Little League Controversy Leaves Dowd on the Bench

Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd served as a coach, umpire-in-chief, board member and volunteer in the Winthrop Little League for 26 years but his association with the league ended last Thursday when he was dismissed from the organization by the board of directors.

League president David Leslie confirmed in a telephone interview that Dowd had been dismissed from the board of directors, saying Dowd’s “conduct was detrimental to Winthrop Little League.”

The issue stems from a difference in interpretation about the selection process for the All-Star players who represent Winthrop Little League in the District 16 Williamsport Tournament.

“They said I didn’t conform to protocol in the complaint about the board of directors’ handling of the election for the Williamsport All-Star team this year,” Dowd said. “I was in charge of the election process this year and it was different than in past years.”

Dowd said that twelve players were originally selected to the Winthrop All-Star team. When one of the players decided not to accept a berth on the team, the next highest vote getter was bypassed for the vacancy on the team.

“The board decided to have twelve players,” said Dowd. “After the vote was over, one boy that was elected decided not to play and then they added two more players for a total of 14. They decided to replace one player and add two players without consulting the list.”

Dowd said he has the full support of the player’s family in the matter. He has received a note of gratitude from the player’s relatives for his efforts on the player’s behalf.

Dowd said at last Thursday’s meeting he requested that the board of directors take an open vote on his dismissal. “I asked for a vote while I was present at the meeting but they said they wouldn’t do that, that they would do it in private. I’m not exactly sure what the vote was but I would like to find out that information.”

Dowd feels the dismissal was out of order in respect to his ardent efforts to maintain the integrity of the All-Star selection process.

“I went out on a limb to protect that child and I’m being disciplined for it,” said Dowd. “I wanted to help this boy and I’m being dismissed for that.”

Dowd said that volunteerism is at “an all-time low” in Winthrop Little League.

“At one Little League meeting of team managers and coaches, [President] David Leslie asked for volunteers to put the batting cage’s net up for safety reasons, and not one person volunteered,” said Dowd.

4 comments for “Little League Controversy Leaves Dowd on the Bench

  1. Robert T.
    July 4, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    Sounds like the board should be dismissed.

  2. Allen S.
    July 5, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Williamsport   Little League Association should be notified of this breach of policy/regulation.   Interpretation is clear in the selection process.  Players are selected based on their ranking, as decided by the coaches.  This is in place to protect the players from being passed over to accommodate coaches’ or board members’ relatives and friends.  To manipulate the selection, and then dismiss a dedicated volunteer who truly is protecting the integrity of the process, and most importantly the players, is egregious and unethical.  This is a betrayal to the players.  Those players selected over the higher ranking little leaguer did not earn their position, and their parents should step up and insist on a correction, even if that means 15 players!  The self serving Winthrop Little League Board members who allowed this to occur should be ashamed of themselves.  The Sun readers certainly are!

  3. Tom
    July 10, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Can see nothing has changed in Winthrop little league in the past 20 years.the same type of bs was going on back in the early 90’s as well. Jack dowd dedicated his services his time and his passion for the game just to be ousted by a bunch of wanna be town politicians who’s sole purpose is to run an organization for the KIDS to have fun and learn how to work as a team. Win or lose. What a disgrace Winthrop little league has always been. Jack dowd deserves better

  4. Jim
    July 14, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Problem was allen that the players were NOT selected by the coaches. The kids selected the team.

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