easily and without detection because the vehicles were left unlocked by their owners. Chief Delehanty and Detective Robert Jaworski have a good lead in the cases and we hope they apprehend the individual or individuals who committed these crimes.

The chief suggests that residents should  be more diligent (and use some common-sense) and lock their cars (and especially not leave valuables in them!) upon their return home at night. A locked motor vehicle with no valuables in plain sight within is the best deterrent to criminal activity of this nature.

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