Police Blotter 04-18-2013

April 8

Calling party reports he received a text from involved party that she needs help. No answer at the door. Owner was contacted and he has no way to gain entry. Fire notified.

Party reports that her neighbor called her stating earlier he observed a homeless person sleeping in the hallway near at address of Kennedy Rd., Officer checked the area and reports area search negative.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the school.

Party requested a well-being check on the resident. She was speaking with her on the telephone and believes she may have been experiencing a medical issue. WFD notified.

Party reports vandalism was done to their fence posts. Officer reports 3 sections of fence was damaged.

Party reports a motor vehicle has been parked there for over an hour.

Detail officer reported a possible motor vehicle crash with injuries at Saratoga St., Boston police notified.

Party reports a substance in the door lock area appears to be putty and she is unsure whether entry was gained. 93 determined the substance to be gum and no attempt is apparent.

Party reports his elderly mother is unresponsive. WFD notified.

Caselle wasn’t services called reporting a driver struck a wire and can’t back up. WFD notified, officer reports WFD was able to free the wire no damage done driver sent on his way.

Officer assisted traffic entering and existing the school zone.

U.S. Marshall requesting assistance with a fugitive from justice he observed walking in the area. Subject placed in custody for 2 outstanding warrants. Locates sent to NCIC.

Party reports a black male in his twenties going door to door inquiring about voting. He is wearing a beige jacket, jeans and a black  backpack, approx. 5’09”. Previous call of an individual matching the description received in the Fairview Ave. artea. Gentlemen working on the Ed Markey campaign and are not soliciting for donations. They will contact their team leader and notify him.

Medical aid. transfer to fire.

Medical Aid at Grovers Ave.

Violation/Stalking report./Concierge reports hearing second hand that suspect was in the building in violation of a 209A.

April 9

Vehicle observed being operated by Officer Ferullo of person who was previously charged with operating after suspension in November. An RMV check indicated that his license in Mass. was suspended. Officer will issue a criminal application for another charge of operating after suspension.

Party reports someone sleeping at the end of his dock.

Party called to say his wife saw a woman at Banks and Wilshire with a flashlight looking into cars. Said she was young with dark hair. Was too dark to see anything else.

Chasing suspect towards marsh. All unit respond. One female in custody.

Breaking and Entering Vehicle nighttime.

Parking ticket issued on Crystal Cove Ave.

Party responds house empty while owners are away but there is a light on in the basement.

Traffic citation on Cutler and Shirley Streets.

Caller states suspicious male across the street. Units respond and report area clear.

Jogger reported that there was a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk near Short Beach. The needle was found on the Revere side of Short Beach and disposed of.

Custodian arrived at Middle School and conducted walk thru with officers. All appears fine.

Party reports she is unable to wake the resident. WFD notified.

Sudden death, Hospice on scene.

Ambulance transport on Sargent St.

47 year old male requesting an ambulance to be transported to the hospital. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party would like to speak to an Officer regarding some property being thrown away by a family member. Officer informed them it is a civil matter and peace has beeen restored.

Caller reports female missing. Officers respond to her apt. and found her inside. She was avoiding her mother. Her mother was notified and will attempt to get her into the hospital for an evaluation.

Tax office wants a party removed. Officer escorted person from the building.

Several calls of a white dodge, struck a pole and fled the scene.

Party requests check on 94 yr. old man, as she hasn’t heard from him. Officer reports person is in rehab for a broken hip and will return tomorrow.

Person locked out of house. WFD and Officer Armistead assisted.

Party reports her motor vehicle was damaged in the parking lot sometime between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. last night. Her bumper was missing and she located it in the dumpster.

Party reports that sometime last night her motor vehicle was broken into and a watch was stolen.

Directed patrol near Dimitries, area clear.

Directed patrol Lincoln St. and Walden St. Area all clear.

Man needs help getting up.

Directed Patrol French Sq. and Michael’s Mall area. All Clear.

April 10

Party reports an out of state motor vehicle has been parked there over a week without moving. Officer reports the motor vehicle is parked legally and she observes no further violations.

Officer assisted traffic entering and existing the school zone.

Party found a MGH card left behind at the bus stop. No phone number listed for party. Placed under front counter.

Party reported to officer that his jet ski had been damaged by vandals overnight.

Party would like to see an officer regarding an ongoing problem with her mother who is threatening to damage her property. Officer report.

Party called inquiring about the female resident. Units checked on her and she is fine.

Party reports his neighbor is painting on the street in front of his house and has been doing it for numerous years. Officer spoke with the subject and advised him to cease.

Party reports someone tipped over some gravestones. Units reports one was apparently stuck by a snow plow behind WCAT. Cemetery Dept. notified and will take care of it.

Party came in to report he repossessed vehicle.

Animal control contacted regarding unlicensed dog.

Party reports 2 men about about to fight one wielding a bat and the other a knife. Officers report unable to locate the combatants and they have no further info from the caller.

Officer will attempt to serve the Defendant a Vacate Order. Defendant was served in hand and left the area in a Winthrop taxi.

Party came in to report her HP placard is missing from her vehicle. She reports she last observed it about a week ago. She will notify the RMV to obtain a replacement.

Units off at a past domestic.

party came in to report that her Citizens Bank Debit card ending in 9287 was fraudulently used to a total of $460.39. This has been reported to bank security.

Caller reports two dogs running around the street.

Neighbor argument.

April 11

Caller reports an attended death at the nursing home. WFD and officer responds. ME contacted and released to funeral home.

Call taken – Boston dispatch called to report the sewer cover just before the Belle Isle bridge came off. Boston notified and will handle.

Officer Carter will direct traffic for the School kids.

Male called to report he is contemplating harming himself. Transported to MGH via Action for observation.

Female caller reports a car with no plates, she did not have a color, just a light colored car. Officer reports he spoke to the owner, a Charity Cars For Kids is picking up the vehicle today or Friday.

Female called to report the traffic is all grid locked in the Revere St./Kennedy Rd., area. Officer Feeley  just went by and nothing is showing, traffic running smooth. He went by again to double check, still running smooth, no grid lock at all.

Caller reports 2nd grade students’ parents have failed to pick him up after early dismissal approx. an hour ago. W-91 reports child reunited with parents.

Call from Plymouth Police to report a 15 yr. old run away may be at a step sisters. Officer reports the people have moved out some time ago, no forward address given.

Call of an alarm at WCAT. Officers report false alarm.

Members of a family came to report a larceny and a fraud. Officer Feeley interviewed everyone and they went home to make out a long victim witness form. They will be back Friday and Officer Feeley will then make out our incident report.

Received information that car parks in the above area, a male walks out into the Marsh area and comes back with an item, Officer reports area clear.

Trespass tow.

Call for a disturbance in the security office. Officers report dispute related to prior trespass tow. Peace restored, all parties advised.

Caller reports water coming out in the area. DPW called.

Vehicle information listed here belong in call.

Reported a larceny.

Caller reports a male parked in a motor vehicle taking pictures of children in the park. Officer responded and reports speaking with party, who is taking pictures of his child in the park. He had a medical issue and could not get out of his car. All okay.

Woman called to inquire about the rules/bylaws pertaining to outside burning.

Officer Curran reports if officers responds to Grovers Ave. There are six active warrants.

Caller reports her neighbor is having trouble with her oxygen equipment. EMS notified.

Reports a victim is in their city reporting assaults which took place in our town.

Male came to the station to report a crew working on lights near the CVS. Equipment was facing the wrong direction and he almost struck them.

Male reports three commercial motor vehicle’s parked in front of his house. He states that they have been there for at least three nights.

April 12

Female caller reports a group behind Governors Dr., being noisy.

Officer dispersed the usual group. Officers also cleared more in the area of the bus stop also.

Directed Patrol of the crosswalks for morning arrival of students. Everything went well.

Directed patrol of the businesses along Crest Ave. The businesses are operating in a normal routine and there are no violations to report at this time.

Directed patrol of the Highlands area. All appeared normal and routine.

Caller reports female customer passed out while in the office.

Officer Curran will direct traffic for the School kids.

Directed patrol of the Public Landing. There are no issues to report, and the Ferry Terminal is secure.

Directed Patrol of the Point Shirley Area. There are no problems to report.

Officer Carter will monitor the School Crossing and School bus activity.

Officer will try to serve male with a harassment order issued by the Chelsea Court.

Male called requesting an ambulance.

Caller requesting an ambulance as a family member has a change in status.

Party called regarding a motor vehicle parked in the area with people in it. Caller is concerned as he states he is not home and a baby sitter is there. Officer checked the area and spoke with parties. All okay.

Officer Dalrumple reports issuing a parking ticket to a white van that was parked on the crosswalk in front of CVS.

Units assisting with exchange of papers for minor motor vehicle in parking lot, both parties have each others information. Officer states one vehicle pulled into the parking lot and struck open door of other. It appeared that there was minor damage.

Caller reports silver SUV out front blasting music.

April 13

Male caller reports a dark pickup truck by the Dunkins at the bridge. Caller reports the truck circling the area and being menacing. He reports the truck kept speeding up to prevent him from crossing the street.

W-93 reports right as the call was given out that he was in the parking lot to the hardware and observed the truck. Officer reports that he spoke with the operator who thought the coffee shop was still open and was honking trying to get their attention to order. The truck then drove out into East Boston.

Woman called reporting her mother had passed out.

Caller reports youth laying on the sidewalk and may be injured. Units report unable to locate the individual.

Worker from Sturgis St. reports a resident has fallen and is bleeding.

Caller reports two males in a Cadillac, possibly smoking marijuana. Units report parties left prior to their arrival.

Caller reports motor vehicle parked on sidewalk. Unit reports motor vehicle tagged.

W-91 reports a large amount of smoke on Walden St. he located the source which was someone burning leaves in the rear of 49. Officer spoke to the party regarding no outside burning.

Caller reports a woman in a gray motor vehicle is following her after an incident at a rotary. Female came to the station but motor vehicle left prior to her arrival.

W-91 reports patrolling area behind water tower. Area is currently clear.

Unit reports checking out beach and area is clear along with Hannaford Park. Group of five youths sent out of area.

Unit reports having one under arrest. See Officer’s report.

Caller reports his estranged wife has arrived at his home and will not leave. W-91 and W-93 dispatched and report party sent on her way.

April 14

Caller reports motor vehicle with excessively loud muffler has been parked in front of his house for her past hr. W93 reports speaking with owner who was warming his car up.

Caller reports purse stolen. Officer reports speaking with victim and states that she was with the group of youths in the For  Banks Cemetery that fled once police arrived and dropped her purse somewhere in the cemetery during her hasty retreat.

Mother came to complain that father is not answering door or phone calls to turn over three minor children per court.

Partially blocked driveway since last night. Homeowner satisfied with ticket for now.

Caller reports motor vehicle parked in crosswalk.

Party came to station with his wife. Both would like to file cross complaints with regard to incident which occurred last night.

W-93 responded to Argyle St. to check for more tagging and graffiti as he was there last shift moving a group out of the area. No tagging at this time there.

Officer reports as he was driving in Johnson Ave. area a group was in the area and as he approached they dropped some open containers and took off. Unknown who the parties were.

Lifeline called requesting an ambulance. Fire notified.

House party, one under arrest./Liquor, person under 21 possessing.

April 15

Two calls for motor vehicle accidental Holy rosary Church. Caller reported male driver exited the motor vehicle and could not stand up. Officers report, having the operator under arrest for OUI and unlicensed operation.

Female reported a syringe in the area there.

Party reports her ex-husband is there and she would like him out of the house. Officers report subject got dressed and was escorted out of the building.

Sister called reporting that St. John’s Evangelist Church was broken into last night. Officer requested detective for fingerprinting. Det. Callinan is on duty and will respond.

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