A Bright Idea: New Street Lights Could Save Town Money

Not content to rest on his list of accomplishments, Town Manager James McKenna brought forth representatives from Siemens, an international engineering and electronics firm, for a presentation before the Town Council Tuesday night regarding the possible installation of new streetlights throughout the town. Michael Kane, Siemens’ business development manager, and Clint Schuchel, senior project engineer, enlightened (pun intended) the Town Council on the tremendous savings — as much as $55,000 per year — the town would enjoy if new street lights were installed throughout Winthrop. The Siemens representatives said they have installed new lighting in 45 communities in our state and new traffic signals in 20 communities. They indicated that the lights would be guaranteed for 10 years and would last up to 20 years.

The Town Council seemed receptive and enthusiastic about the presentation.

We commend James McKenna for “bringing to light” another safe and effective alternative to our lighting needs in the town and look forward to the Council’s review of the proposal.

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