Police Blotter 06-27-2013

Monday, June 17

Party from Governors Drive was arrested for domestic assault and battery.

W91 off with four individuals on Halford Beach. W91, W93 report that the operator is unable to drive; all others unlicensed. Winthrop Taxi called to drive parties to Chelsea. Vehicle towed for obstructing traffic.

Request for ambulance for wife in extreme pain on Revere Street.

Lifeline activation for elderly patient that has fallen on Upland Road. Lifeline called to report a 72 year old has fallen and is lying on the floor. Fire notified.

Mother on Bowdoin Street came to the station to report that her daughter has not been heard of since last Monday. No one has seen or heard from her. Mother would like her daughter put out as missing. Missing Person sent out.

Officer will try to arrest a female subject on Undine Avenue on a Warrant of Apprehension. They report taking into custody the female and she is being transported to the Court House with her brother on board.

Report of a possible domestic on Yirrell Beach. Officers report from witnesses that a male was beating a female and pushing her to the ground. Officers located the male, who stated it was just a verbal. Female was seen by witnesses to be running off and could not be located.

Request from husband at Fort Heath Apartments for an ambulance for his wife. Fire notified.

Male from Winthrop Street came to the station for an escort while he retrieved a few more personal items pursuant to a restraining order. Plaintiff contacted and agreed to allow male to retrieve his property. W92 reports items retrieved without incident.

Female came to the station requesting fingerprints for her job as a contract interpreter. So done by Off. Dalrymple.

Doctor from Cardiology Associates on Crest Avenue reports patient is having trouble breathing and is requesting an ambulance.

Male called from Grovers at Temple Avenue reporting a possible dark male walking down the street. Officer located the party who stated that he was fine but may have fallen. Officer assisted party to EMS.

Restaurant staff at Belle Isle Sea Food reports a possible domestic involving male and female. W93 spoke to the parties who denied anything was going on. Officer advised all.

Report from Forrest Street that three black males with a bat are there outside in the street. They appear ready to fight. A second call came in reporting that more people are arriving. W94 and W92 were diverted from call at Belle Isle to respond to impending fight. State notified to assist.

Report from wife on Governors Drive that her husband punched her in her lip.

Tuesday, June 18

Male from Shirley Street reports that two guys are arguing. 91 DeCarlo and 92 Oyola report that they took it inside for the night.

Request from Bay Cove Human Services for medical for a woman with a high fever.

92 will attempt to serve a harassment prevention order to defendant on Wilshire Street. 92 served the subject in hand.

Call of a dead possum on Pleasant Street. Caller states that he will put it in a bag. ACO will respond.

Party over the 1-way requesting EMS for a 61-year-old male with high blood pressure. WFD notified.

Report of a light fixture that fell onto the grassy area at bus stop on Revere Street and Summit Avenue. 92 reports that the glass or bulb appears to have fallen out. DPW notified and will follow it up.

Party on Enfield Road reports an abandoned yellow bicycle on her front lawn. 92 secured it into the SallyPort. Yellow Magna Refuge with 2 flat tires.

CVS Pharmacy requesting an officer for a shoplifting suspect. The manager has detained at the front of the store.

93 reports the manager informed subject he was not welcome back in the store and merchandise was recovered.

93 off with two individuals in the area of Revere and Shirley Street.

Clerk at Energy To Go reports that two people are trying to steal items from the store. Officers report same two people as the other call on Revere and Shirley Street. Subjects were told to leave by the clerk. The subjects left.

Party on Beacon Street requesting an officer to accompany him while the property owner retrieves some property. 93 will oblige. Party reported to the officer that someone has definitely gone through and possibly stolen some belongings.

Caller on Governors Drive reports a motor vehicle is driving all over the place and almost hit parked cars. Units notified to BOLO.

Female on Atlantic Street reports that a male from New Hampshire to make an online purchase used her bank debit card not authorized in the amount of $337.53. She reported the card to company for follow-up.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports a male wearing a backpack sitting on the curb talking to himself. 92 McCarthy reports he was texting his friend. He is fine. Caller is unhappy because the officer did not search him!

Request for EMS at the high school for an incident.

Wednesday, June 19

Party on Shore Drive requesting an ambulance transport for his mother. Transferred to Action EMD.

93 requesting EMS for a juvenile who may have fainted at Cummings School. WFD notified. Officer reports that mother is on the scene and she will transport the child to a medical facility.

Party on Shore Drive reports that two dogs are in a parked car with the windows slightly open. She is concerned for their well-being. ACO notified and will respond. Caller also referred to State Police Revere.

Party on Paine Street reports that he received a letter from a collection agency and discovered that someone has opened a Sprint account under his name but not his address.

Unconscious male on steps on Harvard Street.

Party reports a truck at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks backed into his motor vehicle and the driver left the scene. Officer reports minor motor vehicle crash but there is damage that the owner will claim with his insurance company. The female driver apparently went back and left a note with her phone number. She called and will exchange information with the other owner of the vehicle she struck.

Caller on Tewksbury Street came in to report that he received an anonymous threat he believes is connected to an ongoing eviction. He will contact Lt. Perrin to discuss it with him.

Thursday, June 20

Caller on Shore Drive states that a male is vandalizing vehicles. Both units respond and report a verbal argument between male and female parties. A trash barrel was tipped over and removed from the street. Parties advised of their rights.

Party on Bowdoin Street states she can hear someone calling for help. Units W91, 93 report speaking with residents. Daughter had fallen in the bathtub. Mother and boyfriend on scene. Medical attention declined.

Report of a male passed out in a cab on Shirley Street. Units requesting EMS. Party medically cleared and escorted home to his wife.

W93 off with running motor vehicle on Washington Avenue with unconscious/sleeping male inside? One in custody. W91 standing by with G/J. Charges: Driving under the influence, open container of alcohol in motor vehicle, license not in possession and giving false name and address.

Truck driver enroute to Deer Island cannot gain passage along Shirley Street. JR Transport/Daigle Electric. Officers assisted.

Report of party arguing at Governors Park. Units spoke with the caller and one of the other parties involved.

Female on Cottage Park Road reports that she cut her foot and is unable to stop the bleeding. WFD notified.

Party on Terrace Avenue reports the police were at her home last evening after her landlord was harassing her.

Detail officer requests WFD and EMS for a report of a woman on Governors Drive who fell and struck her head. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports party treated on the scene and is being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Party reports a large friendly Rottweiller unleashed in the area of Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. ACO notified and will check the area.

Caller on Marshall Street reports a raccoon in her house. ACO notified. She was advised to contact someone for removal as well.

Young lady brought in a gold ring she found in front of the CVS. Placed into lost and found. The elderly gentleman that owns the ring came in and reclaimed his ring and youthful memories….

Cell phone brought in that was found at the bus stop in front of the station. It was a T-mobile. Device is locked. Placed in lost and found.

Friday, June 21

Caller states that he believes there are a few males attempting to steal metals from the old hospital site. Units respond and report four males found in the building.

Party on Shirley Street requests assistance with getting up. Fire, Action notified and will assist.

Caller on Putnam Street reports that someone is on his back porch. Units report area clear and they spoke to the caller.

Residents of Moore Street reports that vehicles are traveling the wrong way from Shore Drive. 91 reports the “do not enter” sign is missing. Esposito notified.

Party at Seal Harbor came to the station requesting to go by his address and pick up some belongings while an officer stands by.

Caller at Winthrop Market Place reports that a male appears to be under the influence and is driving erratically up Revere Street towards Revere. Officers checked the area to no avail.

Party reports that two plates over the road construction on Revere Street at Governors Drive are sticking up in the corner. Officers report two plates are separated as well as two others with the edges sticking up. National Grid gas dispatch will send a crew ASAP.

Motor vehicle crash on Revere Street involving a Paul Revere bus and a double-parked vehicle.

Party on Pearl Avenue reports that a neighbor has had the hose running for days now into the sewer non-stop. Officers reports speaking with the homeowner and caller. Hose is due to a back yard leak, which the DPW is aware of and is monitoring. All parties satisfied.

Female party who is currently in Lynn reports that she received a facebook message from a male party whom she has a restraining order issued on. She tried to report it to Lynn PD as well as Swampscott PD, but was directed here. She will come to into the station to file a victim witness form and charges will be sought.

Loud group, possible 94C violations on path at Revere Street and Kennedy Road.

Party reports a white pick up truck just struck a fence and signpost and fled down Morton Street. Detectives spot the vehicle along Wilshire Street and have stopped the subject vehicle. Caller reports a hydrant was struck as well and was torn out of the ground. DPW notified and will respond for sign and hydrant. Tow truck notified and will respond to Wilshire for subject’s vehicle involved in crash.

Female on River Road reported to Sgt. Crisafi that male subject is assaulting her. Officers report one taken into custody. Numerous weapons observed in the home and secreted throughout the rooms.

Saturday, June 22

Report of a loud party on Cottage Park Road. Officers spoke to the partygoers and peace was restored.

Plummer Avenue caller sees flames from rear neighbor on Dix Street. Backyard fire pit.

Caller believes male party needs medical attention as he fell face first into the ground. W91, W92 report male medically cleared by Fire/EMS. Subject went to his home on Hermon Street for the night.

First floor resident on Washington Avenue being loud again. Off. Gregorian mediated between tenants and music is off for the night.

Fire request animal control on Irwin Street. Squirrel jumped into electrical transformer.

W92 Off. McCarthy responded to the residence on River Road in above incident and spoke to subject’s father. He gave the phone number to the officer to speak to the victim. She reported to the officer that she is in Lynn and does not want the subject released. Bail was set for $250.

Nick’s Place called requesting police as someone is there causing a problem. W91 and W92 responded and report it is the above party who was just released. Party was given a no trespass for the business.

Reports that the children involved in the car wash at EB Newton informed Off. Dalrymple that there is a strange male in the area. Units were in the area for the previous call and report that the male party is gone from the area.

Party on Prospect Avenue came to the station to report that her son’s bike was stolen.

Call from Governors Park/Revere Street that the metal plates there are starting to separate. National Grid notified and will send a tech to check the site.

Call from female on Brewster Avenue that her grandmother has passed out. EMS notified. W91 was enroute to call at Yirrell Beach and was flagged down by parties there. EMS arrived.

Reports of a large group of teens (10 or more) from out of town have strewn trash all around the area. When they were spoken to, they yelled and caused a disturbance. They are now walking from Yirrell Beach towards the landing. W92 located the group at the landing with an assist from the asst. harbormaster. Officer spoke with a group of locals who stated that they had cleaned up any debris but that a woman had been yelling at them. W92 and W93 checked the area for loose trash and found none.

Call from the CPYC launch operator that his estranged wife is on his boat and may be taking items from it. He reports that he is the member at the club, not her. Officer reports speaking with the wife who claims that they are still married and that she is a co-owner of the boat. No orders are in effect stating otherwise. W92 spoke with the wife as the husband arrived on the scene. All parties are advised and the yacht club has no problem with the wife being at the club.

Male caller reports that the plates on Revere Street/Governors Drive are opening up again. He was informed that National Grid has already been notified.

Revere PD called to report that three male parties are looking for male in Winthrop. They are allegedly in possession of a handgun and Revere PD believes they may be going to Revere Street residence. All units BOLO’d.

Party reports that the house on Kennedy Road that she is watching has been broken into.

Couple in white van on Jefferson Street is arguing. Male party left in van. Female party called on phone by family member and convinced to return to the scene. Units report no sign of abuse. Female stated it was verbal argument only. She declined medical and restraining order. She was advised of her rights.

Report of a black sedan pulled over on Yirrell Beach with a black male standing outside the car. He was yelling and waving his arms at a black male in the car and a passenger as well. W93 responded.

Call of an intoxicated female on Cutler Street.

Sunday, June 23

Two calls of kids hanging on the wall at Short Beach on Revere Street. They are making noise. Units report clearing group out of the area. All clear.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her ex in Revere took her keys with house keys and car keys and is calling her threatening to take her car. She will contact garage to change the locks in the morning. She does not want ERO, but will go to court Monday. All units notified to BOLO.

Female called to request we check out someone that she contacted on Craig’s list regarding the rental of a house in Malden. She was concerned that it is a scam because the call number given has a California area code. Caller was instructed to try a reputable realtor and to contact Malden PD regarding the Malden address in question.

Mother called upset that her daughter is not answering the door on Crystal Cove Avenue and thinks something might be wrong. W91 responded along with fire. All okay.

First floor tenant on Tewksbury Street reports disturbance. Units spoke to all parties and peace was restored.

Caller on River Road reports having a problem with her son. Units report explaining all rights and giving the son a ride to the “T”. All clear.

Call from Nahant Avenue to report hearing an explosion and then the power went out. W93 Off. Hickey responded and reports at least half the street is out. No sign of a transformer problem. National Grid notified and informed that they have received many reports and have dispatched a crew to the area.

State Probation called asking that we check in a party on Grovers Avenue that they cannot locate via his anklet. W94 off. Brown responded and reports speaking with the party who is there. Number for probation given and he will contact them.

Woman on Pleasant Street reports that she knocked her oxygen machine over and can’t pick it up.

Male called reporting two males breaking into the fenced area of the beach project. State PD notified. W91 responded and reports locating parties who are known to him. No signs of break to the fenced area. Parties were just sitting on the wall.

Caller on Shirley Street that his neighbor is away and asked him to keep an eye on her apartment. There are lights on there now and no one is answering when he knocked. W94 responded with W91. The apartment resident is now home. No break.

Female caller on Brookfield Road reports very loud party there. W91 and W94 responded. Officers report that there is no party, just three people on a back porch talking.

Father called to report that his daughter called him reporting that her ex is breaking in on Shirley Street. Units respond and report no answer. Call to female and officers spoke to both parties as male came to pick up his play station. Male was sent out of the area

Monday, June 24

Three calls of a recorded message regarding the Winthrop Street pumping station. Message was that the high wet well alarm is not okay. DPW notified twice.

Party entered the lobby requesting ambulance transport to hospital for possible dehydration.

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