Police Blotter 07-18-2013

Monday, July 8

Party on Faun Bar Avenue called reporting that a young male is banging at his neighbor’s door. After speaking with the male about the loud noise, the male walked off down the hill.

Ambulance needed at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center on Sturgis Street. Fire notified.

Report of a woman on Hermon Street choking and may be in distress. Female transported to Whidden via Cataldo.

Caller reports domestic in the rear of apartment on Beacon Street. Units report speaking to caller who reports verbal disagreement between friends, and one of the involved parties had left the scene prior to officers’ arrival.

Party on Locust Street called to report a fraud.

Caller on Terrace Avenue reports that someone is trespassing and is threatening her. Units report tenant/landlord dispute. All parties advised of their rights.

E911 call from female stating they saw a boat out in the harbor flashing their lights. Boat located on the cove side of Tafts Avenue. WFD notified and will call harbormaster.

Tuesday, July 9

Alarm activation at Cottage Park Yacht Club. Officers discovered member on scene to take a shower.

Female called to report a homeless drug addict is sleeping in the trash containers on Overlook Drive. Can an officer check this during his/her shift?

Request for an ambulance for woman who is not feeling well on Revere Street.

Male came to report that there are two homeless people who keep going on the Atlantic Marina property and there has been thefts from some boats. He is having two people send a trespass notice. He will give a copy to us.

Call from manager at Governors Park of a red Jeep that struck two balconies in the complex. Manager came up with a possible name and phone number for a female. When checking the information, came up with two addresses out of East Boston. Det. Callinan will check into this.

Excited female on Winthrop Street called the 911 line to report that her boyfriend stabbed himself and is saying that she did it. Fire and all units notified. Chief and several detail officers also responded. They report a stab wound in the arm. Male being transported to MGH. Officer has one under arrest. Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Male came to the station to obtain some belongings from his parents’ home on Court Road. There is a 209A against him, so he needs a police escort. When we tried to reach the home there was no answer. Son was told to come back later when we make contact with the homeowners. We received a call back from guardian at the home who stated that she would stay there until son comes to pick up his belongings. When he did not show up, she called back to say that she was leaving because she could not wait any longer.

Female on Irwin Street called to report that the building custodian cut himself on the arm. Fire notified.

Call of an accident at bridge on Main Street. Officers S. Hickey and Jaworski report that an axle was lost going over the bridge. G&J will tow.

Caller on River Road reports that someone on Oceanview has two boxers as pets and one jumped off the porch and went after her dog. Dog is okay, but the man’s attitude upset her. She wants this noted.

Party at the White Hen reports that two underage girls appear to be drunk. Units request an ambulance to the scene. Juvenile girls were cleared medically. Parents arrived on scene and took custody of their daughters.

E911 caller reports that someone at the CVS threatened him and a friend. Units report a dispute about possible property damage. All parties advised of their rights.

Doctor at Winthrop Place on Sturgis Street reports that one of their patients at the assisted living has passed away. The death was expected due to lung cancer. He notified the on-call medical examiner who told him to notify the police. After he did so, we asked the doctor to call the ME’s office back and request they contact us if we are needed.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports someone sleeping in the trash bin.

Units report seeing male party. He left and was not located.

Wednesday, July 10

Party on Johnson Avenue reports that her daughter’s friends are refusing to leave the premises. Units report male parties left prior to their arrival. All parties advised of their rights.

Female on Somerset Avenue reports having a physical confrontation with her ex-boyfriend. She is requesting to speak with an officer. Sgt. Crisafi responded.

Female called for a ride to the Court House for her domestic assault and battery trial. W92 will handle.

Male on Court Road has a 209A on him by his mother. He is also to stay away from the house. He was there last night, but no one saw him. Can officers check this area during their shifts?

Caller on Shirley Street reports a subject asleep or passed out in a green jeep in front of her residence. W93 reports a party fell asleep waiting for his friends in front of their residence. He is fine.

Manager of Showcase Coin Laundromat reports that someone is passed out behind the building. Officers report medical checked him out. He is okay and going home to East Boston.

Report of a laptop stolen from an apartment at Governors Park.

Male on Marshall Street reports that someone went through his motor vehicle yesterday and stole some loose change, CD’s and a hearing aid. No signs of forced entry apparent. Vehicle was parked in the driveway.

Caller reports possible underage kids are driving a silver car up and down Moore and Charles Street. Units report car parked and parties advised of consequences.

Female from Undine Avenue came in to report that her 1-year-old orange and white Maine Coon cat is missing. Cat has a lion style haircut.

Caller reports a group of kids walking down the steps to the beach with alcohol on Cottage Park Road. Units report three female parties with no alcohol.

Thursday, July 11

Party came to the station with small black dog found at the Cummings School Play area. ACO for Revere and Chelsea both called. Revere ACO on vacation. Message left for Chelsea ACO.

Swampscott PD called requesting a well-being check on Putnam Place for three juvenile females from their community. Officers report they were not there. Swampscott notified.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a black male rang her bell looking to sell magazine subscriptions. Units report he has the proper paperwork.

Party reports a male and female arguing over a bag possibly containing prescriptions at CVS. Caller states female threw bag and ran. Male party took bag and ran after female. Units report speaking with both parties and argument was over possession of a set of car keys. Parties advised of their rights. Male party sent out back to Chelsea via Viking Cab. Female may pursue a 209A in court in the morning.

Report of loud party on Locust Street.  Unit reports a birthday/graduation party with six individuals. They are leaving.

Friday, July 12

Female on Washington Avenue called to report her downstairs neighbor is playing his radio loud and she has a current case against him. She was told to record and document everything for court. She states he always shuts it down prior to police arrival.

Male on Sewall Avenue came in to turn in his FID card, ammunition and receipt stating that he sold his guns to a gun shop. Items secured and copies made of paperwork.

91 reports receiving a report of a suspicious male in the area of CPYC speaking with children. Units report speaking with the subject who reports he is working at the CPYC. The manager of the club verified information.

Party on Court Road reported an attempted breaking and entering.

DCF Framingham called and requested we make a wellness check on a mother and four month old staying on Golden Drive. Officer observed the subject passing by her on Revere Street. Motor vehicle was stopped and the officer spoke with both parents and observed the child. She will contact the DCF investigator and inform her of her findings.

Caller on Paine Street reports a female subject has been calling the home leaving harassing phone messages, etc.

Party came in to notify us that representatives from the U.S. Census Bureau would be in town over the next several weeks.

Mother on Bowdoin Street reports that another male is harassing her son. She would like this placed on record should he receive more calls from this male. Officer ran into the party and warned him about calling the individual’s house.

Male party requested an officer to escort him to pick up some items from house on Court road. Female guardian was at the home and stayed while he picked up his belongings.

Parent on Cross Street called to state a group of teens were smoking marijuana and bothering her son about his bike. Second call from another man in the area. Says they may be “slugging” it out. Officers report that area is clear.

Caller reports that a big guy just walked over to him and stole his hat off his head at the basketball court on Walden Street. Officers report about six kids in two cars. One in dark car, other in a gray car. Officers will keep an eye on the area.

Party states kids are loud and destructive in the walkway/park on Kennedy Road.

Male party on Upland Road came to the station to report that a female acquaintance broke into his residence. Units respond and report that the building appears secure. It appears that there is a female in the residence but they are getting no answer at the door. Units are standing by for the owner to allow them access. 93 report two in custody for mutual domestic assault and battery. 91 transporting female to station.

Caller states that customer is evading the cab fare at Governors Drive. 93 responds and reports cab company left prior to arrival. No victim, call unfounded.

Saturday, July 13

Party states that kids appear to be in the golf course being loud and causing a disturbance. 91 reports he spoke to the golf attendant at the golf club who stated all has been quiet for past hour and all is quiet at this time. Area clear.

Caller states kids being loud at rear of Nick’s. Units report area is clear.

Saugus PD called to inform us that a victim of larceny might be coming to Winthrop to meet the offender that has his cell phone on Winthrop Beach. This may escalate to a confrontation.

Report of a boat that capsized and submerged in water behind house on Elmwood Court and Washington Avenue.

Off. Ferullo located the red Jeep that fled the scene of an accident at Governors Park. The vehicle was located at the Collision Headquarters on Woodside Avenue.

Party on Pleasant Street requesting EMS and reported some numbness. WFD notified.

Caller reports that two high school males appear to be attempting to gain entry of the locker room area on behind Eruzione Complex on Brookfield Road. 93 reports three youths on the roof of the storage container. WFD notified to assist getting them down. 92 reports the roof door of the Middle School appears to be unsecured. Custodian notified and will respond to secure the door. Two kids turned over to their parents and the third was transported to his residence.

Party on Pebble Avenue reports a suspicious motor vehicle with three people in it is parked out front with a taped up plate. Officer reports the plate is a temporary plate and the parties are from Green Energy going door to door. They were advised they need to check in and were asked to leave.

Caller on Yirrell Beach reports an ice cream truck vendor in the area in violation of his license and/or permit. 92 spoke with the vendor who will contact the licensing authority on Monday and agreed to leave the area.

Party on Orlando Avenue reports smoke in the basement. Advised to have everyone leave the residence. WFD notified.

Female party arrived at the police station to identify herself as the operator of the vehicle that fled the scene of the hit and run accident at Governors Park.

Caller reports a dispute between neighbors on Orlando Avenue. Officers responded and settled dispute for now. All parties advised of their rights.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports that kids may be drinking by the stairs. It is a large group. Caller called back and said that they had left. Officers report area is clear.

Report of chairs being stolen from residence on Ocean View Street.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports a male sitting in white vehicle for an extreme length of time. One in custody for operating under the influence.

Sunday, July 14

Caller stated that his neighbor told him that someone was stealing the copper from the construction site on Golden Drive. Officer reports talking to people in the area. No one has seen anything and nothing looks missing.

911 call of a domestic on Shirley Street. Wife stated that the husband just left. Officers report verbal argument. Caller was advised of her rights.

Woman on Shirley Street reports being assaulted by her husband. Husband fled scene. Officer request EMS upon arrival. Victim transported to MGH. The husband was stopped on Revere Street by Sagamore and arrested. Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a shotgun without FID card, improper storage of firearm.

Report of a glass door smashed at Kathy’s Place.

Party reports a female leaving the parking lot at Fort Heath Apartments. Officer stopped motor vehicle for a well being check. Operator is fine, just upset.

Officers returned to scene of above domestic on Shirley Street for consent search. Officers returned to station with contraband items.

Report of someone passed out on the hill at basketball court on Walden Street.

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