Excellent Evaluation: Council’s Affirmation of Mckenna Comes as No Surprise

It comes as no surprise that Town Manager James McKenna received an evaluation at the “excellent” level from the Town Council. Council President Peter Gill praised McKenna for bringing a new culture to town government. Since his arrival, McKenna has transformed town government to a place where residents have tremendous confidence in the overall administration of Winthrop  — our Town Manager’s office, department heads, and all employees in the town. McKenna has been a breath of fresh air in a position that needed vision and energy.

McKenna’s supervisory role in getting our financial situation back in order has been outstanding. In addition, Chief Financial Officer Timothy Gordon has continued the excellent work done by the interim team that helped Winthrop get through some difficult financial times.

There is a whole new level of professionalism, transparency, and accessibility in the Town Manager’s office and in Town Hall in general. The decision to extend McKenna’s contract by the previous Council was a sound one and showed tremendous confidence in the his performance.

James McKenna has proven to be the right man at the right time for the vital leadership position and numerous responsibilities he holds in our town.

We know we join with all residents in applauding the Council’s strong recommendation of his tenure and in urging Jim to keep up the good work.

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