Police Blotter 08-01-2013

Monday, July 22 

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that her downstairs neighbor has his television surround sound up loud in violation of the East Boston clerk’s orders. She wants this logged for further action and will pick up a copy tomorrow.

Party from above reports that the noise is even louder now and wants us to speak to the downstairs tenant. The resident responded to officer’s knock on the door and when asked to turn down the television, he replied, “I’m not a child.” He did lower the music however.

The above party from above called back stating that the resident turned up the music the moment the officers left. Officers report the television was loud upon their arrival. They had the suspect turn it down and told him he would be summoned into court for the noise complaint.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a loud bang, which she thought, was a gunshot. While searching the area, W94 came across a party on Shore Drive who stated that his vehicle was just struck by a “beat up” black or brown pickup, which then fled down Shore Drive towards Crest Avenue.

Caller from previous episode on Washington Avenue states that her neighbor is playing loud music again. Units report no noise coming from the neighbor’s apartment. All clear.

Plaintiff’s son on Nahant Avenue dropped off a harassment prevention order from the Malden District Court. 91 report no response at this time. Will be turned over to the night shift to attempt serving.

Report of another bicycle stolen from Marshall Street.

Detectives are off with three suspicious subjects in a motor vehicle on Kennedy Road. No licensed operator in the vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the location and a citation was issued to the operator.

Caller reports a possible accident at Shirley Street and Veterans Road. He states that a person is down and people are standing around him. WFD notified. Units report there was NO ACCIDENT. A male party was found at the Bolsters Mini Mall who appeared to be under the weather. Male checked out by EMS and cleared. Party was given a ride home to his residence on Golden Drive.

Tuesday, July 23 

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that loud music is coming from the home across the street from hers. Units report having the music shut off for the night.

MIG Construction supervisor reports that two life rings with line for the construction workers safety have been stolen off the Belle Isle Bridge.

Party on Coral Avenue is requesting an ambulance for her husband with a cardiac issue. WFD notified.

Caller requesting an ambulance for a 20 year old female who fainted at Cummings Physical Therapy on Bartlett Road. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party at Star Nails on Crest Avenue flagged down the officer reporting someone attempted to scam her out of money regarding an alleged incident involving her nephew.

Caller reports that someone purporting to be a representative of National Grid who stated they would be by to shut off the power if the bill wasn’t paid. Party called National Grid who informed them it must be some type of scam taking place. The caller was informed to call ASAP if someone arrives there demanding money.

Owner of the Crest Avenue Pizza called reporting that someone purporting to be from National Grid called her business and told her that if payment wasn’t made via a Green Dot Card within the next 15 minutes, her electricity would be shut off. She was advised to report the incident to National Grid as well.

Reports of a swan and her signet attempting to cross the roadway in front of the Winthrop Lodge of Elks. ACO not responding. W91 will assist.

Report of flooding in the area of Moore and Shirley Street due to the weather. Units notified to use caution.

Party on Forrest Street called to report a dispute with her 17-year-old son. Units requesting EMS for an evaluation. WFD notified.

Officer spoke to a female party on Shirley Street relative to a possible past domestic abuse incident. Officer advised the female of her rights. No reported abuse at present time.

Party on Bowdoin Street requesting EMS for her husband who she believes is showing signs of dehydration. WFD notified.

Male reports being followed from Route 16 in Revere by a dark blue sedan for a motor vehicle incident. Vehicle turned off as he pulled up in front of the police station. He was unable to obtain any number plate information. He was advised to report the other incident to the State Police Revere if he felt the need to do so. He understood and was thankful for the assistance.

Caller reports a male, claiming he is collecting for WGBH and was looking for a voided check to confirm her donation. She found this odd, but he stated he was registered with the police department. Could not find any paper work for this. Subject was legitimate, his manager called police and they have faxed over the notification sheet of their activities.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports past larceny of her wedding ring by her estranged husband.

Owner of Demetri Brothers Liquors believes someone stole a bottle from his store and they may be at the Governors Park bus stop. Officers request EMS for an evaluation. Ambulance transported one male to Whidden and W91 transported another male home to Shirley. There was no apparent larceny from Demetri’s. Subject did not have key to Shirley Street and his girlfriend was not home. Brought subject to station for protective custody.

Anonymous person wishes us to check on well being of 57 year old man who is staying with his 27-year-old son. Officers report no one home, mail still in mailbox.

Multiple complaints about the work being done at Seal Harbor, including, but not limited to, noise, pollution, non-notification of work being done and working after hours.

Wednesday, July 24 

Several calls from residents of Seal Harbor and Fort Heath Apartments regarding noise from work being conducted overnight. This is emergency work due to leaking oil from old transformers, causing environmental hazard. Supposedly, residents had been notified of such.

Ongoing neighbor dispute; first floor making noise on Washington Avenue. W93 Ofc. Brown reports television not loud upon his arrival, but resident turned it down anyway.

Caller on Washington Avenue concerned about Caravan type vehicle which shined a spotlight up into the air as it drove past her house; turned into the Elks parking lot and did same again. Caller has an active R/O but could not see driver. Units advised to BOLO.

Man on Shore Drive reports a baby seal on shore. Unable to locate ACO, no answer at Aquarium number.

Male on Winthrop Street called stating he is arguing with his female partner at their place of business. Verbal argument. Male party left for the day. All parties advised.

Party came to the station stating a Viking Pride bus struck his wall on Winthrop Street and then drove away.

Call of a woman sick at Nick’s.

Couple of ladies report a wild coyote on the run in the area of Bartlett Road. 91 Perrin and 92 R. Carter will check the area.

Party on Governors Drive called to report that she couldn’t get inside her apartment because her keys are left in her car. She was advised to contact a tow company to assist in gaining access to her car.

Woman at playground on Crest Avenue not feeling well. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Extended Stay Hotel reports windows shot out at the hotel. Suspect lives across the street. 91 S. Perrin will investigate.

Caller on Revere Street reports dispute at his house with daughter’s friend. Units report verbal argument only. All parties advised of their rights.

Female party on Lincoln Street called for well being check on her friend who texted “help” over the phone. Unit reports party contacted and he states he is fine.

Party from Revere Street called again stating that male is calling him on the phone harassing him. He did not want to press charges, but wanted it noted.

Female came to the station requesting an ERO. She was advised that the courthouse was still open and she needs to request an order there.

Caller on Fairview Avenue reports a man on the ground rolling around.

Female reports an elderly lady fell on Revere Street. 92 Carter reports WFD on scene. All cleared.

Call of man down on Otis Street. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Party from Shore Drive walked in to report a past larceny.

Reports of two hypo needles on Main Street. They are capped, according to the caller. W92 responded and disposed of the needles in a Sharps container.

Report of kids near a container inside Miller’s Field. W93 responded and reports that three young people are playing with the gymnastic equipment that was in the container. Officer spoke with youths and had them put it back. A parent happened on the scene and was informed. Day shift contacting the high school about locking the container.

W92 responded to an address on Taylor Street to follow up on an earlier report of a boat engine possibly being stolen. No answer at the address.

93 S/ Hickey stopped a motor vehicle on Morton Street. Driver driving with suspended license and placed under arrest. G&J will tow. Charges: driving with suspended license, and possession of two open containers of alcohol.

Male on Banks Street reports he heard gunshots outside and someone ran inside very quick. Also second and third call of fireworks on porch. 94 Sgt. Crisafi, Brown, 94 Dalrymple, and Bonavita in the area. No evidence on either call. Area is quiet.

Thursday, July 25 

Male came into the station after being away for three weeks and his car is missing. The car was towed, party lives around the corner from where the car was parked and he has a resident sticker.

Request for medical for a male passed out on Bowdoin Street. Fire notified. Officers responded and transported one male home to Temple Avenue.

Female went into the Chelsea Police Station to report being assaulted by her boyfriend in Winthrop someplace on Shirley Street. Chelsea PD took report from the victim. She then went to Whidden with mother for injuries. Dalrymple and Freeman went to Whidden to interview the victim. Officers could not locate home on Shirley Street fitting the description provided by the victim. After being released from the Whidden, the victim was going to the Chelsea District court to seek a restraining order. Chelsea PD was notified that the subject had not been placed into custody as of yet.

Another call from Washington Avenue about being awakened by radio being played by first floor tenant. She said that it was no use sending officers as the resident turns down the volume prior to their arrival. Journal entry for court proceeding.

Reports of vandalism to field house door at Miller Field.

Male on Pearl Avenue called and stated that he heard that we were looking for him for a person check. He states that he is fine and was visiting his sister.

Party on Atlantic Street reports that a party stating he was selling alternative electrical services for Green Energy came to his house last night after 9 p.m. Officers please BOLO during shift to insure no fraud or other crimes.

Highland Real Estate called to request a well-being check on male at Thornton Park. They stated that there were supposed to pick up keys from male on Thornton Park today, but he is not answering the door. There appears to be numerous daily newspapers piling up in the front foyer of the home. W92 reports gaining entry with the aid of WFD and locating the male subject on the floor of his bedroom, alert and conscious. Action Ambulance transported him to MGH for treatment.

A-1 Auto Body on Veterans Road reports a male is there requesting an ambulance. Transported to WFD and they will handle.

W92 responded to speak with resident on Taylor Street regarding a past incident. Reports that the owner confirmed that the property taken had not been given away. It was an attempted larceny.

W92 and W93 responded to Shirley Street to serve warrant for past incident. Party not home, but cousin informed officer that she would have him come to the station when he returns to pick up whatever we have for him.

Friday, July 26 

Two calls of loud vibrating music on Washington Avenue. 93 S. Hickey reports he warned subject to lower the music.

Woman in tears called again from Washington Avenue. Music and names being exchanged. Report we have one in custody. Charges: disturbing the peace, and harassment.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports a truck struck a wire in front of the house. W92 reports the wire is a telephone wire, off to the side and not creating a public safety hazard.

Det. Perrin reports stopping a motor vehicle on Revere Street for violations with three occupants. Vehicle listed with expired registration. Citation issued, vehicle towed by G&J.

Reports of a customer at Bob’s Bait Shop shoplifting. Owner does not wish to press charges at this time. Units report one male subject escorted from the store. Was given trespassing notice.

Report that someone vandalized the Cottage Park Yacht Club’s 22’ Mako motorboat.

Male came to the station to pick up personal belongings on Court Road, pursuant to an active 209A. Aunt on scene at the residence and agrees to allow subject to retrieve the items. W92 reports male obtained his belongings without incident.

A suicidal male called to report that he is on Shore Drive at Pearl Street. Information came via hot line to State to us. State Revere notified along with fire. W91 checked Pearl Avenue for description given. No one in the area. Party’s phone was pinged to Hutchinson, then to Temple. After an extension search involving all agencies, male caller was located in the public path between Hutchinson and Sagamore. Volunteer to M GH. Outstanding effort by all involved.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reports a phone and upgrade ordered by uncle who had he phones delivered to Winthrop. According to postal service, the phones were delivered. But uncle never received the phone and they are reporting a theft through the mail of the phone.

Cab driver came to the station to report picking up a female on Sunnyside Avenue and going to Pemberton Square in Boston. Upon arrival, the female told him that she had forgotten her wallet and would bring him the money when she returned home. It was a $22 fare and as of now, the woman never brought the money to the office. W93 Off. S. Hickey responded and spoke to the uncle of the cab ride who said that he would bring the money to the cab office shortly. Cab driver was notified.

Saturday, July 27 

Caller on Emerson Road requesting assistance for roommate who has shortness of breath.

Caller on Lowell Road states that a group of kids jumped out of a dark minivan/SUV, went onto her property and committed some lewd acts, then got back into the vehicle and fled toward Emerson. Units did an area search of vehicle to no avail.

Party on Undine Avenue says her daughter’s ex-boyfriend is out front of the house. Said he’s not acting up, just there. Units cancelled enroute as male party left in motor vehicle.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a male asleep in driveway. Worried he might get run over. Male subject transported to BMC via ambulance.

Officer was flagged down by a female party on Shirley Street who reported that she was just robbed. Officer’s report is that it is more likely a domestic over who pays for the cellphone and who owns it. Male party left for the day to visit his mother. Both parties advised of their rights regarding domestic abuse, etc.

209A served by hand to subject on Beal Street.

Caller reports a dark skin male taking photos of the airport with a long lens camera with a tripod on Bayview Avenue. Officer spoke to the subject who stated it was a hobby. All checked out and cleared.

Party on Crescent Street reports that someone is there and under the weather. They have given them a chair to sit on. Fire notified.

Reports of a male, approximately 14 or 15 year old, with a big build and dirty blond hair came into his yard on Beach Road. He was looking into his basement windows. The caller said he yelled at the youth to leave his property and he took off towards the high school. This happened over 20 minutes ago. The caller was told to call when something is happening and not wait. W92 and 93 were notified and checked the area for the male, to no avail.

Party came to the station with a wallet that was left at his address. He believes that the owner of the wallet used to live at his address. Information and ID were in the wallet and a message was left at a number in out database regarding the wallet. Owner of the wallet came to the station to pick up his property.

Call reporting dogs barking for five hours on Coral Avenue. W91 checked the house. He reports that the dogs have been put in their kennels inside the house. Owner was informed that if there were another complaint it would be referred to ACO for some action.

Two calls of smoke in a building on Washington Avenue. Fire notified. It was the Washington Chambers building.

Revere PD faxed over a copy of an ERO to be served on Paine Street. W94 Off. Dalrymple, along with Malacaso and served the subject in hand.

Male caller on Governors Drive requesting help for his son who has passed out and not responding. Units transferred to Action EMD. Units report a two-year-old male to the MGH.

Sunday, July 28 

Party on Banks Street called reporting a loud group having a party, yelling and screaming. Officer spoke with homeowner who has wrapped up the party.

Another call of loud party on Temple Avenue. Officers report group located and will take the party inside for the evening.

Party on Washington Avenue reports male subject is making noise and woke her up in violation of a court order. Officers report speaking with the caller and listening for noise. Officer report no answer at the apartment in question. All is quiet at present time. Caller was unable to produce a copy of the court order, but was advised by the assistant DA via phone that defendant was ordered by the judge not to make contact or disturb the plaintiff.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that a male was just in his sister’s driveway and used her hose and then walked off down Hermon toward Main Street. Officers report she has located the subject on Main Street. EMS was dispatched to evaluate him. Officers report he was evaluated and refused medical assistance. He is now walking to Orient Heights.

Male came to the station to report that he went to Linden Street to pick up his child as per court order agreement but no one was at the residence.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that she filed a missing person report on her daughter last week. She believes she is at a residence in Randolph and is heading to that location. Mother was advised to contact Randolph PD and DCF case officer. Randolph PD called to report that the above female has been located in their town and has been picked up by her mother. The police department will send out a locate on the female juvenile who has been reunited with her mother.

Party reports that on Lincoln Street between the church and the old school, there is a man lying down. Officer reports the man is inebriated and laid out requesting to go to the hospital. WFD and EMS notified.

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