Police Blotter 11-30-2012

Monday, November 19

Officer will try to serve female on Irwin Street two Summons issued by the Chelsea Juvenile Court and one for a Juvenile at the same address. He reports no one home, also the apartment number on the Summons #3 is wrong. Will be noted on the Summons.

Officer R. Carter will generate an Incident Report for the arrest of one on Golden Drive.

Several calls for a motor vehicle crash on Highland Avenue. All parties refused medical. W93 reports property damage to retaining wall on Highland while attempting to extricate one of the vehicles involved.

Caller reports male and female getting ready to fight at Ingleside Park.

MGH called to request a person check on a female at Governors Park. She left the hospital today and now hasn’t answered her phone all day. W93 spoke with the woman who was busy all day and will call her doctor back.

Female on Lincoln Street called to report that she just saw a male wearing a large hat and an overcoat walking a large black dog key her car. Another caller reports the male we are looking for lives on Read Street. Units located the party who admitted doing the damage. There were previous reports in the last week of similar damage done as well.

Caller reports he found his son unresponsive in the bathtub on Court Road. Fire and ambulance been notified. Unit 93 reports a sudden death. ME’s office notified.

Tuesday, November 20

Caller reports a male may be under the weather parked and about to drive off at Cumberland Farms. W92 Off. Brown responded and reports a male was just sitting in his car talking on the phone. All is OK.

Father came in to report that his 14-year-old son was approached by a 17-year-old high schooler today after school at the Middle School, along with his 13-year-old daughter. Father reports that his son was assaulted on Main Street over the weekend. Father was given victim/witness forms to bring to his son and advised to notify the school of what occurred on school property and have the school call our department to respond to take his son’s report.

Caller reports he believes someone is sleeping in his boat on Pleasant Court.

Caller on Pauline Street requesting an ambulance. Units report unattended death. CPAC notified and also ME notified. All declined. Officer will make out report.

Call from mother on Court Road to report that her son fell and hit his head on the ceramic floor. Action and Fire notified.

Father on Hermon Street came to the station with a filled out victim/witness form regarding a beating his son took from a high school student. This is a result of a large party on Main Street the other night. Officer Carter will speak to the father, then the son, take photos of his injuries and then make out a report for a hearing.

Male from Saugus called to report he has his boat docked at the Crystal Cove Marina. While at the marina, his boat lock was cut and the boat put into the water without his permission. Also, he stated, water was put into his vehicle’s gas tank.

Officer will try to serve male on Hawthorn Avenue a summons issued by the Dedham Juvenile Court. He reports the address on the summons, Revere Street, is wrong. He has moved to the above address. Officer reports checking all addresses and no one knows them.

Female on Golden Drive came to the station to report she has belongings at another female’s home. She was called and she said she could come by with an officer. The officer reports all items were obtained and all went without any incident or problems.

Manager of group home on Pearl Avenue came to the station to report their cash box was stolen.

Father came in to report that his 13-year-old daughter was assaulted today at the Middle School.

Caller reports someone pulled into Sargent Street and turned on the lights in the cellar. The home is supposed to be empty. Units report building is empty. Owner notified and will respond.

Neighbors on Shirley Street disputing over alleged loud music. Officer reports the caller just wanted us to know how loud the music was in the event that someone called us to complain.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports his wife has been passing out and is requesting an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified.

Wednesday, November 21

Female on Sewall Avenue called to report that the person who lives next door may have hit her vehicle. Resident knows the male’s name. His vehicle information has come back as a suspect vehicle. He was called on his cell phone by Off. Ferullo.

Regarding the above incident, a female on Crystal Cove Avenue called to ask if male has been released. When asked why, she stated all four of the tires on her car has no air in them. She did not want an officer as a tow is coming to add air. There is a 209A on the male by female. She came into the station and showed us a bill from Nu-Tread that three of her tires were slashed.

Call from Sargent Street that someone is taking items out of the house and they don’t belong there. Officer reports speaking to the owner and stated these people are cleaning the house as it has been sold.

Female caller reports there are kids smoking behind the building on Kennedy Road. They don’t get out of the way when someone is walking by. Officers moved five kids out of the area.

Male came to the station to report sometime this week his Sears battery charger was stolen from the Boat Yard at Belle Isle Terrace.

Male on Overlook Drive called to report that his wife is missing again. All units notified. Units checked all over the Highlands. When husband returned home, the wife had returned. He reports she is fine and no need for medical. Off. S. Hickey responded and spoke with the family regarding devices that can be used to locate parties in this situation.

Thursday, November 22

Caller reports a male on Main Street yelling at a woman and breaking the windows. All units responded and officer reports male was trying to keep the female from driving as she was under the weather. Female was taken home by a friend and male left the area. Others were advised to let the homeowner know that if this continues there would be consequences.

Caller on Winthrop Street states loud party disturbing her. Units report party has been shut down. Caller reports the music has started again. Officers report sending everybody home for the night. Resident told if we return, he will be arrested.

Party on Loring Road found a wallet on the public access stairs behind his residence.

Female on Russell Street reports that her oven is on fire. Advised to have everyone exit the residence. WFD notified. Units stood by while the fire was extinguished.

Caller reported that he was just in a Viking Taxi and the driver was going too fast and then he began to use bad language towards him in front of his wife and kid. Viking Taxi was notified of complaint.

Lifeline reports alarm on male on Bowdoin Street. Fire, Action notified. They report male fell. Checked out, no transport.

Friday, November 23

Party at Vivi Nails reports the glass to the front door is damaged. No entry gained.

Party on Triton Avenue came in to report that her neighbor parks his van at the tip of her driveway making it difficult to enter and exit. She has spoken to the wife, but he continues to do it. 93 will attempt to resolve the matter.

Caller reports a homeless woman who may need help at Bartlett and Adams. Officer report searching the area.

Party on Palmyra Street reports the sewer is backing up outside his home. DPW will handle.

Officer requested license and registration check on a female at CVS. Her license is expired, so the vehicle will be operated by a licensed operator with her. Citation issued by the officer.

Off. Ferullo reports that male on Cliff Avenue who was alleged as going to Florida did not go to Florida. He may be involved in the 209A violations. The victim has been calling as she was told he went to Florida. Her tires have had the air let out of them and also slashed on separate occasions. Male was also alleged to be involved in two separate hit and run accidents.

Call of a loud group of kids bothering people at Michael’s Mall.

Call from the fire department to report youths shooting flares on Pico Avenue.

Caller on Moore Street reports a fight. Units dispatched and report a disturbance between two brothers. One is leaving for the night and peace has been restored.

Saturday, November 24

Caller reports a fight at the Kasbah Restaurant. Officers report a patron came back looking for his wallet, that he thought he had lost. Owner and some workers were cleaning up at the time. Owner said there is no wallet.

Caller from floor 1 on Nevada Street that she heard a scream come from the female on the second floor Officers request fire for a forced entry. They will not answer the door. Officers report WFD had to force entry into the front door. They spoke with a male and female who stated they had a verbal argument.

Husband on Overlook Drive reports his wife is missing again. All units looking for female. Received a  call from another female and she informed us that the Revere PD have located wife on Winthrop Avenue, Revere, Off. Dalrymple will pick her up and bring her home. Revere has decided she needs to go to the Whidden for the extreme cold. Husband will be notified.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reports that his dad has severe head pain. Call transferred to Action EMD for service.

Caller reports that a car is all over the road on River Road. Officer has the car stopped. Charges: OUI

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a man slumped over the wheel in motor vehicle in front of the house. Officer reports a gentleman checked out medically, and went inside with his father.

Sunday, November 25

Party brought in an AMEX credit card he found. No listing available. Placed under the front counter.

Party at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports a male staggering into town with a bottle of alcohol. W92 located the subject. WFD notified for an evaluation.

Caller from Florida reports she is concerned for her sister on Governors Drive as she has not heard from her since the day after Thanksgiving. Her phone has been off the hook for the last few days. W93 reports making contact with the party who is well and having trouble with her cell phone, but will contact her family ASAP.

Visiting nurse reports that her patient on Belcher Street has fallen and she needs assistance getting her up.

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