Police Blotter 03-07-2013

Tuesday, February 26

Party on Willow Avenue reports he was informed by his letter carrier that his address was changed by someone and all his mail is being sent to a Post Office in California. Party has contacted the U.S. Postal Inspector and was assigned a case number.

Female on Faun Bar Avenue requesting an officer for an issue with her neighbor.

Party on Pearl Avenue came to the station to report that her niece, who she has custody of, has been missing on and off since 2/21. She has informed the Chelsea Juvenile who advised her to report the niece missing. There will be arrest warrants issued by the end of the day today.

Mother on Centre Street reported that her 13-year-old son received an invitation to LINKED IN by a male subject from peachykeen productions. She stated that two years ago the same person opened a “chat” session with her son while he was online. She put a cease to that chat session two years ago and has not heard from him since. She was advised to contact LINKED IN to notify them of the individual and possibly enticing minors.

Party came in to report that someone entered his unlocked motor vehicle sometime after Friday at the Pillar House Apartment and stole his HP placard.

State 911 transfer stating that woman on Shirley Street called and said her boyfriend was putting his hands on her and then hung up. State then called back to say he was trying to remove the kids from the house.

Caller on Revere Street reports that a guy is trying to run her off the road and keeps trying to cut her off and is chasing her. She stated she was in a white vehicle. She was advised to come to the police station and we would send units to her as well. Caller said the person turned off. She then hung up. A woman and her four children came into the lobby. Det. Racow spoke to them. Detective will contact Revere PD as the owner of the vehicle comes out of Revere.

Caller on Pauline Street reports that her husband is calling her and saying he will go there and kill her and her new boyfriend. She is going through a divorce with him right now.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports getting harassed by her neighbor. Units report advising all of their rights.

Wednesday, February 27

Party on Freemont Street reports a motor vehicle struck her parked vehicle and the truck driver will not exchange papers. Officer spoke to the driver who exchanged information with the owner of the parked vehicle.

Mother at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports that her 19 year-old daughter is experiencing an asthma episode. WFD and detail officer notified.

Request for EMS for an elderly male resident on Elliot Street. WFD notified.

Party at Winthrop Market Place reports that a male is out front bothering customers who enter and exit the store. Officer spoke to the subject and asked him to move along.

Report of a party tossing snow from his property into the street on Read Street. The code enforcement will handle.

Aunt from previous episode called to report that her niece has returned home. All units notified.

An officer from the Pittsfield NH called requesting information for a male in Winthrop. Pittsfield NH police department was seeking information in order to request a warrant for matters they have with him in their town.

Thursday, February 28

State Police dispatcher reports that they received a 911 call from Trident Avenue. They could not get much, other than he may have taken something to harm himself. EMS notified. Officers located male and others at the apartment. Male states he never made any call to 911. All appears to be in order. All units are clearing.

Caller on Cutler Street stated that someone needs medical assistance that he can’t get to. 92 and fire respond. Report elderly male to B&W Hospital.

Party reports that two males are going in and out of traffic trying to flag down cars. Officers report speaking with two people. They state they were just talking to a person they know on the side of the road. They are walking from Revere.

Party from previous report about her niece who had returned home, now states that she is refusing to go to school. Juvenile arrested on warrant, missing person reports and warrant were located.

Caller from Pearl Avenue requesting EMS for a possible broken arm from a fall a couple of days ago. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Hermon Street reports observing a male lurking in the area by a house that is for sale. She believes he entered the dwelling from a door on the left side. Units report, subject resides there.

Caller on Winthrop Street requesting the police for a domestic between her and her roommates.

Party on Trident Avenue would like us to play back a 911 call involving her boyfriend’s brother that came in during the morning shift. State Police dispatch traced the call back to a party in Winthrop. However, that party resides in Everett. Everett PD was contacted and asked to do a person check on the subject.

Mother on Winthrop Street requests assistance with minor daughter who is “out of control.” W91, W92 request Action for evaluation. Units report female to MGH via Action.

Caller on Court road reports that her plumber states there is no water entering her home from the meter. Steve Calla notified and will respond.

E911 call. Female caller on Chester Avenue reports family members are yelling and screaming. Units request medical assistance for an injury. Primary aggressor left prior to officers arrival. Area search negative. W91 McCarthy will seek charges.

Female from River Road came to the station seeking and ERO.

Husband on Pico Avenue states his wife is having seizures. Action/WFD notified.

Caller on Read Street wants her daughter’s father removed; he left prior to officers’ arrival. No known address, possibly homeless. Area search negative. Caller advised of her rights to seek ERO. Caller also states that he usually carries a small pocket knife in his pants.

A worker at the CVS reports that while putting away barrels, he noticed used needles on top. Units all tied up on two separate domestics at present time.

Friday, March 1

Female came in to report finding a brown/beige backpack, a marine hat, blue jacket, and three baseball gloves between the two courts on Walden Street. The backpack contained hockey equipment and roller blade wheels.

Male on Winthrop Street came to the station seeking advice on his roommate. He stated her behavior is erratic and he is in fear of her. He was advised of his rights. While speaking with him, the roommate came to the station as well seeking advice on the civil housing matter. All parties advised of their rights, resolved for now.

Party on Irwin Street reports that her former boyfriend assaulted her last evening in Malden while she was there with her friend. Party reports that he has texted her numerous times since the ERO was issued. She will contact the Malden PD regarding the simple assault.

Caller reports that his van fell in a sinkhole on Hermon Street. DPW notified. G/J notified. 93 reports the van was towed out of the hole and no damage reported at this time. 93 will stand by as DPW placed a plate over the hole.

Plaintiff on Irwin Street came in to report several violations of an active 209 by a defendant from Everett.

Party on Wilshire Street reported to Off. McCarthy that her brother overdosed. WFD notified. Party transported to the MGH.

Female on River Road reports (E911 wireline) that her husband is at her residence in violation of an active 209. Second 911 wireless call came in from the father-in-law. Units report defendant has not been served yet. 92 McCarthy served the male and read the order to him. He was advised to pick up his copy at the station and stated that he would not. Units stood by as he picked up some personal belongings prior to leaving the area.

Landlord on Moore Street reports that one of his tenants pushed him as he approached her to collect the rent. Peace was restored and all parties advised.

Party from Cliff Avenue requesting assistance getting her husband up who fell in the bathroom. WFD notified.

Caller from Faun Bar Avenue reports that her and her neighbor are arguing and she would like to see an officer. Officers report there was an exchange of insults and the calling party is moving out today.

Party on Shore Drive reports he thinks someone is dead in the hallway. Officer reports fire and EMS notified. One male to the Whidden by Action.

Officer called asking if we could notify female in Barnstable that her ex is getting out of jail within the hour. She has an assault and battery complaint against him. 92 left message with person in charge. Barnstable notified.

911 call on Sturgis Street of a domestic. Officers report, mutual assault and battery by female friends. No domestic. One person left prior to arrival. Other person does not want to press any charges.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports she is fighting a court order for custody with her mother. She did not want her mother over at the house, and will call if the mother shows up. At the same time, the mother walked in. Daughter showed a probate order for visitation. Mother stated that the screen door was locked and no one answered the door. Advised to go to court.

Girl on the second floor on Sturgis Street called to report they are yelling again on the third. Units report one party is getting her belongings so she can leave for the night. All clear.

Housesitter on Cutler Street reports a female is there against the wishes of the owners. Units report she is packing items and will leave for the night.

Male on Winthrop Street reports he has a restraining order against a female and she is at the apartment. Units report serving 209A. She’s packing a few things and going to a hotel.

Caller on Cutler Street reports that he needs the officers back as the people there are now yelling and screaming at him and will not leave. Officer reports person is gone prior to his arrival. He will stand by as the building is locked up.

Saturday, March 2

Caller reports that a suspicious person dressed in black with ski mask pulled partially over his face, looking up and down the street. W92 and W100 spoke with the subject who lives on Cottage Avenue. He was waiting for a bus, which he apparently missed.

Lynn PD called to check on address in Winthrop on Tewksbury Street. The female there may be a victim of a stabbing in their city. Officers responded and spoke with girl’s mother who stated that was her correct address and that she was not home. Mother reports last speaking with her at supper time. Mother tried to contact her by cell phone, but it just went to voice mail. Mother reports that she will try to locate her daughter, as she is concerned. We called Lynn PD back and left a message of the above information with an officer.

Call of a male who has been sitting on a bench for some time on Shore Drive. He should be looked at. Officer reports subject taking a rest after a long bike ride.

Caller reports a possible dark subject attempting to gain access to an apartment on Kennedy Road. Units report speaking with the subject who was attempting to visit his sister. Sister does not wish to speak with him right now and he was sent on his way.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that someone may be in her apartment. Officer reports the apartment is quiet at this time.

Call from an officer from the Lawrence PD to report they had a hit and run and the vehicle doing the damage comes back to an address on Hawthorn Avenue. Lawrence Police have this under their incident report. Officer Carter checked the house and area. The vehicle is not there.

Caller reports three syringes in the alleyway connecting Veterans and Shirley Street. W92 reports items secured and disposed of.

Officers will try to serve male on Shore Drive a 209A issued by the Dorchester Court. Also, the male may have a warrant on him. Officers report that they spoke to his cousin and he stated that subject is not there. Cousin stated that subject stays there once and a while.

Call from Lawrence Police again to ask if we could check with the person listed on the above incident and ask whom she sold the vehicle to. Officer reports vehicle was sold to a Volkswagen dealership. Information was relayed to Lawrence Police.

Male from Revere Street came to the station to report vandalism to his vehicle and threats.

Call from Paul Revere Bus dispatch to report the Point Shirley bus has a belligerent drunk on it. Officers report subject fled the bus when the driver called for police to help him. Officers searched the area to no avail.

91 report party with kids in the street on Nahant Avenue. Units report clearing the party.

Caller from Pebble Avenue said she and female friend were drinking and friend passed in and out of consciousness. W92 reports female to Whidden.

Sunday, March 3

Party on Pauline Street reports that someone is banging on the back door at the apartment next to hers. Units report subject resides in the basement and is locked out.

Male from Harbor View Avenue came to the station to report a larceny from his bank account.

Female caller on Wave Way Avenue reports her husband is coughing up blood. Fire notified.

Resident on Shirley Street flagged down Off. Carter stating that she found her rear door unlocked and believes someone may be in her apartment. Off. Carter reports clearing the residence and not locating anyone inside.

Mother on Tileston Road stated that her son is on pre-trial probation. He just yelled at her and her daughter and left the house after a 9 p.m. curfew walking towards the park. 91 Curran and 92 Bonavita searching the area. No luck.

Homeowner on Bellevue Avenue reports that another tenant has been stealing his electricity. Now he has his car plugged into his outlet. 92 Bonavita and Sgt. Crisafi spoke to both parties and stated that if it happens again, charges will be sought.

Reports of having an intruder at the plant on Deer Island who had scaled the wall. He was dark and is now at the guard shack. Caller has already notified the state but is asking for an assist until they arrive. W93 Off. Brown will respond as a secondary unit until the state arrives.

Monday, March 4

Female called from Nevada Street crying and reports a fight with her boyfriend. Male left the apartment before their arrival. Caller reports he has her keys. Male party returned and gave back the keys. He was advised to clear the area for the night. He will be going to his grandmother’s house for the night.

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