Change in Path: Noted Artist Joanna Ciampa is Promoting Benefits of Kyani

Joanna Ciampa

Joanna Ciampa

Joanna Ciampa has worked hard to build a reputation as one of the most accomplished interior designers in the country. The multi-faceted artist has a number of celebrity clients and her unique design work can be seen inside homes, clubs and restaurants across New England.

Winthrop residents will soon be able to view a sample of her peerless artistry in the center of town. Ciampa has been contracted to do the interior design for a new food business that will open soon in Michael’s Mall.

Never one to stand still on her accolades, the former model is branching out from her field of expertise to begin a new journey in the health and wellness industry.

“I saw that there was a bigger picture out there and I’m now working with actually helping people,” said Ciampa.

Michael Tanner, a friend and substance counselor, is joining Ciampa on her new path. A former Savio Prep star athlete whose career was sidetracked by drug addiction, Tanner attempted to open a drug counseling office on Shirley Street, but has since moved on from that venture. He has decided to move to California where he will work at a health and wellness center.

“Even though we’re on separate parallel journeys, Michael is also helping people and that’s the bridge that brought us together,” said Ciampa, who is pursuing a master certification in Reiki. “Our eventual goal is to open up wellness and healing centers.”

While Ciampa will continue to run her interior design business, she said, “My work is going to be more meaningful and geared toward helping people heal. I’m still going to do my art but I’m going to be a healing artist.”

“I think her artwork has always healed people,” said Tanner. “Joanna is extremely healing and intuitive and she is very gifted and the world needs healers more than ever now.”

Ciampa and Tanner have become local distributors for Kyani, a nutritional supplement drink and anti-oxidant that uses Wild Alaskan blueberries and nine additional “Superfoods.”

“Kyani is 100 per cent all natural,” said Tanner. “And the effects it has on diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, migraines – the product is a miracle. Kyani repairs every cell in the body. I truly believe that it could be groundbreaking for a person’s overall health.”

Ciampa said she recommends the product to all adults looking to improve their health and boost their energy.

“I would recommend Kyani to everyone and anyone,” said Ciampa. “It’s changed my life. I have been running for 10 years together with personal trainer Tammy Deeb and she’s noticed the increased energy I have during our runs.”

Ciampa and Tanner have a Web site: where people can order Kyani products. They are suggesting the Health Triangle Package that consists of three products .and costs $140.

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