Winthrop Police Hail Assistance in B&E Case

Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty this week hailed the input and assistance the department is receiving in an on-going breaking and entering case on Grovers Ave., after surveillance video at a reported robbery scene was distributed through Face Book and other media outlets, resulting in a positive identification of the suspect in the alleged incident.

“Within 24 hours of releasing this image to the public through media and face book, Detective Callinan had received several tips positively identifying the individual in the video,” explained Chief Delehanty. “We are not releasing the identity of the individual at this time, because the case is still under investigation, but the suspect will be found and brought to justice.”

According to police reports, the incident was first reported to police on August 15, when a video camera linked to a cable provider obtained the image of the suspect entering the home on Grovers Ave. and the alleged victims reported that a small safe with $2,500 in US currency had been taken from a first floor hallway in their apartment.

“The collaboration with the public in helping us to solve this case has been fantastic,” stated Chief Delehanty. “From the surveillance video that was turned over to detectives, to the citizens who monitor our social media outlets, I was just very impressed by the input offered. This kind of collaboration will help us solve what would otherwise have been a very difficult case to solve.”

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