A Milestone for Temple Tifereth: Temple Tifereth Israel Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Congratulations are in order for the congregants of Temple Tifereth Israel, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary Saturday. Temple Tifereth truly has been a Winthrop institution that has been a vibrant part of our community since its inception 100 years ago.

Temple Tifereth Israel President  Samdra Pellegrino has provided the excellent day-to-day leadership that has allowed the Temple to remain a  place of worship and an historic gathering spot for members of the congregation.

The Temple will celebrate its 100th anniversary Saturday night with a gala celebration. This year also will mark important changes for the Temple, with a new senior citizen housing development soon to be built on the Temple property on Veterans Road and the Temple’s sanctuary to be renovated.

We know we join with all residents of Winthrop in wishing a “Happy 100th Anniversary” to Temple Tifereth Israel’s members and friends and expressing our hope that the next century will be as successful and prosperous as the first.

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