Police Blotter 06-28-2012

Monday, June 18

Female on Siren Street is requesting an ambulance for her uncle who is having a reaction to his new medication. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Officer on Pleasant Street was flagged down by a resident who told him a TT unit from Old Dominion Trucking took down his phone line about five minutes prior. The wire was secured to the pole and resident will call Verizon regarding the wire.

Party came in to report his son used his credit card without his authorization. Based upon his victim/witness statement, the card was used at several ATMs in Revere. He will file a report with the Revere PD.

Caller reports unwanted guest on Crescent Street. Units report verbal only. All rights given. All clear.

Two groups of kids lighting fireworks at Halford Beach. Units report sending group out of the area.

Call reports kids drinking on the seawall at Beacon Circle. Units report sending group out of area. 

Tuesday, June 19

Officer will try to serve a female on Main Street a summons issued by the Lynn District Court. He reports serving it in hand.

Detail Officer Romeo reports a motor vehicle seen in the area who appears to be “casing” Devereaux Construction equipment and supplies stored on Walden Street and the Ingleside Park area.

Female on Highland Avenue came to the station to report that this morning a white Toyota in front of her house. While she was in her car, the male took photos. She just wanted this on record.

Female party from Undine Avenue reports that she put items up on Craig’s list and a registered sex offender came to her home. While at the home, he was making strange statements that made her uncomfortable. He arrived in a grey Ford.

Male party called from the hospital asking police to check his first floor apartment on Shirley Street. He has a report that a construction truck is parked in the driveway. The party is now co-owned but the caller has not been evicted and he is concerned for his personal property. W-93 Off. DeCarlo responded and reports front and back are secure.

Distraught female on Golden Drive flagged W-94 Lt. Scarpa down to report the son of her neighbor is disturbing and harassing her. W-94 and W-98 had male leave the area as he is not listed on the lease for housing.

Caller reports party on right side of house on Edwards Street is shooting off a bb gun at squirrels and birds. W-93 responded and reports no one home at the address. Caller reports to the officer that the bb shooter comes out at 5 a.m . (AM shift, please check the area).

Female on Locust Street called to report that two males in the area. They came into her yard while she was sitting out with her children and took the play balls and walked out of the yard with them. Caller’s friend went after them and got the balls back. A second male was there who was shorter. Last seen on the corner of Veterans and Locust. Unable to locate the subjects. May have gotten on a bus that had been in the area.

Call first from a male and then a second call from a crying female on Golden Drive, that sister is unresponsive. Second call indicated that she had stopped breathing. Transferred to fire and officers were sent.

Caller reports a group of kids down by the water on Cottage Park Road. Second caller reports group there and he can hear glass breaking. W-91, W-93 and W-94 responded and report coming to the station with a juvenile female. Father was contacted and arrived at the station to pick daughter up. 

Wednesday, June 20

93 DeCarlo was stopped on Revere Street by a pedestrian telling him of youths who broke a window near Brother’s. W-91 Freeman and DeCarlo determined only a bottle was broken. Cleaned and sent on their way.

Female caller on Franklin Street requesting help getting off the floor of her kitchen. WFD and ambulance notified.

Call from Detail Officer Dalrymple to report a protestor in front of Dunkin Donuts with a table. Responded and explained to the protestor that a “sidewalk permit” was needed for the table and to please not yell while cars are pulling out of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot, as the traffic is hard enough to navigate. The male understood and stated he would leave. I told him he did not have to leave, just remove the table and not yell. He said next time he would obtain a permit, but at this time, he will change areas. I thanked him for being cooperative and he left.

Female on Shirley Street reports that her front license plate was stolen. Report taken and information entered into LEAPS. Woman informed to keep a copy of the stolen report in the vehicle, in case she is stopped.

Manager of CVS reports that he is having a problem with a young man in the parking lot.

Worker from the EB Health Center on Sturgis Street called to report she heard a possible carbon monoxide alarm going off. Fire notified.

Male caller reports an accident on 789 Shirley Street. No one injured. Officer sent to the scene and report. Minor damage to front fender of motor vehicle. No report needed.

Caller from Underhill Street reports a domestic assault and battery that occurred approximately one year ago. He will respond to the Winthrop Police to provide a letter proving the A&B and would court action taken. The court was contacted and they advised that an officer sets up a hearing. Caller will come during the night shift to speak to an officer.

Call from the Board of Health to report that at night in a parking lot on Beach Road that people are sleeping there. They have mattresses and other items with them as they are sleeping and appear to be living there, or at least sleeping there at night. Can PM shift check this out.

Call of a report of a syringe in the parking lot at Seal Harbor complex. Caller states that he will dispose of the devise.

Male from Somerset Avenue reports of a grill on fire behind him. Transferred to fire. W-93 reports owners came home and took care of the grill. Caller was concerned as a propane tank was nearby.

Numerous calls of partial outage along Cottage Hill. National Grid notified and they are aware of the problem. Power should be back at 2000 hours.

Male reports youth walking on the beach behind Court Road with beer. W-92 and W-93 responded and reports locating several young people with Gatorade only.

Female caller from River Road reports underage drinking as she observed underage males carrying a 30-pack and the put it into a back pack. The youths are known to her and that is how she knows they are under 21. Three males were heading towards the cemetery.

Same male caller as earlier call reporting the group is still there behind Court Road and they are drinking Heineken. Caller states that the group stopped at Johnson and were the youths he called about earlier. Officers report the group took off as they were approaching.

Caller reports kids lighting fireworks at Halford Beach. 93 reports area search negative. 

Thursday, June 21 

Caller reports six young people in the parking lot of CPYC and she thinks they might be planning to try to jump off the roof to the club into the water. This is a frequent occurrence there in the past during hot weather. They are near a boat in the lot. Caller is concerned for their safety.

Caller reports male appears to be sleeping in the rear hallway of the building on Shirley Street. Units report moving male out of the area.

Female caller reporting a possible carbon monoxide alarm near Pico Park. Fire notified.

Party reports a group of kids running up and down the cemetery with a squirt gun causing a disturbance. Officer reports group of kids has been moved out of the cemetery and the area is clear.

93 DeFreitas and 92 Brown report that the manager of Crystal Cove Inn claims an assault. No charges from either party. Couple on scene trespassed.

Female called to report a larceny of mostly costume jewelry and camcorder sometime back in February on Beacon Street. EB Neighborhood Health Clinic sent over a man from the agency called Houseworks to assist her with cleaning and he is the suspect as he helped her remove these items from boxes as he was cleaning for her. Caller does not know his name but believes a female at EBNHC should have all the information. The female at EBNHC called us back and she is going to have a supervisor or the male cleaner involved with the above to call the station.

Several calls of loud explosions in the area of Locust and Revere and on Almont Street. Last caller said someone threw something out of a motor vehicle on Shirley Street and it left a mark in the street and smells of gun powder. 

Friday, June 22

Male on Sunnyside Avenue reports his ex-wife is harassing him via e-mail and phone conservations. Advised to visit EBDC and apply for an harassment order on his ex-wife.

W92 and 902 Lt. Scarpa checked out a male subject walking around Winthrop Center near the businesses. Units report male is visiting from Belgium and staying on Sunnyside Avenue with his brother.

Caller from Summit Avenue reports his father is intoxicated and making statements indicating he wishes to harm himself. Units report one to the Whidden for voluntary evaluation.

Female came to the station to report that the IRS rejected and will not allow her to file her 2011 tax returns stating that somebody had already filed a return using her and her children’s social security number. Party was advised that we will make a journal notation but that they should follow up with the IRS fraud division.

Male from Court road called to report his wife’s pocket book was missing from their kitchen table sometime overnight. He reports coming home at approximately 10 p.m. by boat and walking form their dock to the rear of their home and entering from there. Caller is certain the purse was with his wife when they returned home. Upon waking this morning the pocket book was missing from their table. The pocketbook is described as  Louie Vitton should bag containing a Chanel wallet, black in color. It also contained approximately $200 in cash and credit cards, a checkbook and personal items and papers. W93 responded and checked the exterior and interior doors and windows and there was no sign of forced entry to the home. Caller will notify his bank and credit card companies. 

Saturday, June 23 

Caller reports group of kids being loud and possibly drinking on Pauline Street. W-92 dispatched to the area. Officer reports speaking with three individuals walking in the area with open containers. He had the individuals dump out the alcohol and they were advised and sent out of the area.

Officer reports loud group coming out of the Kasbah. Officer advised the group to quiet down and leave the area. Group is leaving without incident.

Party from Bowdoin Street reports a baby raccoon is stuck inside the trap she set for them and now the mother is outside the trap screeching and trying to get her baby. Message was left for ACO.

Female reports her 83-year-old father lost his wallet about two months ago. The wallet contained his Mass ID, SS card, approximately $100 and other personal papers.

Party came in to report she is the victim of identity theft.

Someone reports a male pulled up in the rear of Dunkin Donuts on Argygle Street and is acting very suspicious. He then got into a motor vehicle with a female but is still sitting there in the rear lot. Officers report the two parties met for breakfast and nothing suspicious observed.

Party reports two individuals on the jetty and is concerned as the tide is coming in. State in Revere notified.

Male reports he answered an employment ad on Craig’s list and it was a scam. He received two checks to deposit and his account was ultimately depleted. He is out $25. Was advised to follow up with the relevant bank and to keep and eye on his credit report for any possible suspicious activity.

Party came in to request advice regarding a friend who has been staying with him at Fort Heath Apartments. He would like him to leave. Subject is wanted in Idaho. Warrant confirmed with Blackfoot Idaho Sheriff’s office for a felony warrant and report they will come to pick him up. Subject placed in custody. Charged with being a fugitive from justice without warrant.

Caller reports grandmother walked out of the house on Read Street and is a bit disoriented. She is walking on Winthrop Street. Units notified. Party came to station stating she found her and is returning home.

Party reports that a lady is digging on his property on Tafts Avenue and won’t leave. Officer spoke to all involved. Matter settled.

Several calls of streets flooding around town. DPW notified. 

Sunday, June 24 

Caller reports a domestic on Beal Street. Units report a verbal argument between mother and son.

Party reports being informed by her credit card company, Capital One, that an unknown person was using her MasterCard number faudulently in Louisiana. There was approximately $250-300 dollars worth of charges before it was shut off. Parents on Douglas Street want 19-year old daughter out of the house. Officers mediated dispute. Daughter is staying, but gave up her car keys to her mother.

Female called reporting her 10 speed bike was stolen from the hall on Woodside Avenue. W-91 reports he spoke to her and will submit an incident report.

Husband (separated) believes wife is intoxicated and unable to take care of their daughter. Officer went to residence on Central Street and reports the child is fine and adult is in no way unable to care for the child. Caller reports large group of kids trying to break into all the cars on Shore Drive. Caller then said they were throwing rocks at the cars on the street. He went on to say they were loud and had their hats on backwards. Officer report searching the area. Call unfounded.

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