Winthrop Catholic Women Hold “Salute to Our Veterans” Event

Alice Haskell, board member, and Ethel Kelley, president of the Winthrop Catholic Woman’s Club, present a donation on behalf of the club to U.S. Marine Corps veteran Andrew Biggio, founder of the Wounded Vet Motorcycle Run that helps provides housing assistance to veterans.

A “Salute to Our Veterans” was held at the November meeting of the Winthrop Catholic Woman’s Club Monday night.

Andrew Biggio, a former Winthrop resident and veteran, was invited to attend and explain the Boston 3rd Annual Wounded Vet Run, a motorcycle ride and concert that supports wounded veterans.

Ethel Kelly, president of Winthrop catholic Woman’s Club, made a donation to Biggio’s event on behalf of the club.

The club stated in press release that “We as residents of the town of Winthrop should be proud of the hard work that veterans like Andrew Biggio do for the people who put their lives on the line for all of us and we want to thank them all. We have many people in our town who work hard for these veterans. Thank you again and God Bless.”

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