Police Blotter 03-21-2013

Monday, March 11

Directed patrol of the Shore Drive area and the adjacent areas. Everything appeared normal and routine. McCourt Construction is continuing their work on the beach at this time. One parking violation issued on Trident Avenue.

Female on Floyd Street called to report a bird in her attic. ACO called and given this information.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that her father is having trouble moving his left arm.

Caller reports motor vehicle without placard parked in handicapped spot at American Legion on Hermon Street. W91 reports speaking with vehicle owner who forgot to place placard on windshield. Issue remedied.

Officer Carter will try to serve male on Douglas Street a 209A issued by the EB Court.

Officers checked address on River Road for warrant suspect. Party was not home. Officers located party on Main Street.

Report of a child choking on Ocean View Street. Transferred to EMS and WFD. 91 Curran and 92 Bonavita also responded. Child alert and conscious.

Off. Bonavita reports a male found ammunition in the parking lot on Crest Avenue. Bonavita brought 40 16-gauge shotgun shells to the station. Lt. Scarpa took control of the shells and secured them.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue to report that someone is climbing through a window in the house next door. All units responded and W92 reports female, a new resident, lost her keys.

Tuesday, March 12

Received a 911 call from State Police for a fare evasion on Cutler Street. Units report an issue with the credit card machine. Fare was paid by cash.

Caller on River Road reports locating two hypos/syringes. W92 secured and disposed of the items.

Officer will try to serve male on Wave Way Avenue two 209A’s issued by the Newton District Court. He reports no one home at this time.

Female from Ft. Heath Apartments came to the station to report she received a harassing phone call last week and wants to follow up with it. She has made contact with her phone carrier and just needed a photo of the back of her phone for them. I could not get a good picture with my phone, but Intern Derrick took a very clear one. She was given a copy and told how to mail it out and she was very thankful of the Winthrop Police for all our help.

Wednesday, March 13

Medical issue on Shirley Street. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Report of an odor of natural gas on Main Street.

Female caller on Shore Drive reports a Caravan with a male driver who may be drunk. Officers report the area is clear.

Report of an attempted breaking and entering at Honey Dew Donuts on Shirley Street.

E911 caller reports he was just contacted at work by his son on Locust Street who stated that a strange male had walked into his residence. When confronted by the son, the male stated that he was there to pick up donations for the WPA and fled in a gray motor vehicle with California plates. Officer Feeley reports speaking to the caller’s son who provided additional details. All units notified BOLO.

Caller requests a well-being check on a relative on Franklin Street that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with for approximately 2-3 months. W91 reports making contact with male and delivering the message.

Report of finding hypodermic needle in the gutter on Pleasant Street. W93 reports securing and disposing of it.

Female caller on Grandview Avenue reports her 54-year-old husband needs and ambulance as he is in a lot of pain from surgery. Transferred to EMS. Rings busy. Call to fire directly to give information. Original caller called back to report receiving a call from possibly the EMS but they were talking on several lines at the same time and she could not understand what they were asking her. I assured her that help was on the way as I had sent them when she called the first time. WFD arrived while she was speaking with us.

Report of a sewer backup on Putnam Street. Calla notified.

Caller on Willow Road reports two males came to her door about roof issues. She was scared. 92 Hickey reports two males work for Power Home Remodeling. Checked out and told to register before solicitation.

Female on Paine Street called to report a raccoon on her porch that may be sick. Message left with ACO.

Thursday, March 14

Received ERO via fax from MBC-Dorchester Court to be served to a female on Revere Street. Officer reports speaking with both tenants of the address who have noticed mail for this subject but do not have any idea who she is.

Party on Cross Street would like to report a larceny of a package that was delivered to his address by the US Postal Service. He was informed he would have to contact the Postal Police. Officer reports she will make out a report so that he may be reimbursed for the theft.

Visiting Nurse requesting an ambulance transport for 86-year-old resident on Circuit Road. Transferred to Action EMD.

Smell of gas on Taylor Street.

Party on Douglas Street reports that her ex is harassing her. Officer reports a probate issue. All parties informed of rights and will seek redress through Probate Court.

Motor vehicle crash at Belle Isle Bridge. Female from East Boston was cited for OUI and marked lanes violation.

Friday, March 15

Party on Hermon Street reports an unknown person must have stayed inside her front porch area, which is a common area for the home.

Caller from EB Neighborhood Health reports one of the patient’s fell and is experiencing right hip pain. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Myrtle Avenue called on behalf of his aunt to report an injured raccoon is in her cellar and bleeding. ACO notified and will respond to give guidance on the matter.

Request for a check from other on her daughter on Shirley Street. She has not heard from her all day. House is in darkness and neighbors haven’t seen her today but state she does leave for days at a time.

Party reports a man was sleeping in 2nd floor hall on Shirley Street. Man fled when confronted, leaving his backpack.

Party from previous call is in lobby of police station seeking medical attention. Fire, EMS notified and responding.

Saturday, March 16

Party reports a 40-year-old male may have broken his leg playing basketball at Winthrop Middle School WFD notified to enter from the back entrance on Brookfield Road.

Caller reports a twin outboard engine; white-hulled vessel with a tender attached is showing smoke from the cabin area at PPYC. WFD notified and will investigate. The owner is onboard and has wood stove burning.

Party came in to report that he went to pick up his biological minor child today on Linden Street per the Probate Custody Order and was informed by a relative of the child’s mother that neither the child nor the mother were home. He also called mother’s cell phone but she did not respond. The order gives him visitation commencing at 12 noon. He will notify the Probate Court at the next scheduled hearing.

Female on Washington Avenue reports she wants her husband removed from the home. He is acting up and she wants him out. Officers report both parties advised of their rights. The male will be leaving to stay at a friend’s house. Officer will make sure he leaves the area.

Courier for CSI reports that he has locked himself in at Bank of America. He was able to get himself out with an officer’s assistance.

State reports they received a wireless E911 call from a male reporting drug activity on Russell Street. He did not identify himself and hung up. State called the number back and male subject disconnected. Additional attempts went unanswered. The message was played with a male voice stating, “You should go the above address for drug activity.” Several attempts to call back the male subject to obtain more information were unsuccessful. Units report speaking with the female resident who reported a verbal argument with her boyfriend who was picked up by a friend and left the area. A well-being check of the residence revealed nothing suspicious. Caller was identified and will be charged with filing false report.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her daughter is missing since yesterday. Last seen in Allston, where she left a friend’s house with no money or ID. She is mentally unstable and may be a danger to herself. Entered into NCIC. Officer McCarthy will check locked apartment to see if she is in there. Party not at home. No one has seen her in a few days.

Report of a man sleeping in hallway on Hermon Street. Male requests medical attention.

Father/son disturbance on Wheelock Street.

Mother/daughter argument on Johnson Avenue.

Father on Wheelock Street called to report that his son is out of control again. Units report mother/daughter verbal only. All rights given…. Again.

Sunday, March 17

Two calls of motor vehicle crash at Temple on Highland Avenue. Units report witness states woman ran up Highland towards Pond Street. G/J notified for two tows. Woman located on Floyd Street. One under arrest for OUI and leaving the scene of property damage.

Party on Pleasant Street reports water leaking up from the roadway and the area appears to be sagging. Message left on Calla’s cell phone to investigate.

Request from daughter for assistance with her mother who fell on Shirley Street. WFD notified.

Mother on Shirley Street reports that her son left his black Boston Bruins wallet at the basketball court sometime during the week. If anyone turns it in, kindly contact her.

Call from Boston Police to report they found the missing person on Shirley Street from previous incident. She is on the way to Beth Israel Hospital. Mother notified.

Two calls of a fight on Shore Drive beach with several youths involved. 91 Freeman and 92 Brown responded. State Revere notified. Two men had an altercation. Sent from the area.

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