Police Blotter 03-22-2012

Tuesday, March 13

Caller from Shirley Street states that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is banging on the windows and doors and appears intoxicated. Officers reports that brother picked up his sister and the motor vehicle. Peace restored.

Party from Cottage Avenue reports his mother is not feeling well and needs to be transported to the hospital. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Someone reports motor vehicle operating erratically. Last observed turning right onto Golden Drive from Revere Street. 93 reports locating the vehicle in the area unoccupied at this time.

Mother from Hawthorn Avenue called to report her son is drunk. Units request fire, Action for transport. So done, one to Whidden.

Wednesday, March 14

Party reports her motor vehicle was struck by another and apparently has fled the scene. They left a side view mirror behind. Officer spoke to the caller and advised her to file a crash report and contact her insurance company.

Station received calls about a big coyote running up River Road towards Thornton Park. ACO was notified of the situation.

Party reports a syringe left in the street near Cliff Avenue at Nahant Avenue. Item picked up and placed in bio container.

Someone reporting to officer that there is something floating out off Shore Drive. Checked the area and believes it to be a section of an old float or something.

Another coyote spotted walking towards Washington Avenue. ACO notified and is already tracking the animal.

Party reported that a customer’s wallet was stolen from the counter by another customer at D&T Market on Shirley Street. Officers responded and reviewed the video recording. They were unable to make an identification of the female but were able to locate her on foot near Shirley Street and Hadassah Way. The wallet was returned to the owner and the party will be charged with larceny.

Party requesting EMS for a male who may have had a stroke in the lobby of Fort Heath Apartments. WFD notified.

Female called twice stating her child is out of control on Sunset Road.  Subject then called on the 911 line. Her 14 year old son is out of control and left on foot. Officer stopped him near the address and will speak with both parties. Parent advised of her right to seek a CHINS warrant in court. The youth was allowed to continue on to his friend’s house.

Plymouth PD called regarding records check for gun permit on a male in Winthrop. After researching it, it appears as if BOP may have been wrongly added to party. Male was advised of action to correct the mistake.

Caller from Shirley Street states a friend’s girlfriend threw a rock through his bathroom window.

Thursday, March 15

Caller reports erratic operator driving on the sidewalk on Shirley Street. Unit 92 reports that he is being the vehicle who is failing to stop. BMW fled to his residence on Ocean Avenue. Units report one in custody.

W97 reports National Grid crew obstructing intersection of Crest and Revere creating potential hazards. W92 reports detail is needed. One will be hired.

Manager of CVS called about individual currently in the store attempting a scam. W91, W92 report parties were meeting elderly woman to give her a “winning” lottery ticket in exchange for cash. Scam thwarted before transaction occurred.

Sometime in the week 3-4 through 3-10 officer brought a bike into the station. It was tagged and placed in the garage.

Female caller reports a possible motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue as two cars are in the middle of the street. W93 reports it is Boston Police effecting an arrest from an incident that occurred in their jurisdiction. W93 assisted the Boston detective until the Boston Police transport arrived. W93 and W98 reports  a male arrested for distribution of Class B and possession of Class B.

Male claims having a disagreement with a party that he was selling a car to. W93 reports male was upset because the buyer of his car and his friend now don’t want to buy the car and want the deposit back.

Reports of a black Mercedes that came up Dean Avenue and sped up and tried to hit a male who was out walking with his dogs. He thinks the operator did it on purpose and he would like to see more signage in the area.

Reports of another coyote on Bayview. Was advised that ACO is aware of the situation.

Officers report a verbal argument on Hillside Avenue. Male party had left the area prior to their arrival. Both parties were advised and officer spoke with male over the telephone.

Friday, March 16

Female reports a black Scion on Shore Drive near flagpole with what she believes are underage people putting cases of beer in the car. W91 responded and reports a party there known to him but the car had left the area. No alcohol there.

Report of a domestic dispute going on in an apartment on Mermaid Avenue. Arriving officer put a BOLO out for a male leaving who was listed out of Woburn. Officers request medical. Fire notified. Victim transported to the station for an ERO after being cleared medically by EMTs. While at the station she stated that she did not want to apply for an ERO but did file a victim/witness statement. Criminal complaint being sought by officer for domestic assault and battery.

Caller reports that she was followed from the EB Court into Revere by her ex-boyfriend’s father. She was advised to contact Revere Police.

Caller reports his car was the victim of a hit and run in Winthrop Center. W92 will respond after he clears from another accident. Located all parties and papers were exchanged.

State Police request ACO for a beaver on Revere Beach. ACO responded and took the beaver into custody.

Someone called to report that there is a man out on the breakers and he is not sure if he needs help. WFD notified.

Male caller reports his landlord was doing some work on Jefferson Street and disconnected the stove and now he smells gas. Fire notified.

Someone called to report that he was with four friends and they went into Nick’s to order food and a man came and started yelling at them and told them to leave. Caller was upset as he stated that he doesn’t know why the worker did this.

Call of a group of youths congregating at the corner of Bartlett and Bartlett Parkway. W93 reports the group has dispersed and no one in the area at this present time.

Excitable female concerned about toxic spills being poured around her home on Grovers Avenue by her neighbor. Fire and ambulance notified. Female was transported to Whidden via Action for evaluation.

Female called to report hearing noises in her attic and thinks it may be an animal because she saw a raccoon earlier on her roof. Contacted ACO who was unable to assist as he was out of town and a distance away. Emergency dispatch number given for Commonwealth Wildlife given to the caller. Units responded to access the situation.

Saturday, March 17

Reports of a car accident on Revere at Upland Road. Several more calls that the car that had the accident is now striking more cars on Upland. W92 located car and G&J notified. Charges: driving under the influence, leaving scene of property damage and giving false name. Two are put in protective custody.

Male came into the station to report finding a sum of cash on the sidewalk. He reports finding $45 in total. He stated he was near River Road. He was advised the property would be held for one year. If it remains unclaimed it would be turned back over to him.

Party called to report a vehicle was parked in handicap spot on Cutler Street. Vehicle has been tagged.

Male called to report he is receiving threatening calls from his brother. He reports that his brother’s girlfriend has a restraining order against him. Caller wanted this noted and that the threats pertained to personal property that he retrieved from a storage facility that his brother owed money to.

Officers brought four young males to the station from the cemetery on Bowdoin Street. Parents were called and they came to pick up the sons and were informed.

Male caller reports there are approximately 40 or 45 kids hanging out at bus stop at Governors Park. Officers report they sent two out of the area.

Several calls of a large group of youths gathered on Pico Beach and it is getting bigger. Group scattered. Officers stayed in the area until all left the area.

Caller reports two blokes duking it out on Bayview. Units report combatants left prior to their arrival. All clear.

Caller reports hit and run in Governors Park. Car leaving. Black 4-door with special effect lighting. Units report stopping car and bringing it back to exchange papers. All clear.

Sunday, March 18

Caller from Central Street reports being hit on the head by her boyfriend. He is gone. Fire, Action notified. 92 reports very uncooperative female. Would not give any information. Explained rights before heading to Whidden. All clear.

911 call from Shirley Street transferred to fire. Woman reports 23 year old granddaughter tried to take pills and then grabbed a knife. Action report one to Whidden voluntarily.

Another coyote cited on Francis Street near the water’s edge. ACO notified. The coyote was just observed walking along Sunnyside Avenue toward Pleasant Street.

Caller reports while walking her dog on Amelia Avenue she came across hypodermic needles. Units reports that someone picked up most of the needles, but a couple were run over by a motor vehicle and are in many pieces.

Walk-in reports finding a man’s wallet and would like to turn it in. The wallet contained $0, USC and assorted cards. Officer made several attempts to return the wallet but was unsuccessful.

Coyote now on Johnson Avenue. ACO notified.

Female caller reports that hr fiancé was doing yard work on Hutchinson Street and discovered a bone that they think might be human. W92 inspected the bone and determined it should be sent to the lab for analysis.

Call of a big fight on Hutchinson Street. Units responded and report speaking with a woman on the 3rd floor who was by herself and there was no fight there. Officers spoke with caller about making false police reports.

Caller reports kids on motorized scooters or mopeds on Woodside Avenue. They were operating erratically and without helmets. Officers spoke with the caller and located the scooter riders. They were advised about wearing helmets and obeying the traffic laws.

Report of a needle opposite the playground at Pond Street. Officer located the item and disposed of it in proper container.

Male caller reports fireworks going off for about 20 minute on Cottage Park Road.

Someone wanted to know if he could shoot a coyote if it was on his property. He was advised of the 500 foot dwelling etc. He then asked what if it attacked his dog and he was advised to call. He was also informed that the ACO could contact him regarding tips pertaining to the coyotes.

Monday, March 19

Officers report having someone stopped and having one under arrest for possession of a Class B narcotic. He was charged with possession of a Class B drug.

Party on Shore Drive reports his neighbor took some meds and is yelling for help out in front of the residence. WFD notified. APB to area departments to BOLO and as a result of history at address a well being check of apartment was made. No one at home at that time. Area hospitals notified of above and request to notify if he is found.

Calling party from above called and appeared agitated. WFD called to respond as well for evaluation. Subject medically cleared.

Party walking by on River Road heard a loud argument between a man and woman with threats being made. Units report verbal only and female has left the area.

Female requesting EMS for her mother who is down but conscious on Shore Drive. WFD notified. Elderly female transported.

Female called to report that her sister may be missing as she has not heard form her in a few weeks. She last lived with her boyfriend on Shore Drive. Calling party states that

Her sister had stated to her that she was leaving the boyfriend a few weeks back and not to call him. She has disappeared for months at a time in the past per her sister without contact. Boyfriend contacted and is heading to the station to file a missing person report.

Several calls of a brush fire in the Lewis Lake area with smoke showing. WFD responding. All three units dispatched to assist. Conflagration extinguished.

Call from Middlesex Probation requesting we check on a male on Faun Bar Avenue and have him call the probation as they are unable to monitor his ankle GPS due to equipment malfunction. Probation called back stating they contacted him and do not need us to respond. He has several violent and firearms offenses.

Bus driver came to the station and turned in a wallet. Several forms of identification in Korean. Apparently the owner is an international student. Efforts to locate him continue.

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