A Fitting Tribute: Dick Dimes Worked Tirelessly for Years

The Town Council voted unanimously the other night to name the DPW Building in honor of Dick Dimes, one of our town’s all time leading citizens who has given five decades of public service to Winthrop.  It was a joy to hear former Council President Thomas Reilly’s strong endorsement of this singular honor for Dimes.

It was Dick Dimes who more than anyone else in our community led the push for the construction of the DPW building. This is a fitting recognition for those efforts, which spanned almost two decades before they finally came to fruition. Dick Dimes saw a need and had a dream which he pursued with dogged determination until it became a reality.

Dick Dimes, who together with his wife Marge raised their beautiful family in Winthrop,  is a throwback to the sort of civic-minded citizenry from an era in which individuals truly cared about their town and their fellow townspeople. If they saw a job to be done, they would jump into, not for personal recognition or glory, but just because they knew that someone had to step up or it would not get done.

Dick Dimes (and everyone who has served our community) knows fully well that public service is a thankless task. But as our long time Business Manager, Zita Quigley, used to say, “Even a dog likes a pat on the head every once in a while.”

So we join with our Town Council and all of our fellow residents in offering a big, “Thank you” to Dick Dimes for the wonderful town garage we now have and we hope that naming the building in his honor will serve as a well-deserved “pat on the head.”

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