A Good Move

We’ve said on other occasions that Town Manager James McKenna is a man of vision and his proposal announced at the last Council meeting that action on all votes taken by the Council will be readily available is another of those innovations that we’ve come to expect during the McKenna era.

Councilors and any resident will now be able to look at information and have at their fingertips a document detailing all past votes and actions on every matter that has come before the Council.

McKenna credited three town employees for getting this proposal underway, Amy Honan Rodriguez of his office, Assistant Chief Financial Officer Michelle Karas, and Council Clerk Kathy Hickey. Their combined efforts will benefit Winthrop public officials and residents  in the months and years to come.

The idea to televise all town committee meetings is still being considered. When you add in the efforts of the women named above, Winthrop will have a fully transparent town government operation.

1 comment for “A Good Move

  1. thompson19
    April 26, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    If the town manager is so willing to provide selected bits of information quickly, when will he advise the townspeople what the status is of at least three of the town’s managerial employees. And in particular, will Mr. McKenna tell the town whether or not it has a chief financial officer or at least a professionally qualified financial chief>

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