Police Blotter 03-28-2013

Monday, March 18

Officer will try to serve a female on Somerset Avenue a summons issued by the Hampton District Court. He reports no one was home and her name was not on the mailbox.

WFD requesting officers to the scene of a medical aid at Lewis Lake. Units report speaking with male party who states he was simply taking a nap. Party run for warrants and sent out of the area.

Caller reports white male reportedly attempting to open doors to houses in the area. Units off with male fitting description. A unit report above individual working on the senate campaign for Ed Markey, and was advised to check in with police station prior to making further door-to-door visits.

Request for ambulance on Charles Street for a back situation.

Female party called regarding a friend of hers, whom she had a fight with over the weekend. Caller reports that her male friend was supposed to be coming to his mother’s house in Winthrop but he did not arrive there. She was wondering if we knew of his whereabouts. She was advised to speak with Fall River PD if he is missing from there.

Tuesday, March 19

Caller reports wires sparking on her neighbor’s house on Shirley Street. WFD has been notified.

Female caller reports a vehicle parked in the same place for over two weeks on Somerset Avenue. Officer reports vehicle towed and listing comes back as revoked.

Report of wires down on Cottage Park Road. W92 reports cable wire, tied off to pole and not creating a public safety hazard at this time.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that she needs help with her son. Fire notified.

While following up on a missing person on Douglas Street, it was revealed by the reporting parent that the child had returned home and he neglected to notify the Winthrop Police of this. Missing Person to be cancelled by Off. Curran.

Officer will try again to serve female on Somerset Avenue a summons issued by the Hampton District Court. He reports speaking to the landlord, who stated female and her boyfriend beat her for three months rent and took off.

Directed patrol of Veterans Road. Numerous parties attempting to “dig out”. Officer will stand by area and monitor traffic. 

W94 reports speaking with male at the Belle Isle Boat Yard and sending him along home.

W92 Off. Bonavita reports that the DPW is out due to the condition of the streets as the temperature has dropped.

Residents returning home to Viking Gardens say parking lot is like an ice rink. Afraid elders might fall and break bones.

Patrol of the Highlands revealed that the extra attention to Pond Street has helped in deterring motorists from going the wrong way up Pond Street to the condos/apartments.

Female caller on Trident Avenue reports that the man next door swaps his license plate from a grey pick up to a red small car every day. He does this all the time. Officer reports neither vehicle is in the area.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reports motor vehicle has been standing in the area for the last several days with three male occupants. She fears they may be casing the area. She will call if she sees it in the area again.

Call from a hysterical woman on Veterans Road reporting being in a motor vehicle accident. Caller reports being hit twice by a truck. She has a small child with her. Caller reports the operator of the other motor vehicle took off. Located the driver of the truck on Sturgis Street.

Caller reports the fire alarms are going off on the top floor on Winthrop Street. Fire notified.

Clerk from Town Liquor reports that a male made a threat to come back and shoot him. Car is listed to a male on Buchanan Street who admitted to officers he was upset. W92 Brown will file a report and seek a complaint. 91 Curran and 93 Hickey reported they trespassed and warned him to stay away from witness/victim.

Thursday, March 21

Call of unleashed dogs on Yirrell Beach.

Care center reports elderly female has fallen and needs assistance getting up on Bartlett Road.

Caller reports needing ambulance for her friend at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home on Shore Drive. Fire/EMS dispatched.

911 call transfer from State Police. They believe there is an altercation in the area of the Walden Street basketball courts. Units dispatched and report speaking with individuals.

Officer will try to serve male on Quincy Avenue a 209A issued by the Probate & Family Court. He reports subject’s name is on the mailbox, but no one is home.

Call on 911 from Newton Police advising that male on Revere Street just left their city and that they have a PC for arrest based on violation of ERO. Party also has active WMS. PM shift will attempt to locate.

W91 and W93 responded to serve arrest warrant and acting on PC from Newton PD form an earlier incident. Officers report mother there, and subject not at home. Received a call from stepfather that the subject had returned home and then he left. Officers searching the area. Winthrop/Viking cabs both notified and Paul Revere Bus Co. Viking Cab called to report that they have a call for a pick up at 1 Seal Harbor. Units responded to the area and waited and made the arrest at Highland Avenue and Pond Street. Lt. Scarpa picked up the subject in the cab and he was arrested. Newton PD took him into custody and they will process the subject.

Friday, March 22

Reports of a loud party on Winthrop Street and hearing noise in the street. Units report street clear and just a woman watching television. Possible that the caller had heard the fire department respond for an alarm there a few minutes earlier.

Caller reports a fight in front of the Kasbah Restaurant. Officers report speaking with two males. They state they are just having a friendly conversation.

Party reports that her daughter is having an asthma attack inside the Dunkin Donuts near the bridge. Bridge detail dispatched and Lt. Lessard confirmed. WFD and EMS enroute to assist.

Female party reports she lives in Charlestown and her lost or stolen I-phone was showing it to be located on Pauline Street three doors away from the Pleasant Street intersection. She has not reported her phone stolen to Boston PD. She will report it stolen then contact us back.

Party reports a shepherd mix running through yards with a leash attached on Somerset Avenue. ACO notified and will check the area.

Party on Moore Street reports his son was assaulted earlier today walking home from school.

E911 wireless caller reports alarms sounding in the hallway on Winthrop Street. WFD notified.

Saturday, March 23

Party on Summit Avenue reports a male with a hat and beard is looking over a house there and acting strangely. The subject is in and out of an old red car. Officer reports the party is giving an estimate on a roof repair and needed to walk around the home.

Motor vehicle stopped on Shirley Street for violation. Operator cited and a family member picked up vehicle. Charges: operation of motor vehicle with suspended license, license not in possession and speeding.

Request by female for EMS for her aunt who fell on Locust Street. WFD notified.

Party reports his ex-wife on Beacon Street is contacting his employer in Florida where he lives and is putting his career in jeopardy. He has contacted the phone company there as well as the Melbourne Florida PD. Party wants it noted and he will obtain a restraining order if it continues.

Babysitter on Beach road locked herself out. WFD notified. Caller called back to cancel as they gained entry. WFD cancelled.

13-year-old male reports a male party is down on the ground unconscious at Massa Playground. WFD notified. Units report party was medically cleared and is returning to his room at the Inn at Crystal Cove.

Party at Crystal Cove Inn reports a male was there within the hour and was told there is no room. She noticed that a key is now missing from the desk. Officer will respond to get a description, possibly of the male from an earlier call at the playground. Officer reports after speaking with the female he is sure it’s the male subject from a previous medical aid at the playground.

WFD called requesting an officer respond on a report of an overdose near the cemetery building on Bowdoin Street.

Assault and battery in progress at Governors Drive. Verbal only, husband left for the night.

Vehicle parked in handicap parking spot at rear of Governors Park, without a placard. $300 parking ticket issued.

Vehicle parked in handicap parking spot on Shore Drive without a placard. $300 parking ticket issued.

Party reports his wife’s I-phone was stolen while attending a function at the Elks.

Sunday, March 24

Party called to report that while pulling into his driveway on Revere Street, a male was standing by his brother’s car. Caller reports that the male was between 17-22 years old and appeared to be trying the car door. Described as a white male, skinny build wearing dark clothes. Units checked the area for the subject who could not be located before the next call came in. Caller reports nothing was taken from his brother’s car, which was locked. Officers checked cars in the area for obvious breaks.

Hit and run on Temple Avenue involving five cars. Then a call of a truck that took down a fence. Witness reports parties ran from the accident into Temple Avenue. W93 and W91 officers DeCarlo and Turner responded to Bellevue as part of a follow up to this accident investigation. No answer at this time, but they will try back during the day shift. Caller on Shore Drive reports that male was in the building walking around the halls knocking on doors and asking to use resident’s bathroom. Caller reports that male was in the building last night as well passed out in the hall. Units checked the building and no one there at this time.

Called to requests units as he just observed a party fitting the description from the earlier accident who just came out of the house on Crest Avenue. Check asks for a check on a male subject.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports that her husband is showing the symptoms of a heart condition. WFD notified.

Caller reports a female passed out in a motor vehicle on Shirley Street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports female had a medical issue, but is refusing medical treatment. Viking Taxi called to take her home to East Boston. The vehicle has been secured and locked.

Party called on the 1212 line from Viking Gardens to report she has severe left shoulder pain and needs to go to the hospital. WFD notified and EMS will respond.

Male party from previous incident called reporting he is still getting harassing phone calls at his work number in Florida. Officer reports speaking with ex-wife on Beacon Street and has stated she will cease the phone calls. She told the officer it is relative to some pending legal matters.

Boston PD would like us to BOLO for an 84-year-old male who suffers from dementia. He is described as approximately 5’2”, wearing a black winter cap, long brown trench coat, and black pants, and walks with a cane.

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