Congratulations, Roseann

Town ManagerJames McKenna has announced the appointment of Roseann Trionfi-Mazzuchelli as the town’s new Director of Veterans Services. It is a very important position for the veterans who reside in our town and need assistance or direction on a particular matter.

Mazzuchelli has been a highly visible member of our community for many years and has reached out to lead and support a number of important causes. From her work at the St. John’s Church to the Boys Scouts to Winthrop Youth Soccer, Mazzucchelli has done much to enhance the lives of Winthrop residents young and old. She has an outstanding background, having served as a special agent and military police officer in the U.S. Army and an administrator for the U.S. Army at Fort Devens in Ayer.

Mazzuchelli told the Council that she is considering some new programs to help our veterans and create awareness for the many services available for them.

We wish Roseanne well in her new position and based on her past efforts in the town, we feel James McKenna has made an outstanding choice for this position.

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