Skomro Welcomes Public Input On Superintendent Evaluation

Gary Skomro, chairman of the Winthrop School Committee, feels that Superintendent of Schools John Macero “is doing a very good job,” but he wants to hear what the community at-large has to say.

“We’re looking for opinions and comments about Superintendent Macero’s job performance,” said Skomro, who is part of an evaluation sub-committee team with colleagues Maryalice Sharkey and Bill Holden.

Skomro said as a member of the School Committee he has the opportunity to observe Macero in his official capacity and at meetings, “but I want to know what other folks think of him.”

Skomro would like to receive comments from three groups: parents of Winthrop schoolchildren, Winthrop residents, and school department employees. “We want people to give their input – if someone has a comment, we want to hear it.”

Macero became superintendent on July 1, 2011. Dr. Joseph Lisi had served for six months as interim superintendent after Dr. Stephen Jenkins stepped down from the position.

“He [Macero] came up to speed so quickly, he’s so involved in the community and he’s so very visible at the schools and has great rapport and communications with our principals,” lauded Skomro. “I’m very pleased with the job the superintendent is doing.”

Macero appointed Bobbie Finocchio as principal of the Cummings Elementary School. With the upcoming retirement of popular Winthrop High principal Gail Conlon, Macero will have another very important decision at the end of the school year.

Skomro said that comments for the evaluation are due by March 7 and can be sent to his email address ([email protected]). The public is also invited to speak at the March 14 meeting.

Skomro said the sub-committee will share the evaluations with the entire committee and the public at the March 28 meeting or the first meeting in April.

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