All Aboard: Ferry Service Resumes in Town

Winthrop-Boston ferry services officially kicked off June 10

Winthrop-Boston ferry services officially kicked off June 10

As a peninsula, it seems only natural that The Town of Winthrop would provide water transportation for its residents to and from Boston. It’s a more environmentally friendly way of commuting than driving a car, and offers a relaxing, spacious ride to the city with stunning views of the harbor and skyline.

Winthrop is offering ferry services now through the middle of October. The JS Kennedy departs from the Norman F. Siefert Ferry Terminal at the Winthrop Town Landing and docks at the Rowes Wharf in Boston.

“We’re a seaside community, surrounded by water,” says Joe Domelowicz, Assistant Town Manager/Grants Manager. “It makes no sense for us not to have access to the water.”

Captain Tim Gover has signed a licensing agreement with the town to operate a ferry service that can take up to 49 passengers on a smooth ride through the harbor.

Although the town does not currently have the funds to purchase its own ferry, officials wanted to arrange another option for Winthrop commuters.  The Town Manager’s Office is working with Gover and other providers to arrange off-hour services like middle of the day or weekend trips.

“A lot of momentum was built up in the ferry service the PHOTO CAPTIONS:

Captain Tim Gover helps passengers off of the Joseph S. Kennedy ship at the Siefert Ferry Terminal past three years and we didn’t want to see that go away,” Domelowicz says. “I think Tim is going to do a great job.”

The commuter ferry service departs from the Town Landing at 7:15am and 8:15am; trips back from Boston are in the afternoons at 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Call the Town Manager’s Office at (617)846-1077 with additional questions or suggestions. Information on the ferry will be updated on the town website at www.Town.Winthrop.Ma.US, and “Friends of the Winthrop Ferry” Facebook page.

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