Police Blotters 03-29-2012

Tuesday, March 20

Party reports from Houghton Marine Services that some of his property had been tossed around d the area. He would like to see an officer. He believes that kids after school are throwing the buoys into the water. Someone has caught them several times. Mr. Houghton is requesting a drive-through during after school hours. He stated there is no vandalism or loss of property at this time.

Someone reports a male wearing a gray hooded sweat and tan slacks looking into cars in the lot at 1 Seal Harbor. He chased him out of the area and may be in the Ft. Heath apartments area.

Party reported to officer that a dog has been left in a motor vehicle on Bellevue Avenue for nearly an hour. ACO notified and will respond. Animal Control spoke to the owner who brought the dog in the house.

Received a fax of abuse prevention order issued by the EB District Court to be served on a person on Forrest Street. Officer reports unable to serve as nobody is home at present time. She will try back later. Subject was located at the Walden Street basketball courts.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports she was threatened back in February by her neighbor and has been the victim of ongoing harassment by the same neighbor. She is currently admitted at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital and was advised to file a report when she is discharged as she is not in any immediate danger.

Distraught female came in to report a known party took her phone from her motor vehicle down at Michael’s Mall. 93 attempted to contact the subject at her residence to no avail.

Party reports his neighbor is driving golf balls into the ocean on Upland Road. He had words with him and requested an officer be dispatched. Spoke with the subject who was unaware of the laws prohibiting the golf balls into the ocean. He was advised of the environmental violations of Save the Harbor the Bay.

Female reports she is inside Dunkin Donuts with an elderly female suffering chest pain. WFD and EMS notified.

WFD requests an officer for a “suspicious suitcase” sitting in the parking lot across the street from the Beach Fire Station on Shirley Street. Fire deemed bag not suspicious, possibly thrown out for trash.

Party reports shouting and possibly fighting starting on Winthrop Street and now continuing in the common hall. Officers report past breaking and entering, screaming was residents discovering the crime.

Subject reported missing last week was located. Her sister called and reported she was hiding from her ex-boyfriend who reported her missing. She does not want him informed that she was located.

Party reports “feet” sticking out from behind one of her bushes on Cliff Avenue. Officer reports one male going to Whidden for evaluation.

Wednesday, March 21

Officer requests a check for a male on a default warrant on Bartlett Road. He was placed under arrest.

Caller reports that there is a group of people yelling in front of Fort Heath Apartments causing a disturbance. Second call stating that the parties creating the disturbance were leaving the area in a yellow Hummer.

Call from Plummer Avenue that there is something strange going on with the neighbors that live behind them on Sunnyside Avenue. She reports individuals running through yards and jumping fences. There is two suspicious individuals standing in front of a house on Sunnyside Avenue with a flagpole. Units respond and report.

Party reports a large German shepherd is walking down Main Street toward East Boston.

Detail officer took possession of a found wallet at Wyatt’s Mobile Mart. Picked up by W92 and officer went by the owner’s address to attempt to return it. Officer reports nobody home. Attempted to phone the subject but number is out of service. Wallet brought to the station.

Party came in with a stray cat. ACO notified and will assist her and put her in touch with Paws For Pets.

School official reports a dead raccoon near the window well on the left side of the Middle School. ACO notified and will pick up the animal.

WFD reports they will be conducting a “controlled burn” in the area around the lake to finish up what they started the other day.

Citation issued to subject for failing to stop for woman and children crossing Revere Street.

Chief received a report of a large tanker truck in the area of Bowdoin Street off the truck route. Units located the vehicle and assisted him back to the truck route.

Winthrop Housing called to report a subject fell out of his wheelchair and they need assistance getting him back up.

Several calls of kids fighting on Shore Drive. Units report disbursing group.

Officer was able to contact subject that lost his wallet. He responded to the station and was given the wallet.

About 20 people removed from the 7-11 parking lot who were blocking the entrance.

Thursday, March 22

Caller requests we check on his girlfriend on Shore Drive. She was threatening herself. Units request fire, and Action. Units report one to Mass General for evaluation.

Report of yelling and screaming on Irwin Street. Units report verbal between husband and wife.

Officer reports trying to stop motor vehicle. Operator bailed out on Brookfield Road. Officers searching the area.

Officer reports he will be checking out a parked motor vehicle on Walden Street. It is half parked in the street and half blocking a driveway. Person in driver’s seat was placed under arrest for OUI.

Party at Crystal Cove Marina reported that over night someone stole tools out of his work truck and then stuffed a cloth in the tank of his motor vehicle and attempted to ignite it. WFD notified and they responded to take information and file a report as well.

Alarm Central reports an activation for the front door of WCAT. Officer reports K&K Contractors set it off while doing work.

Officer spoke with Senior Center and they would like to do a well being check for a female on Court Road.

Officer reports speaking with a caller who stated that her I-Phone was taken from the Laundromat on Main Street. She gave a description of a man that resembled Popeye. Allegedly she made contact with him and he stated he will return the phone. Additional information for previous call. Reported that the I-Phone is valued at $200.

Caller from Wilshire Street states person needs medical attention from consuming too much alcohol. Fire and Action notified. 91 and 92 report a female to Whidden via Action.

Female stated that one white male wearing black shorts and no shirt jumped on the hood of her vehicle and then fell to the ground as though he was struck by the car. This happened on Shore Drive. They exchanged words and the two males continued to walk on Shore Drive toward Grovers Avenue. Units report area search negative for those two subjects.

Several calls of accident involving a bus on Beach Road. Both parties in the motor vehicle went to the hospital. The bus wasn’t involved in the accident. The vehicle caused damage to residence on Beach Road.

Report of youths doing drugs on Trident Avenue in a car on the street.

Woman called to report a suspicious male with long blond hair who appears to be staring at the kids on their bikes on Francis Street. 93 reports male sent on his way.

One of the workers reports getting threatened by one of the clients on Pearl Avenue. Worker called back requesting fire, Action. So notified. 93 reports one male to Whidden.

Caller reports kids doing coke in a car on Shirley Street. Call back. They left. No description.

Woman reports backyard fire on Hutchinson Street. Fire notified and will handle.

Caller reports female and male arguing outside of the home on Shirley Street. Officers report speaking with both parties that had been arguing over keys.

Female caller reports boyfriend on Nevada Street had too much to drink and needed an ambulance. WFD and ambulance notified.

Friday, March 23

Female caller reports seeing the coyote on Townsend Street as she was walking her dog.

Officer reports seeing a vehicle parked near the pro shop with its trunk open. Officers report the male party stated that he was practicing his putting. He stated that he does this all the time.

Female caller reporting her father is yelling and screaming on Crescent Street. Officers report verbal argument between father and daughter.

Detectives report one male in custody for 94C violations on George Street. Charged with drug possession of Class D substance and drug violation near school/park.

Report of patient on Pearl Avenue causing a disturbance. W-93 reports patient appears to have been accidentally locked out of the home. Contact made with the staff and situation resolved.

W-99 followed up on arson case at Crystal Cove Marina. DVD shall be provided by management.

Caller reports suspicious male that has been standing near the dumpster behind Swett’s Bakery for hours. W-92 reports area search negative.

Officer will try to serve male on Forrest Street a 209-A issued by the EB Court. He reports male served in hand.

Call from an out-of-town relative stating there was a domestic disturbance on Court Road. Units report speaking with female who stated there was no disturbance and initial caller was mistaken.

Special Agent reports that male is arriving via a cruise ship and has a warrant issued by the Winthrop Police for open and gross plus breaking and entering in the daytime. The transit police also want him. Agent is seeking rendition. Suffolk County DA has been notified and will advise us and homeland security on what move to make next.

Attempt to serve 209A vacate on Shore Drive. Units report defendant not home at this time, will attempt to contact via telephone.

Male caller reports that he is afraid that a female whom he just obtained a 209 on may go to his apartment on Shore Drive and trash it. She has been texting him asking him what did he do. W-91 responded to the apartment location to check for a white jeep. Officer made periodic checks of the area during the shift and the white jeep was not in the area. Unable to serve defendant.

Caller reports a dark colored Ford with three or four males in it is parked there and periodically the males get out and run up and down Grandview yelling. Caller reports that the group has been doing this frequently over the past week on different nights. Officers located the vehicle and sent them out of the area.

Saturday, March 24 

Male found an empty wallet and credit cards belonging to a male from Governors Park. He found this on his back stairwell on Grovers Avenue. Party had a car break reported to us on 10/28/11. Message left for him to contact station.

Caller reports a person acting suspiciously in the library whom he believes to be a level III sex offender. Units report making contact with this individual who is NOT a registered sex offender.

Request to keep the peace while wife gathers personal belongings on Irwin Street. W-92 reports husband refuses to allow her into the residence. All parties advised of their rights.

Report of a sewer backup on Somerset Avenue.

Reports of a motor vehicle parked in a handicap space with out a placard. W-93 responded and tagged the vehicle.

Received a call from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children reporting that they received  call from a juvenile reported missing from our town by us on Feb. 7, 2012. The female said she saw her name on their web site and called the center to inform them that she is not missing and that she is in Rhode Island living with her aunt. Pulled the message and checked on the CJIS and there are three warrants on this reported missing juvenile. A probation officer from Cambridge is listed on the missing person’s report. Contacted Juvenile Probation and she said if Rhode Island picks her up they would have to keep her until Monday.

Reports the driver from Nick’s reports kids throwing rocks at his car. W-93 responded and reports no way to tell who was involved. Driver will call if there is anything more.

Caller reports underage drinkers in the area of the public path on Court Road and they are very noisy.

Male on Shore Drive reports he did not receive his unemployment check on Friday. He checked with the postal in Chelsea who informed him that his mail was delivered yesterday and today. He received other mail on both days and he has not had any mail receipt problems. His mail goes into a locked mail box as well. He was advised of direct deposit which he stated that he just signed up for in light of this incident. He was advised to wait a few days as it just may be late.

Sunday, March 25

Reports finding a motor vehicle running and with damage to the steering on Read Street. Vehicle owner located at Hutchinson Street and stated it is stolen. Brought to the scene and vehicle must be towed. G&J towing will remove.

Female called several times during the shift regarding someone coming to her house tomorrow on Shirley Street. She did not want them there. She was advised earlier to call us when they come. She said someone could be on her second floor where her late son used to live. W-91 and W-92 responded and report all ok.

Electronic Monitoring reports male’s bracelet battery is not transmitting on Winthrop Street. W92 and W91 contacted male at home and he will contact the monitoring company.

Report of a coyote on the golf course. ACO is not working right now.

First floor tenant on Sagamore Avenue reports a lot of screaming and yelling., door slamming. Officers report one female to MGH and a hearing will be set up for mutual assaults.

Female reports possible subject in the house on Shirley Street. Officer sent to check it out. He reports the subject in the house was hired to clean the house by the female’s daughter.

Agent of Homeland Security has one male and would like to hold him for our warrant. District Attorney is checking into it for Suffolk County DA office. DHS has confirmed a San Juan address for suspect. They will release him and if the DA wants him back, will pick him up at his Puerto Rico address.

Manager reports someone just shoplifted two cartons of cigarettes at the CVS. Reports that the suspect fled the store on foot and dropped the cartons in the alley between the CVS and the WFCU. Described as a white male, heavy set, clean shaven wearing black sweatshirt with dark auburn hair. Officer reports viewing the tape and does not recognize the male subject.

Woman brought a cell phone to station that she found while walking her dog at Lewis Lake. Black Samsung PCS blackberry type hone. Placed in lost and found box.

Cell phone call of State Police transfer of a woman screaming that she was just beat up. At first officers report that she will seek complaints, then she refused medical and also did not want to pursue the complaint. She called back screaming now she does want to seek relief through the court. Officers sent back to victim on Otis Street. Now she will not allow officers in the house. All units cleared.

Caller called requesting ht status of the restraining order he obtained on Friday. He was informed that we attempted service multiple times on Friday night on Shore Drive and an officer did contact the defendant by phone. She had been advised to stop at the station to pick up the order. W91 again tonight attempted service and no one answered there and the white jeep was not in the area and has not been spotted there over the weekend as well.

Monday, March 26

Reports from a mother on Trident Avenue that her 14 year old son is abusive and she would like him spoken to by officers. Officers spoke with mother and son who has agreed to abide by his mother’s rules.

Manager of the CVS requests an officer relative to a scam. Officers report a 93 year old woman from Revere was called to meet someone near the CVS. Scam was discovered and prevented.

Female caller reports a young child fell on Woodside Avenue. He is bleeding and the father is about to pass out. Child is bleeding and being transported.

Call for an unwanted customer in Energy to Go who refuses to leave the premises. Unit reports juvenile party given a no trespass warning.

Call for past shoplifting caught on security camera from CVS. W91 will investigate.

Reports of kids in the high school tennis courts destroying the nets. W93 responded and repots a few kids in there just rollerblading and they report that the net there was sagging before they arrived and they did not damage anything. Officer asked them to leave the area.

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