Police Blotter 03-14-2013

Monday, March 4

Female on Nevada Street called crying and reports a fight with her boyfriend. Male left the apartment before their arrival. Caller reports that he has her keys. Male party returned and gave back the keys. He was advised to clear the area for the night.

Occupant on Shirley Street was locked out of apartment, looking for assistance. Residency confirmed. W92 Offs. Brown and Feeley drove female to home. WFD gained access. This is the same party from earlier call. She is worried someone is entering her home with her keys that she lost. Possibly a neighbor. She was advised to change locks and report incident to landlord.

Call that someone is down on Veterans Road. Fire notified.

Female on Bellevue Terrace called to report there is a needle in a bag on her front lawn. Officer reports he has it and will secure it in a Sharps container.

Caller reports there is possibly a male in alley next to Thompson’s Towne Liquor store. W91 reports speaking with caller and unable to locate individual at this time.

Female came to ask if she could pick up some belongings at her ex-roommates house on Winthrop Street. Officer Carter reports that he is not at home. Female reports he comes home around 8 p.m. and she will be back then.

Call from a male on Highland Avenue to report that his girlfriend may have a medical problem. Officers report they are checking River Road, as this is an address we have in our computer. She is not there. Registry check shows the above address. She is there and fire will check and they report, she is okay.

Officer will try to serve male on Winthrop Street a harassment order. He reports serving it in hand. Officer explained all in the order, not to just Stacey, but his mother as well.

Daughter from Cliff Avenue called to state that she needs an ambulance for her mother. Fire notified.

Call that the elderly person on Shirley Street has not been seen in a while and the mail is building up. An officer report building appears vacant. A check with Safe Guard Properties, a company that is in control of the building, they report no one lives there. To play it safe, the officer went into an open window and reports no one is in the building.

91 Curran requests WFD for an elderly male who fell down in French Square. 91 report one male to MGH.

Several calls of a fight going on in a first floor unit at Viking Gardens. No exact address given. Calls back reported a white van pulled up and then took off. W91 and W92 responded and checked the area for the motor vehicle. Units also checked apartments there and found no problem.

Female from Revere Street walked in with a nine year old child from a friend who was married to her roommate. Turns out to be a potential abuse case in East Boston. 91 Curran interviewed all parties and will file a 51A report. DSS workers arrived at the station and interviewed the female parent and the child. DSS took custody of the child and is responding to locate dad. Officer Curran responded to Station 7 to hand deliver his report as incident occurred in their city.

Defendant on an issued R/O wanted to know if she could pick up clothing on Winthrop Street. Contacted plaintiff who did not answer. Called a third party who stated plaintiff was at work and he will be home tomorrow at noon. Defendant will call back tomorrow to make arrangements. When party removes all belongings she will make arrangements for a safety officer to be present.

Received a report that the residents on Chester Avenue are away and someone may be in their home. There are lights on and a TV going. Officers report it is a neighbor who has a key to go in and check the property.

Reports of locating the motor vehicle possibly involved in an earlier incident at Viking Gardens. Officers spoke with the party who stated that there are at least 10 other similar trucks in the area and he was not involved.

Tuesday, March 5

Male on Cliff Avenue reports that his wife is sick. Transferred to WFD and EMS will handle.

Caller reports a small mulch fire opposite Lewis Lake. Extinguished by WFD.

Party on Undine Avenue smells weird inside odor. Has left residence and will wait outside for WFD.

Report that one of the residents on Golden Drive may have passed away.

Female caller reports that a car is all over the place on Kennedy Road and a woman yelling at other drivers. Officer reports all quiet at this time.

Officers will try to serve male on Shore Drive a 209A issued by the Dorchester Court. They report that no one is home. Subject has warrant.

Officer Curran placed male from Revere in custody on several outstanding warrants, one being from Winthrop.

Manager at CVS reports an assault and battery. 93 Ferullo and 98 Racow/Jaworski have one juvenile in custody for disorderly and assault and battery.

Female clerk at Energy To Go complains that a male may have taken her IPod. As of this time, she just wants it logged.

98 Racow and Jaworski are checking up on a past breaking and entering on River Road. Recovered some potential evidence for processing.

Received a phone call from NH State Police stating he has female from Sturgis Street at the rest stop in Seabrook, NH. She states she was beaten and was held against her will for a time two days ago. She will request a TRO up there and trooper will file a report.

Several calls from Ocean View regarding an outside disturbance. W91 and W93 responded and report a female is having a problem with a male. Officers advised her and she stated that she was not in fear of him tonight. Officers will check the Atlantic Street area for the male. Officers located him on Atlantic Street and he was advised to stay away from the above address or he would be charged with trespassing. All parties advised of their rights.

Wednesday, March 6

Tilton, NH Police called to inform Lt. Scarpa of additional assaults that had occurred from his previous case involving female from Sturgis Street. He will be adding to his report and additional charges.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue reports that her husband has been missing since Friday. She reports they have been arguing on and off and he left to stay at the Crystal Cove Inn but checked out Saturday. W93 located the subject who is fine and stated he does not wish to speak with his wife and does not want her to know where he is. She was advised.

Party found a Nintendo DS XL in the parking lot area in the rear of the EB Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street. Officer brought it to the station where it was placed in the lost and found box.

Male reports that the people who are evicting him on Ocean Avenue just entered his apartment. The other parties called simultaneously on the other line reporting threats made. Officers report all parties advised of their rights. They will be in small claims court tomorrow for an ongoing matter. Advised to stay away from each other.

Someone called to report that dark smoke was coming from the roof of the Twin Bakery. WFD notified and will investigate.

Received a call from a female at the 6th Circuit Court in Franklin NH who faxed an ERO issued against a male subject from Sturgis Street to stay away from girlfriend and their child in common. Subject is currently in the lock up at BMC East Boston Division. Call was made to the Chief Court Officer who will serve the party in hand and will fax it back to the court in NH. Plaintiff called and reports she does not mind him going back to the above address as she has moved out of state.

Party brought in a pug she found on Winthrop Shore Drive. ACO notified but he is out of town. He will have Revere ACO pick it up. Party will hold onto the beast until he arrives. Revere ACO arrived and was advised to respond to the Winthrop Golf club to pick up the dog.

Report of a live wire down behind a house on Otis Street. WFD notified and will investigate.

Caller on Read Street reports her daughter is throwing things at her and would like to see an officer. Units requests fire, Action for an evaluation of an 18-year-old girl. One to Whidden. All clear.

911 transferred to fire. Several 911 calls to report a kitchen stove fire. WFD reports homeowner knocked fire down. They will ventilate. All company cleared to quarters.

911 caller from Governors Drive who states that the person in the apartment is in her house and stated that the baby is not breathing and is dead. Transferred to EMS. Caller then stated she thinks it’s the mother who cannot breath. Officer report it is an adult having trouble breathing. Action EMS on scene.

Thursday, March 7

Saugus PD asked us to make a notice to a party on Pleasant Street regarding a cab fare. 91 responds and reports he spoke to female party who will contact Saugus PD on the matter.

Dispatcher from Viking Taxi stated one of his cab drivers has been assaulted at a trailer park in Revere. Call transferred to Revere PD.

Party reports some type of car alarm sounding all night long. Officer reports she will be checking the municipal lot and found the motor vehicle in the lot with the alarm sounding. Tow Company contacted and responded. The owner showed up and squared away the bill. He has since unhooked the battery.

Female from Main Street was served a 209A in hand issued out of Chelsea District Court.

Officers requesting listings on two motor vehicles parked on Revere Street at Almont Street, near Energy To Go. Two subjects placed under arrest for possession to distribute Class D drug, drug violation near school, and conspiracy to violate drug law.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a swan in the rear portion of the parking lot that may be injured. ACO VanBuskirk notified and will check on its well-being.

Female on Veterans Road requests EMS for her husband. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Party on Tileston Road reports she received a phone call notifying her that her grandson was arrested in Mexico and needs $1500. for bail. She was advised to ignore it, as it is a scam.

Water has begun to rise on Shore Drive due to a high tide. Areas that are beginning to flood are from approximately Wave Way to the Highlands. Also spoke with DCR worker who stated he is not planning to close Upland at this time and will monitor the area for hazards.

Shirley by the beach is passable and clear of floodwater.

Tidewaters and flooding subsided. DCR units clearing sand and rocks from roadway. No obvious visual damage in area.

Friday, March 8

Chief reports flooding in the Veterans Road area. The Point area to the church square area.

Party reports his father was struck by a light gray SUV whole shoveling on Sagamore Avenue. No other description obtained by the victim. WFD notified.

Party reports her family member is bleeding heavily and needs an ambulance on Overlook Drive. Action EMD and WFD notified.

Party reports that vehicles getting stuck attempting to go over the Revere Street hill. DPW notified.

Party at Cumberland Farms requesting assistance as he locked his three-year-old son in the vehicle. WFD notified. 94 reports entry gained by WFD and parties were reunited.

Caller reports drug overdose on Beach Road. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service. Officer reports the subject is being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports her car brakes failed and she crashed into a tree. Fire notified.

Party on Atlantic Street reports a male was at the door approximately 10 minutes ago, but has since left. Officer reports the male was tall and was looking to pick up $55 for a police fundraiser. Officer checked the area for the subject to no avail.

Elderly caller stated that her sister, who is mentally ill, is over her brother’s house on Tewksbury Street. She stated the brother called her saying he needed her removed from the house and she thinks his phone died then. Asked why the brother did not call us and she did not know. Officers request medical. Medical sent and female went to Whidden.

Caller reports that the sand wall at Yirrell Beach was breeched and fears the street will flood at high tide. DPW Steve Calla notified. Calla stated he knows, but cannot do anything about it at this time.

Report of a sewage backup on Maryland Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller reports that six youths were in a vehicle drinking alcohol and passing around bottles on Revere Street. They started the car and drove off. All units to be on the lookout.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue states possible domestic in progress. Units respond and report speaking to two parties from the area that deny any involvement and were advised of their rights.

DCR and State Police close off area at Short Beach.

Report of water coming up on Otis Street.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that she has received a letter and a $25. Fine regarding parking issues from her condominium association. A male in the background was demanding an officer to respond to witness the way they parked. Party advised of civil nature of the matter and to seek civil redress.

Call reports a motor vehicle stuck in a sand pile on Tafts Avenue. 91 reports area is impassable. G/J notified to assist.

Saturday, March 9

Main Street traffic backed up to 7-Eleven due to the closure of Short Beach.

Owner of Sandy Paw reports receiving a message on a business phone from an unidentified male stating that her employee has been stealing from her for over a year. Owner reports she has no evidence at this time. She also stated she will speak to the employee on Monday.

Party reports that traffic is not being allowed from Hermon Street due to gridlock. Officer will assist with traffic at various intersections to alleviate traffic issues due to beach closing.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports the street is still flooded and tide is out. Says the water is standing water and will not drain. DPW notified.

Walk-in to request a 209A. Officer reports a judge issued it. Officers went to serve subject on Douglas Street who was not home. Officer called and got a safe code and took five firearms from the house. Subject was served over the phone and told to respond to the station for his copy and to turn over his F.I.D.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports a cat was struck by a car and requesting animal control so the children will not see. ACO not in town. Advised caller to place in bag and ACO will be notified.

Sunday, March 10

Party reports a group of men are about to fight in the Elks parking lot. W91, W92, W98 on scene. State that partygoers leaving the Elks. No problems. W91 will stand by until lot clears.

W92 found two small dogs running loose on Shirley Street. A check on the address was positive for the owners.

Party reports her upstairs neighbor(s) on Winthrop Street making a lot of noise. They spoke to them about it but it continues. Units report clearing out a small gathering and speaking with the resident.

Caller on Hermon Street states that an unidenfitied male has been found sleeping in their hallway. Units respond and request medical. Report male party transported to BMC.

Male caller on Waldemar Avenue reports that his house is being egged and last night someone damaged his fence. Officer reports no crime committed.

Female caller on Summit Avenue reports that she has recently had a stroke and was in the hospital and does not feel well. She wanted to know if we could check her out. WFD and Action dispatched for evaluation.

Caller reports a fight outside at Hot Diggity. W92 and W93 dispatched and report mutual assault and battery out of presence.

Party reports being concerned with an interaction between male and female party on the corner of Main and Marshall Street. Male party is out of vehicle and maybe giving the female a hard time. W92 and W93 report checking with both parties. Everything is OK. They had misplaced a cell phone. W94 requests check on three subjects at Governor’s Pk. bus stop.

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