ACS to Be Highlight Canine Companionship

The American Cancer Society (ACS) will be celebrating how dogs are superb caretakers and companions for cancer patients during Bark for Life at 11am, on October 21st. This walk through Winthrop’s Ingleside Park will help raise vital funds for the ACS, while honoring that special friendship.

The Bark focuses on “embracing how a dog can help a cancer patient through his journey,” says Matthew Blom, Community Executive of Income Development at the American Cancer Society.

Blom hears many stories from cancer patients about how taking their dogs for a walk, or giving them breakfast, are the only things that drive them to get up in the morning.

For a patient who is lethargic and sick recovering from treatments, or going through chemotherapy, having their pet by their side to unconditionally love and cheer them up is therapeutic. Coming home to a pup wagging his tail when one opens the door is excellent medicine.

The fundraiser features a half hour scenic walk, prizes for the best dog trick, a Halloween costume contest, and raffled dog baskets filled with treats and other goodies. The ACS is also hoping to have a state or local police, canine demonstration.

“We’ll have some activities to engage people,” says Blom, “and we want the dogs to have fun, as well.”

The ACS has had volunteers work at the East Boston Relay for Life, and participants from Winthrop attend the Relay; and so, the organization wanted to have an event that incorporates the Winthrop community.

Everyone is welcomed to bring their canine companion to Bark for Life. To donate to the ACS, or inquire about how you can join the Bark, contact Matthew Blom at (781) 314-2608.

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