Police Blotter 01-10-2013

December 31

Party called requesting police officer. Units report a verbal argument.

Male party stopping traffic apparently begging for money.

Caller requesting Medical Aid for husband, short of breath.

Caller reports man down in severe pain.

Caller reports suspicious person in driveway, may be intoxicated.

Call requesting medial aid at CYPC for party who fell in ice.

Car stopped for violations.

January 1

Caller reports something just smashed against the side of her home.

Caller reports his vehicle was vandalized.

Caller reports loud music in area of Underhill Ave.

January 2

Party requests EMS for his girlfriend who is somewhat unresponsive.

Party reports a large Rottweiler running loose in the area.

Party reports his truck is stuck on a patch of ice and his is afraid he will hit a parked vehicle.

Party reports 2 suspicious characters in a silver motor vehicle.

January 3

Party came in requesting assistance as she locked herself out of her residence.

Female requesting police for family trouble.

January 4

Party reports a woman down at the Senior Center.

Party reports a male is laying down on the bench near the Pleasant St.

Party reports large Husky running around in the area of Cliff Ave.

Revere police dept. requests mutual aid for a large 100+ group challenging their units.

January 5

Winthrop Fire requests assistance with an unruly patient.

Male caller reports a sail boat has washed up on shore.

Party requests EMS respond to take her husband to the hospital for medical issue.

Party reports alarm activated inside vacant house.

Caller reports that she encountered on elderly female that seems disoriented in the neighborhood.

Caller reports deceased animal left on wall by motorist.

January 6

Male party called requesting medical attention.

Caller reports a person from his neighborhood just cut down one of this trees.

Party reports observing vehicle striking a parked car on Main St. and leaving the scene.

Caller requests medical for 55 yr. old male having trouble breathing with chest pains.

Female came to the station with a small purse found on Revere St.

January 7

Report of a house lock-out with handicap patient inside.

Call of someone having a seizure.

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