Police Blotter 09-27-2012

Monday, September 17

Female on Fremont Street called to report her house had been broken into last night.

Caller on Tileston Road reports a group of youths possibly smoking marijuana. W92 reports area search negative.

W97 reports there are two needles on Temple Avenue. Officer reports he has them and will put them in a Sharps container.

Party came into the station who is interested in obtaining an FID card for the purpose of hunting.

Call from Revere Street to report a possible 209 violation. W91 Officer Hickey responded and reports no violation. Officer explained the law to the caller.

Caller from Beal Street reports a man is walking into traffic. Units report escorting male party home where his mother and girlfriend have been waiting for him.

Heritage House called to report that two of her guests were “strong armed” by a Boston Cab at Orient Heights and that they were charged $30.00 to travel from the Heights to Terrace Avenue. She was advised to call Boston PD’s licensing division in the morning.

Tuesday, September 18

Caller from Washington Avenue reports his wife has been drinking and wants to leave and drive her car. Units report a verbal argument, and peace has been restored. All parties advised of their rights.

Call from Walden Street that someone needs an ambulance. WFD notified.

“Vehicle Towed”. Officer has located a motor vehicle on Bellevue Avenue with $1,610 owed. G&J will tow.

Male from Revere Street came to the station to turn in the garage opener that his 209A says to return. Officer gave it to brother.

Caller reports a kayak floating in the water on Winthrop Street at Sea View Avenue. They are unsure if anyone is onboard or in distress. WFD contacted to pass information along to harbormaster.

Social Worker with MGH requests a person check on a patient on Shore Drive, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been feeling despondent. States she has been unable to contact him for over 24 hours. Officer spoke with party and he was advised to contact the social worker at MGH.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that he was having a problem with another male who keeps coming to his apartment. He no longer wants him there. Caller reports going to court today and speaking to the clerk regarding an order. He was advised regarding a no trespass as well as harassment. A few minutes later another officer received a call regarding harasser. Caller said he left the area and went towards Veterans Road. Officers will check the area.

Female from Kennedy Road came in to report someone made threats to her. W93 Curran reports an ongoing harassment issue. She will again speak to school department in an effort to resolve the mater. Party advised to return if matter can not be rectified within the school department.

Caller from Shirley Street reports a verbal argument between two parties. Caller states they will go to East Boston Court in the morning to seek a restraining order against another individual.

Mother from Cross Street called to report that her son’s car was broken into while parked by the high school. His backpack was gone through and his black trifold wallet containing his license and credit (Visa) card were taken. Also missing is approximately $30. In cash. W91 Officer Hickey responded and will submit a report.

Caller from Crest Avenue reports several girls may be fighting down the street. Units report parties may have entered one of the apartments. No sign of any fights.

Several 911 calls regarding a large fight at the corner of Washington Avenue and Thornton Park. Units report having one in custody. Charges: domestic assault and battery.

Father called to report that his son lost his wallet somewhere between Main and Winthrop Street. It contains $60 and his ATM card.

Several calls from Banks Street about a tree down on the street with possible electrical wires. WFD notified and will respond. DPW Calla notified and will respond.

Reports of a car blaring music at the Landing. W93 Curran responded and reports no loud music. Channel 7 is doing a live report from the Landing.

Wednesday, September 19

Caller reports a wire hanging near the first speed bump on Seal Harbor Road and he believes it could be an electrical wire. Officer request WFD to check the wire. WFD determined that the wire to be an old fire alarm wire.

Husband states that a large branch came down on his wife’s vehicle on Pleasant Street. 93 responds and reports that damage to the trunk of the vehicle from a town tree on the sidewalk. DPW notified.

Caller from Governors Drive reports a man yelling and banging on a window. We received a 911 call  regarding a boyfriend trying to get in and female does not want him there. Subject was told if he returns, he will have a new place to stay for the night.

Party from Quincy Avenue requests an officer for a neighbor causing a problem. Units report.

Caller from Shirley Street requests an officer respond to assist her with her out-of-control daughter. Party called back and stated her daughter left on foot. She will contact the best team, party left on foot.

Subject on Waldemar Avenue with warrant was arrested and transported to station for booking.

Party on Shirley Street reports his son broke in the house and was found in the closet by his girlfriend. Officers report speaking with the girlfriend who stated some small items were taken but she does not want any further action taken. An area search was conducted for the subject, to no avail.

Someone on Shirley Street reports a male in his 50’s is ringing the doorbells asking for $100. The party does not know him and would like him to leave the area. Reported that he left on foot toward the Laundromat on Shirley Street. Supposedly, the party was playing a joke on some people. Apparently not the caller.

Lt. Lessard on detail reports a male on the beach near Crest Avenue appears to be unconscious near the green railing. Subject is known to officers. WFD and EMS notified. Subject will be transported to the Whidden via EMS.

Party reports that on Monday, Sept. 17th, at approximately 6:45 p.m. someone gained entrance through the open sunroof of her motor vehicle on Kennedy Road. A ladies’ handbag containing $100 cash, a health card, makeup, EBT and Zoloft was taken.

A male on Hermon Street walked into the station to report a problem with his tenant. He believes his tenant is possibly using utilities within the house without permission. The party was advised that this was a civil matter and to seek action through the East Boston District Court.

Thursday, September 20

Warrants served on male on Almont Street and male on Governors Drive.

Officers off to Upland Road for possible warrant service.

Subject on Pleasant Street placed under arrest on outstanding warrants.

Woman on Revere Street reports that her husband has driven by her home twice today in violation of a 209A (50 yards away). This occurred at 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. She went to her lawyer’s office first, then to work. She would like to come in this evening to file reports and complaints.

Detail Officer Brown requests assistance regarding youth vandalizing freshly poured cement near basketball court on Walden Street.

Officers are doing a follow-up investigation on a prior assault on Washington Avenue.

Party on Shirley Street reports her juvenile daughter has been missing since September 17. She may be with a male subject. Entered into NCIC.

Female on Washington Avenue came to the station to report an ongoing harassment by another female. She wanted this noted as tomorrow she will be seeking a harassment order from the court.

Caller reports a domestic in a white truck near Citizen’s Bank on Putnam Street. Units report a man left in white truck. Girl left in white car. All clear.

Received a warrant of apprehension docket issued by judge of East Boston Court for subject on Pauline Street. Mother will call when he arrives home.

Saturday, September 22

Party reports large amount of water shooting into the air near Read and Main Street. W100 and !93 report water pipe appears to be damaged causing water to shoot into the air. Calla of DPW was notified and shut off pipe into the residence.

Mother on Pleasant Street reports her five year old son is having difficulty breathing. Child could be heard struggling to breath in the background. Call transferred to WFD. W91 dispatched to respond. Officer reports child transported to Children’s in Boston.

Report of a loud party in the area of Palmyra Street with people being loud out in the street.

Party reports a deer or other type of antlered animal is swimming into the beach near Shore Drive. Environmental PD notified and will send an officer by the location. Second caller reports the deer is now in Hannaford Park area.

Male reports someone opened a DirectTV account in Winthrop without his knowledge or authorization from October 27, 2009 through February 22, 2010. He has filed a claim with DirectTV and will follow up with them. He was not provided with the street address in Winthrop where it occurred.

Party reports her sister on Court Road does not answer her calls and she is worried about her. Officer spoke with subject who told us to disregard and further calls from her sister.

Male on Ocean View Street came to the police station to complain about a citation he received on September 20. He stated that the female he got into the accident with did not move to the right and hit his mirror. He then pulled over by the high school and an argument ensued. He then left the area. He received a citation for leaving the scene with property damage.

Sunday, September 23

Caller reports male sleeping inside one of the children’s playground slides on Crest Avenue. Units report area search negative.

Citizen on Lowell Road reports a young male on a motor scooter type vehicle rides all over the Maze area the wrong way with no sticker on the bike. He rides on the side walk and looks to be under 14 years old. Can all officers check this out to prevent an accident and inform him and his parents of the law. W93 Feeley found the youth and had him put the bike away and informed him that if the bike is not registered or he drives illegally again, the bike will be taken.

Caller reports male staggering in the street on Plummer Avenue. Units report one male placed in protective custody.

Reports of a large group of youths playing football on housing property on Kennedy Road. W92 reports speaking with the youths who will move their game to a more appropriate venue.

Officer will try to serve a male on Main Street a 209A issued by the East Boston Court. Was served over the phone. Everything was explained to him and he stated he understood. Was told to come and get his copy.

Male caller reports he can hear banging from inside the old Dalrymple School. Officers report at least two doors open and can not be secured by them. Officers report five kids found in the building. There is damage, but unknown if it is fresh. The officers will take the kids home. All are juveniles. All parents spoken to by the officers.

Caller reports a female in a grey sweatshirt lying in her driveway on Harvard Street appears to be intoxicated. Units report female known to them.

Monday, September 24

Female on Shirley Street called to report she just witnessed a waste management trash truck back into her vehicle while it was parked in the lot behind her residence. Reports denting and scratching to her rear bumper.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports her child is being very disrespectful and refuses to go to school. W93 reports minor left the residence prior to arrival. Will apply for CHINS warrant if minor does not return.

Female called to report that someone took her gray cane while she was near Swetts in the center. Someone informed her that they saw a black woman walking up Bartlett Road with the cane. W93 Officer Curran located that cane and returned it to the proper owner.

Female on Shirley Street came to the station to report the theft of her Dooney and Burke hobo style pocketbook from her motor vehicle while parked in her driveway overnight. It contained EB savings bank checkbook, Mass. Driver’s license, various credit cards. Her checkbook was found by someone and turned into the state police in Revere. She learned the missing Bank of America MC had already been used somewhere in Lynn. She learned this when she contacted the card companies to report the theft.

Mother from Temple Avenue came to station to report that her 17 year old daughter is being harassed and bullied and encouraged to harm herself by another female high school student. She reports that her daughter was also assaulted by this other student prior to the start of school. This bullying has occurred on twitter as well as an anonymous call to her daughter’s cell and then admitted to by this other student. Reporter will go directly to the school tomorrow to report this and to try to resolve this. Mother has previously reported this to the parent of the other student to no avail. The parent at this time only wants to document this bullying behavior and hopes to resolve this with the help of the school.

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