Police/Fire Cookout a Success: Our Public Safety Forces Came Through Once Again

They put their lives on the line so we in Winthrop can enjoy the feeling of peace, security, and safety in our homes and on our streets. We speak of the men and women of the Winthrop Police and Fire Departments who combined their efforts to host the recent cookout at the Senior Center for our seniors. It was a great day for our seniors and our local police and firefighters, under the leadership of Chiefs Terence Delehanty and Paul Flanagan respectively, who cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs and led all the culinary operations to  help make it a wonderful day for our seniors

We’re fortunate to have these law enforcement and public safety professionals working for our safety. It was nice to see them mingling and talking with our seniors on what was a beautiful summer day. All in all, it was a fun event at the Senior Center, with Executive Director Nancy Williams and the Council on Aging board members front and center and enjoying the festivities with the seniors they serve.

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