Turco is in for Council President Seat

Jeffrey Turco made it official this week, confirming that he will be a candidate for the position of president of the Winthrop Town Council in the November election.

Turco, who held the office for two years (2010-11), said he is looking forward to running a vigorous and issue-based campaign.

“I intend to talk about my vision on how I want to  get back on track and move Winthrop forward again,” said Turco. “I’m proud of the two years that I had the privilege to serve the people of Winthrop and [if elected], working with many of my former colleagues on the Town Council and School Committee to get things done for the people.”

Turco said beyond his vision for the town, his No. 1 issue will be “tackling the problem that’s affecting almost every person in town: water and sewer bills.”

“That’s an issue I’ve heard from people that when they get the bills, they’re shocking. The bills are too high. There has to be a collaboration between the Council and the town administration to figure out how we can better achieve efficiencies and bring the cost in line with our sister communities.”

Turco said he will be holding a campaign kickoff event and making a formal announcement for the position. “I will go out and seek the resources necessary to communicate my message to the people, but also to give people an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. I look forward to hitting the trail door to door and seeing people in the street and hearing their concerns.”

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