Excellent Police Work: WPD Makes Major Bust

We want to commend the Winthrop Police Department for its excellent work in intercepting a major delivery of 30 pounds of marijuana that was heading to the illegal sales market. Police Chief Terence Delehanty cited the investigative efforts of detectives Judy Rakow and Robert Jaworski in helping to end a well-organized plan to sell the drug on the streets. The Winthrop Police Department worked in coordination with the State Police and U.S. Postal Service investigators to get the job done and make the arrests.

We understand that the “medical marijuana” had been shipped here from California, but the intended purpose was not “medicinal” (at least not in the literal sense).

In a related issue, Chief Delehanty has been asking the Town Council to adopt stringent regulations regarding the growing of marijuana in our town to ensure that individuals will have to register with the Board of Health and verify that the marijuana they are growing will be used for medical purposes.

This was another well-coordinated and professional effort by our police department. Our townspeople should be proud of the WPD’s work in keeping our streets safe and clear of nefarious sellers of illegal drugs.

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