Police Blotter 05-03-2012

Monday, April 23 

Party reports someone left 6 bags of rubbish in front of his residence for the second week in a row.

Party reports that someone used her Mass Bay Credit Union bank card in PA for a total amount of $261.90.

Tuesday, April 24 

Caller reports his second floor tenants are causing a disturbance and may have caused damage to the property.

Female reports car dropped off two men and they are looking through the cars in neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 25 

Caller reports motor vehicle parked for weeks with heavy front end damage. Parking citation issued for inspection sticker violation and placed on 72 hr. list.

Caller requests an ambulance for severe stomach pains.

Street sweeping officer Dalrymple reports a lady fell on Winthrop St. in a large sink hole.

Caller reports he believes he saw a man walking down Bowdoin St. with a gun over his shoulder. Call unfounded.

Woman caller reports a male unsteady of his feet walking down Golden Drive.

Person reports his baseball equipment was stolen from his yard.

Person came to the station to report being robbed of his jacket, wallet and cell phone by 3 or 4 individuals in the park near the rear of the middle school.

Thursday, April 26 

Female reports she came outside and all four of her tires were flat.

Report of a domestic dispute between father and son. One male place din custody for domestic assault and battery and active warrant.

Construction noise disturbing the peace.

Friday, April 27 

Female caller reports two dogs are barking.

Caller reports someone dumping items at the marsh area at Read St.

Caller reports her motor vehicle was broken into. She is missing her gps, phone charger and checks.

Report called in that clerk at Honey Dew is selling underage youths cigarettes.

Party requests an officer for a shoplifter who is taking items at CVS.

Saturday, April 28 

Party called to report that he recovered his own stolen motor vehicle on Swift St. in East Boston.

Caller reports drunks banging on her door.

Caller reports baby fell. Baby is crying and needs to be checked out.

Sunday, April 29 

Caller requests an ambulance for her mother who is not feeling well.

Party reports a blue taxi operating erratically in the area of Dolphin Ave.

Party reports someone left a bag of drugs behind at CVS. Officer reports it appears to be a bag of Class D. Brought to station to be destroyed.

Party reports he has seen dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate in and around the tennis court area.

Party requests EMS for her husband who fell earlier at boat yard.

Caller reports a red cargo van struck a Honda Accord and fled.

Monday, April 30, 2012 

Party called reporting domestic abuse taking place in Saugus. Call transferred to Saugus police and they will investigate the matter.

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