Police Blotter 12-06-2012

Monday, November 26

Report of alarm activation at Town Hall. IT director Ruocco reports that all is fine. Employee had accidentally opened a secure door inside the building. Alarm company also called back to cancel.

Report of a problem with tenant and landlord on Shirley Street. W92 and W93 responded and report landlord was issuing an eviction notice. They all agree there will be no further problems tonight.

Mother on Shore Drive reports that when checking on her son on the first floor he appeared disoriented and was combative. Transferred to EMS. W2 and W93 responded and report it was a good intent call.  

Tuesday, November 27

Female caller reports there are needles on the ground near Jacs on Crest Avenue. Officer Perrin took care of them.

Male on Ocean View Way called to report he is concerned about his newborn as vehicles race up and down the street. Officer reports the caller came out and said people drive by his house. No one was speeding when the officer was there and the street is only 70 yards long.

Lt. Scarpa reports being off on a follow-up investigation on Golden Drive, the following up with the same call on Governors Drive. Spoke with party on Golden Drive and he will stay away from Governors Park. Also manager there will issue a trespass order on party at Golden Drive.

Officers report a Paul Revere bus driver just informed them of a fight near the Rink. Officers report all sent on their way.

Caller reports the doors of the Hi-Tide are open but no one is in there. Officer reports owner on the scene.

Officer will try to serve male on Hawthorn Avenue a summons issued by the Norfolk County Juvenile Court in Dedham. Party not home, but his mother will have him come to the station when he returns to be served. Male came to the station and was served in hand by Officer Curren. Return completed.

Relaying a BOLO from state police in Danvers of a hit and run which occurred on Route 1, Saugus. Mass registration of car listed out of Beach Road. All units notified.

Male on Grovers Avenue reports receiving threats over his computer. W93 responded and reports no threats towards the caller, just some e-mails did not end up in the correct folder.

Report of a TV that was dumped on Pond Street. Mess left for DPW.

Wednesday, November 28 

Caller reports that her bi-polar daughter has just jumped from her moving vehicle and ran down Somerset toward Pleasant Street. Units report they are searching the area. Mother called and she is back in the center area. Officers report they have her and she has a few cuts. Fire and Action will respond.  They report she is being transported to MGH and her guardian will meet them.

Female caller reports a male that always goes into the Holy Rosary Church was urinating in front of the church this morning and the kids were waiting for the bus. Officers report speaking to the caller and settled the matter.

Call from the Bank of America to report a few ceiling tiles look like they have been moved. They would like someone to check this out. Officer reports all  looks okay.

W92 Jaworski and Racow report moving out a group of five from Hannaford Park and issuing a civil citation for 94C.

Call for a report of a shoplifting at Hallmark Cards. Units report male and female who consented to a search. No items found.

Party on Morton Street reports a  pocketbook left in her trash with ID and credit cards. W92 reports securing items and brining them to the station to contact owner. Owner will come to the station later today.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports receiving threatening/harassing phone calls over the past six month period. W93 reports all calls have come from a cell phone. There are threats on some of the calls. She was informed about a trace to be put on her phone.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports seeing smoke on the third floor front porch. Fire notified and report a charcoal grill.

Party came in to retrieve his registration plates that were seized last night for revoked. Party registered his vehicle properly and plates were given back to him.

Father on Revere Street requests police to stand by as his son may be losing control. W93 Hickey stood by outside while parents were able to calm their son.

Caller reports someone parked in their handicap spot on Cutler Street. Unit reports vehicle moved upon arrival. 

Thursday, November 29 

Party on Grovers Avenue reports getting a text message saying “Richard you won” to which he texted back “who is this” and both messages were reposted. He later used an app that showed the phone number which came to someone who has a restraining order against him. He wants this noted.

Housing Authority called to report that a lady on Golden Drive is being evicted today. She called and told them instead of being evicted, she is going to take a bottle of pills. Fire notified and she was transported to the Whidden.

DPW called to report they just put up a new handicapped sign on Somerset Avenue and the spot they used has a vehicle in it. Officer will try to find the owner to move it. He reports placing a warning tag to advise the person that this is a handicapped spot now.

Call from a female on Shirley Street to state that a person at the above address needs an ambulance as he took too much of something and may have mixed it with alcohol. Officer reports fire and EMTs are asking him questions and he has all the right answers. He is refusing any medical treatment. He is going to sign the medical waiver. Female caller was called back and given this information. Change: He is going to the Mass General. We called the initial caller back and informed her.

Call from Off. Vitale to report male has been sleeping in a van at the Auto Mall and he needs help. W93 Feeley responded and took male to the station and made some calls. Cab House in Boston will take him and give him a bed and detox him as long as he wants the help.

Female called to report that her vehicle that was towed off of Shore Drive for street sweeping on 10/17/12 is a car she reported stolen to us on 10/01/12. We called Todisco Towing and they still have the car. Her insurance company has paid her. State Police notified.

Male on Beal Street called to report receiving a call from someone with an accent who said he was calling for “medical cut” and then starting asking questions regarding his banking and bank ID numbers. He did not give out any information to the caller.

Female came to the station to report that as a result of her Droid Razor max phone being stolen from her at the Planet Fitness in East Boston on Tuesday night, a party has posted her information and pictures on facebook and had tried to contact her. The party said his name and she wanted us to know this information. She was referred to Boston PD regarding the larceny. 

Friday, November 30 

Party reports he observed a male dressed in camo out on the course with a black SUV, possibly shooting at the birds. Officers report catching his attention and having him go to the golf club building for further investigation. Party claims he is the caretaker of the course and he was hired to keep the geese from the golf course.

Report of a drunken male who just walked into the rink. Officers report it’s a local resident who appears to be fine. He has left the area on foot.

Two separate reports of kids pushing green drainage pipes around the area of Ingleside Park with other kids inside them. A very dangerous situation. Officer reports checking the area to no avail.

Several calls of kids acting suspicious in the area of Washington at Elmwood, pretending to have a rope run across the street. W93 dispatched and reports locating the culprits and brining them home to their parents who will handle the boys.

Calling party reports that today between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m. her I-phone was taken from the girls’ locker room which was on a bench at Winthrop High School. This had taken place while she was attending gym class during school hours. We spoke with her mother who informed us that she has spoken with the teacher and he will attempt to review the video of the gym. The caller will contact us if they have further information regarding the theft for investigation. 

Saturday, December 1 

Boston PD called to report that a female just shot herself with a bb-gun and believed to have fled into Winthrop. Units checked the area to no avail. Dispatcher also reported she is not in possession of the gun, but she made suicidal statements to the party that was with her in East Boston. Area search negative. Units will BOLO the area.

Caller on River Road reports that her daughter was just burned. EMD notified.

Revere PD requests we assist on Short Beach looking for a black male for assault and battery which occurred on Revere Beach Blvd. Last seen on Dolphin Avenue, Revere heading towards Winthrop.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports she thinks someone just entered the basement of her house. She heard the door open and can hear someone walking around. She stayed on the line until the officers arrived. Officer report no sign of a break-in and search of the area negative.

Employee at Energy To Go reports a male named “Tom” made some religious and ethnic remarks to her yesterday and again today. She stated she feels threatened and uncomfortable at her work site and would like to file a report.

Sunday, December 2

Officer requests a unit to respond to assist with a group of teens causing a disturbance on Pleasant Street. Officer reports parties were sent on their way.

Party on Bowdoin Street came in to report that two packages were stolen from the unsecured lobby area that were delivered. She has since been reimbursed by the vendor but wanted us to be aware of it. She will also notify the post office.

Caller requests we note that her tenant on Myrtle Avenue continues to fill the hallways with the odor of marijuana. There is an eviction process taking place at current time.

Party reports that a male on Golden Drive doesn’t belong there. He had left before their arrival and will not

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